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  1. RussianGrizzly

    Oceania Discord Server for EFT (Aussies, Kiwis!)

    Guys, Non-expiry link is below. https://discord.gg/YbPqAdh
  2. RussianGrizzly

    Factory key spawn?

    I got mine from a Scav on customs, he has one in his pocket. Check every scav you kill.
  3. Hey Guys, I have a discord server up and running for Oceania region based players. If you are keen to play with other Aussies/Kiwis, feel free to come on board. Looking forward to playing with some of you fellows on EFT EFT Oceania Discord Server
  4. RussianGrizzly

    Oceania server will be deployed in a few days!

    Only factory so far
  5. RussianGrizzly

    Oceania server will be deployed in a few days!

    Can confirm the server is in Australia. I just played with no lag, but did experience some desync. Otherwise feels smooth as
  6. RussianGrizzly

    Oceania server will be deployed in a few days!

    if thats true then i cant wait to try out the game once i get home!
  7. RussianGrizzly

    Oceania server will be deployed in a few days!

    Sweet I just upgraded my PC and now this. Cant wait now! Its finally nice to hear that theres going to be an official server for us down under Oceanians Will be playing all the way from NZ. Good job guys! Spasibo!
  8. RussianGrizzly

    Oceanic Servers for Australia and New Zealand

    It's not like this all the time though, I do face more desync problems than usual
  9. RussianGrizzly

    Oceanic Servers for Australia and New Zealand

    Just been playing now, so much smoother at the moment. No desync issues and my shots are registering most of the time. Wish it was always like this.
  10. RussianGrizzly

    Oceanic Servers for Australia and New Zealand

    Most of the time its fine. I have had experience desyncing at least 15% of the time. I'm running a fibre connection and playing from NZ
  11. RussianGrizzly

    AI is to to weak on range now.

    Eh.. and then once they make them harder.. you will come back and complain? lol Leave them as is it is! If we bring back john wick style ai then itll end up upseting and frustrating more people. A lot of people are not complaining now so its just only a minority of people who say "they too easy now". I don't see it as a problem. I still get killed by AI scavs but now its not frequent.. so they have fixed it.
  12. RussianGrizzly

    Oceanic Servers for Australia and New Zealand

    I noticed only three matches yesterday where desync was an issue and the rest of the day its was okay.
  13. RussianGrizzly

    AI is to to weak on range now.

    Yeah I definitely don't want john wick style AI to come back. Actually the AI is fine, I've been caught off by surprise now but fortunately most of my game deaths are coming from players or player scavs now. Means the AI are working properly. People use to complain how they were too OP. Now some people still complain they are too dumb. Can we just leave it as they now thanks?
  14. RussianGrizzly

    Identification System, GPS, Compass and VOIP

    I understand this game is in Beta. I was playing Alpha for a while. So I understand the state the game is currently in. However I was only making a mere suggestion in relation to the current state of the game. And yes, I would rather have them fix the server issue first, but I also think having an identification system is quite an important issue to attend to as well.
  15. I understand and have read that armbands will be implenmented into the game as a form of way to identify your party/team members. However I do not believe that will completely stop people from shooting their own team members by accident. Also not everyone has a mic and is able to communicate through voice chat. I think a tag on a player to display if they are friendly or not would be helpful. Something like out of ArmA3? Or for example if I team up with a random in a party, how are we suppose to communicate with one another? could there be some sort of ingame built team voip system? say you can buy a walkie talkie from a trader or if you use your comtec headset? Also I have noticed that the lack of personal GPS phone or compass has made it difficult for some players to meet up with the rest of their team on a raid. Instead they have to resort to memory on locations they can gather or communication to gather instructions via voip program in order to be able to meet up with the rest of the team. The amount of times I have noticed people getting lost, disappearing and then accidently getting fired upon by their own team mates by accident happens more often than it should. If this game is going to be based on realism, I don't see how implementing a gps tracker, compass, voip (via comtec headset or radio/walkie talkie), could defeat the realism in this game? It happens in airsoft mil sim games.. if USEC/BEAR are some sort of elite private company, they should have the means to be able to communicate and identify others? (except for scavs) My main concern in this game is with the karma system, id hate to get punished because I killed a player who was on my team just because I couldn't tell if he was friendly or not. What do you guys think?