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  1. LOTS of new players complaining in the forums

    Anything below a rock solid 60 is unplayable. Stop enabling incompetence.
  2. Black Friday Sale is BACK!

    But we already bought the game.
  3. Black Friday Sale is BACK!

    A sale for what?
  4. Some thoughts from a new player

    Get ready to be sh** on...
  5. Extreme Desync in factory and unplayable in Customs Map

    I agree. We have pretty much identical specs there and i have to drop everything to very low to struggle with 60fps. It usually grinds along at 48 to 52fps on average. It only stays at 72fps if i'm right up in a wall. It's incredibly frustrating because i can run big AAA games on ultra at over 120fps or capped to 60hz Vsync without any drops ever.
  6. They didn't fix anything. I have 16Gb of ram and still get huge memory drops and overloads.
  7. The Once Percent of Tarkov?

    I get that this game lives on advertising provided by essentially word of mouth, but this guy really rubbed me the wrong way. He's essentially laughing at the fact that he got a game for free, he doesn't give a damn about it and he's just mocking the fact that others paid for it and all the work they put into it to get to a point where he is and did nothing for it himself.
  8. Point of main character?

    Almost like we're playing a game for fun, huh?
  9. Point of main character?

    There is no point to your main character. I just use him to screw around and get killed for no reason. Scavs are the way this game should be played. The devs are going down a completely wrong direction. But that's just my opinion.
  10. completly unplayable mess.

  11. completly unplayable mess.

    Just fast tracking you to that conclusion. My god, this forum indeed.
  12. completly unplayable mess.

    Welcome to Tarkov, enjoy your stay. Or as the devs and mods say "you should have known what you're getting into before buying". Verbatim. Lies. Don't believe him. I have 16 and it runs like butt. In other words, barely. Your CPU is not powerful enough. The game is extremely CPU heavy. Unless you have an i7 with at least 3.4Ghz, forget about it.
  13. I suggest you start over new game new team

    Well i was told by the devs that "we don't want players".
  14. Stop saying "this is beta". That's the lamest excuse you can think of.