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  1. The new patch just buffed Scavs by %10000000

    The scavs are improved for sure, they shoot on you from far distances , they spot you again trough vegetation (trees, bushes). I managed to kill 4 and the others just rushed on me in from every side and i got killed some of them shooted from behind trees i wasnt even able to spot him. It is a quiet pain in the ass now. But the most disqusting are the players fully kited and waiting to fresh spawns to spawn in and kill them for fun.
  2. I played a few games (80-90) and the last i think 20 was just garbage, i hade desync before thats not an issue now.Every single player is running with a silenced weapon , what the f*ck? I got killed a lot of times with no sound of gun just heard a whistle and iam dead. Ok i get it iam a bad player you may think but here is what i do : Iam wallhuging i go around the map by its border so i can be seen only from one direction, i always move from cover to cover and always look around.I cant understand how they see me all the time and i cant see even one player who shots at me, i cant even hear them running or moving. I cant understand what the sh*t is happening there is no way i manage to see the people shooting on me ,i have a gun always on me but no sense cause i cant shoot back because they are like ghosts. People are using wallhack or some cheat or i dont know. People will say iam just a sh*t player but trust me , i do evrything like in the big book i wont care if i loose a gunfight but thats not the case ,for a gunfight i would need to at least know where are people shooting from.Why isnt there a hitmarker what tells you de aprox direction of a shot at least left right side ,In real life you would definetli fell it where it comes from. The another thing i cant understand why are level 52 and level 18 in one game??It got no sense for me like the fact that you go in a raid where are 3players teamed up and you are alone another bullsh*t in my opinion. Please tell me should i switc graphics setting to see better or what is wrong with the game are the players not rendering or what? It is very annoying. Please tell me what is happening.
  3. Changelog page in the launcher

    so iam not the only one who cant find the change log anywhere?
  4. Game got no sense so FAR

    i mostly play ARMA3 with mods it is realistic trust me.But i cant see the point where i have to buy weapon, when iam in a scavange hunt where i go to fnd some bad ass loot.I was searching so hard even under bads and no gun. I wanted that old dayz mod feeling where you play smart hide until you find a gun but this is not happening. I got dayz standalone too but it is a bigger poo than anything i own.4 years still only bugs with bugs and a bit lag i will wait till updates pop and we will se.
  5. Game got no sense so FAR

    I bought a standard edition. SO people who want to play dont be so hiped. Here are some facts about the game: The graphics are good , it got good performance avg. of 50-70 FPS with a GTX 1060 The weapon customization is good. The looting system is good. The traders are so-so. The maps are quiet good ,nice places good locations. Good amount of weapons. The ingame combat system is good if you meet players. ANd now the dark side of the game If you get shot you need at least 3items to get yourself in shape that means 3 inventory slots, so if you start the game without backpack or vest you will get problems when you fit in the needed items for healing. YOU can not finish a game if you start with only a knife or a hatchet, none of the maps got weapons you can pick up, or backpacks or vests.Only some magazines or bullets rare weapon parts, but no working guns.Thats quiet bullshit.(not a dayz like game where you can find a weapon if you are searching) When you arent a so great player , or you just run out of luck ,it can happen that you wont have weapons to start with, no problem you buy it from trader but dont forget your money is limited and after that you will be running naked on the map ,because the map itself dont have the items needed (guns, fire arms). And now the AI SCAVS, evrybody knows they are aimbots ,very hard to kill in close combat like cheaters, with a knife you got noo schance againts them, a lots of times you will die from a shot which came from a distance you havent even seen the AI because of the trees(i play on max graphics). And the last thing is that groups of players play on the same server where players play alone.That is not fair at all, the scavs are ultra hard in groups and you get yourself on a server where people are grouping too. If i would in the possesion of those information i would never buy the game in this state of development.This beta state remembers me of a late stage alpha in other games. Thats jsut a bit informations for newcomers. Sorry for my english!