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  1. [RISE] - Risen Coalition Gaming - 18+ Discord community

    -Age? 27 -Timezone? GMT -What level where you in the previous patch ? only began in the beta level 24 atm - Do you have understanding of all 3 maps? Yes especially customs - How much overall game knowledge do you have? (?/10) 7/10
  2. UK Assault - Looking for members

    I understand you i will jump on later today and say hi, introduce myself better etc
  3. UK Assault - Looking for members

    Hey Storey. What style do you guys play hardcore mill sim, Tactical but chilled ? I'm looking for a group of UK based players to run with but not after the whole nonsense of Ranks, strict military style comms I'm level 22 at the moment, good knowledge of customs map, factory and semi competent in woods
  4. Task Force X - Gaming Community ~ Recruiting (Est. 2016)

    Hey Wolf sounds like you got a good thing going. Any spots left ?, decided to jump into Tarkov now the beta is here, not looking to go solo, been scouring the forums today looking for a group of players to enjoy the game with