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  1. Tartarus

    The penalty for wounds needs to be greater

    If an artery system will consume more cpu than you are right, we dont need it. It's not game breaking, it was just a thought. they said they are going to put time consuming animations for medication use. that will fix unrealistic fast healing. But i dont see the problem of bleeding in the open area. Devs also sad they will add simulation for getting shot. That way a shotgun blast might knock you down to ground or limb shot possibly do also. Think it like in the max payne 3 if you played it. How or when, i dont know.
  2. Tartarus

    Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    Camping is pathetic and not honorable way to fight, i agree but again we are PMC's which is a glorified cutthorats/mercs or scavs which is worse. Dignity is not common in 21th century so we should adapt. Problem with the hatchlings rely on 4 things: 1-) Desync, lags, bugs etc. Solution: Devs will solve this in "near future". 2-) In game/after game healing. Solution: It seems devs going to put an animation for healing which will take sometime and there will be some sort of consequences for the wounds taken in the game for a period of time. This is good news. 3-) Runnig mechanism is not realistic. You can change direction, making circles too easy while full speed sprint and you can full speed in just a second. This is wrong. In reality, it takes at least couple seconds to reach full speed and you can change direction that easly while sprinting. Thus your movement becomes predictable and you turn into a swiss cheese if you bring knife to gunfight in real life. Solution: I mentioned this to the devs in forum and via facebook, and they thanked me for my interest. 4-) They are scared to bring gear to raid. Solution: We should choose the raid we want to get in. Scav mode is a good consept but adaption to the game is wrong. We shouldn't pick a fight against PMC's, we are just local bandits/looter without any proper traning or gear. If some brave of us wants face the PMC's, they can choose an early stage raid, others who seek low risk loot or hatchlings can choose late stage raids. Throwing people who already struggling financially to raid only after 5 minutes from start is just makes us an appetizer for PMC's and therefore is no point or fun to play as scav most of the time. Thus some of us choose to play as hatchlings which ruins game further. Scav players must able to select when to enter a raid. This will reduce the number of hatchling.
  3. Tartarus

    The penalty for wounds needs to be greater

    Story is soldier enters a house with 4 hostiles inside. From those 27 shots, at least half o f them hits the ceramic plate, limb shots probably never hit any bone or artery and he never shot in the head. One possible fatal wound was a abdominal shot he took either plate was finally broken or it was area that plate not covers. The lesson game developers can get here is they must put an artery system like the skeleton system which is in the game. Therefore limb shots are become more punishing if bullet hits any bone or artery but it will be more forgiving if it hits none of them. Losing an entire limb for just from a scratch is not that realistic.
  4. Tartarus

    leg armour & clothing.

    That is true. On the other hand there is nothing much to help you against a veteran player using assault rifle with ap bullets in cqb if he fires first. But it will help you against lucky newbies with small arms, scavs, grenades or ranged firefight. What we really need to see is modular vests with more durable armor plates, realistic medical treatment and for my personal taste, tube fed combat shotguns. Things like leg armor is not necessity, just appetizer. It can be put in a season pass or not done at all.
  5. Tartarus

    leg armour & clothing.

    leg armor is usefull when it comes to CQB. There was a shootout in 97 at Hollywood, 2 bank robber used suit of kevlar and assault rifles. Actually there is a movie about it too named "44 minutes" and not bad at all for a tv movie. One of the robber who is wearing leg and arm armor had shot 27 times before get arrested. If i remember correctly, those are limb shots, chest shots not included. And devs get nerfed the damn fort again. The point is, it can be usefull in the maps like factory.
  6. Tartarus

    Armor--Proper Armor

    It seems that game is focused on weapon modification but chest rigs like AVS have both soft armor and hard armor insert pockets. I heard not so long ago devs will add this type of upgrade in the future. If they do, armor problem in Tarkov will be solved. Wearing chestrig over an armor is old fashion anyway not being used since mid 2000s. Armor plates are not something hard to find. Its around 200-300 dolars for a pair all around the world.
  7. Tartarus

    Med usage

    I say current med usage must be change entirely. If you are making a realistic game you must do it right. Medkits contain bandages, pills, tourniquets, types of injections even splints etc. They must make it like a doc case so that we carry it and put in medical supplys that we are carrying separately right now. As for the healing part, closing a wound might give 5-10 points to heal but you shouldnt fully healed. Getting shot sucks, play by it. You can say, "i dont like playing careful or stealthy, whats your solution?". Terrorists mostly use drugs before full blown attacks, charges. From Taliban to FARC allover the world they commonly do that. For satisfy the players who likes to rush, devs can add drugs like heroin. For a long period of time it can remove the side affects like losing a limb, pain, fracture, tremor. For instant kill you must either distrupt neural system (headshot or spinal damage) or heart shot(yes it takes a new body damage system). I read an article that after the heart stop, passing out takes 10-15 seconds. Its enough time for unload 2 mags against your opponent. I saw videos like some crackhead attack an exmilitary guy in parking lot. He was shot from his leg at least 4 times but still keep coming. Point is, gundown a man is not easy if he is using a drug neither making headshots under stress. I can hear that your are saying "what about side affects, drugs make people op". After 2-3 time use of drug your character become addicted to that and without it constant tremors, whimps like when you lost a limb, darker vision like you have in a pain, over dehydration etc. After all you are developing a character in the game. i prefer crackhead shotgun berserkr over a 21st century hatchet operator.
  8. Tartarus

    SCAV countdown disappeared/not working?

    in factory scavs start around at 30 minutes. What happend, are we start 30 minutes late or factory time limit reduced to 40 minutes?
  9. Tartarus

    Hatchlings are too fast? POLL

    Yes, moving speed and reaction time is enormous. You can instantly start and stop running. You can dodge bullets by suddenly start/stop running or complete berserk assaults, making circles with your mouse or wiggling. In reality you cant reach your maximum runnig speed in a second. Acceleration takes time, because of it movement is predictable. Thats why people dont brings a knife in a gun fight. You cant make a realistic game without realistic movement. And mouse turning speed must be reduced.
  10. Tartarus


    in close quarter fights like factory, desync, lag, 8 rounds makarov, lots of runnig circles. Make no mistake i did that a lot, killed a lot but i dont like it either. Problem is, you dont reach your maximum speed instantly. They must fix this.
  11. Tartarus


    problem isn't the running speed, it's the acceleration. I think it takes at least 5-10 seconds to reach your max sprinting speed. But in the game, you are instantly reaching your maximum speed. If you are making a realistic game and people can survive with moving circles, sudden acceleration and instant stop sprinting with addition to abuse lag problem, i say this is a huge problem and breaks realism.
  12. Tartarus

    Helmets kinda pointless at the moment

    I can say there are 3 ways to stop rifle rounds. 1-) Use titanium helmets. Back in the 80's, russians made 4mm thick helmets that can stop ak round but it was over 4kg. These days there are 3mm thick titanium helmets in the market made by russians/germans. Those might not stop pointblank shots but i have seen reports that it can bounce shots from 25m away in chechnya. 2-) Helmets we commonly know rated nij IIIa and they dont stop rifle rounds in at least 200m range. I couldnt find the article it was saying nij IIIa protection against rifle rounds starts at: 5.56x45 at 200m, 762x39 at 300m, 762x51 at 400m So, if you use faceshield like in the picture and rise it 45 degrees, you will get more the twice protection agains frontal shots. Note: Panther tanks had 80mm thick armor, but with the 45 degrees angle, effective armor was 139mm. That means %75 more armor. 3-) There are rifle resistant helmets and masks in the market. http://www.garantigiyim.com/mich-full-cut-rifle-helmet http://www.phalanxgear.com/waspthfucutr.html http://segnow.com/SA-RRH-Rifle-Rated-Helmet-NIJ-Level-III http://www.armorsource.com/helmets/as600.shtml https://www.mtekusa.com/fast-g4/fast-g4 Rifle rounds can be stopped by helmets but i cant say anything about trauma and impacts consequences.
  13. Tartarus


    Same here as it was on the previous update. After the last update, problem was gone a day later, but sometimes it might need a reinstall.
  14. Tartarus

    takım halinde girmek

    benim gibi solo oynuyorsan çok sabırlı etrafı dinleyerek baya paranoyakça oynaman gerek yada birileriyle önceden anlaşıp takım olarak oynaman lazım. 2.si daha zevklidir
  15. Tartarus

    Salary and Bounty

    I think that we need some sort of salary system. After all, we are PMC operators and like every contractor, we should have some payment depends on our level, our successful raids etc. Even if we die, it must be little bit upfront payment. Right now, its all about escaping but at from i read there will be like usec vs bear, so developers should consider about payments. Looting is good but especially when playing solo, survival chances are very low and even if your get high tier gear and weapon, your become too afraid to use it one the next raid. We turn in to Gollum in the LoTR and start saying "preeeciosssss" and too afraid to use it. Salary system will be the solution. Second thing is the Bounty system. If there will be USEC vs BEAR, there must be bounty on the some players. If some player gets too much kill on the raids, like 8-10 kills without dying, rival faction must put a bounty on his head. So that if you kill that man and take his dog tag and escape the area, faction you bound must reward you. Every law enforcement puts bounty to known criminals, every army puts bounty on known terrorists, every company puts bounty on its successful rivals. So that killing a juggernaut will be more tempting, not just for the gear, also they have probably a good kill streak and have a bounty on their had to collect. This way game will be more challenging, more fun without breaking the realism.