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    Game Freezes

    Sadly its GPU peaking, didn't do it before, don't know why it is now. Thanks though.
  2. WolfsAce

    Game Freezes

    Alright, I've had a new problem come up, and that's when the game freezes. Game freezes when Opening the game, Trading, In inventory, and Looting. And the game will remain frozen till I quickly Alt Tab out, and back into the game. Gets really annoying and has caused my death endless amount of times. Edit:Recently got a new keyboard, going to use my old one again to see if the same problem still applies. Edit:Still having the same issue. No difference between old and new keyboard.
  3. WolfsAce

    Rough Start (HELP)

    No you cannot keep the gear in offline mode, but you can still loot and use it on your character. It just wont transfer if you escape. Factory is the best map since its all close quarters. But most of the fighting is in the middle leaving you in the open which can get you easily killed, just check to see if its clear and loot fast. I haven't played as a Scav but from what I know they can be very dangerous and they mostly just hunt down the players.