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  1. OneEyed_Cat

    DevBlog - Molot Arms Report Partie 2!

    Moi non plus dans ce froid je tiendrai pas sans vodka...
  2. OneEyed_Cat

    Escape from Tarkov Leaks

    Scav boss ? All of this is a bliss.
  3. OneEyed_Cat

    Analog Controller Device Issues

    Find the shared.ini file in the folder Escape from Tarkov. Then you look for all entries named "joystick" and delete them if you want. But make a copy before just to be sure. EG you delete what's underlined (if you have binded other controls for the same command). "axisBindings": [ { "axisName": "LeanX", "pairs": [ { "positive": { "isAxis": false, "keyCode": "E", "axisName": "", "positiveAxis": false, "deadZone": 0.0, "sensitivity": 100.0 }, "negative": { "isAxis": false, "keyCode": "Q", "axisName": "", "positiveAxis": false, "deadZone": 0.0, "sensitivity": 20.0 } } ], "isInverted": false, "gravity": 0.0, "snapToZero": false }, { "axisName": "MoveX", "pairs": [ { "positive": { "isAxis": true, "keyCode": "None", "axisName": "Joystick Axis 1", "positiveAxis": true, "deadZone": 0.2, "sensitivity": 1.0 }, "negative": { "isAxis": true, "keyCode": "None", "axisName": "Joystick Axis 1", "positiveAxis": false, "deadZone": 0.2, "sensitivity": 1.0 } } ], "isInverted": false, "gravity": 0.0, "snapToZero": false }, { "axisName": "MoveY", "pairs": [ { "positive": { "isAxis": true, "keyCode": "None", "axisName": "Joystick Axis 2", "positiveAxis": false, "deadZone": 0.2, "sensitivity": 1.0 }, "negative": { "isAxis": true, "keyCode": "None", "axisName": "Joystick Axis 2", "positiveAxis": true, "deadZone": 0.2, "sensitivity": 1.0 } } ], "isInverted": false, "gravity": 0.0, "snapToZero": false },
  4. OneEyed_Cat


  5. OneEyed_Cat

    PVP event has started!

    Please quit raging and show some love for the devs of your best game !
  6. Nice challenge but running hatchet should not be allowed imao! BTW hoped for the announcement of a new hardcore mode when reading the title of the thread, would it be possible?
  7. OneEyed_Cat

    1PN138 Night Scope

    Many who use Reshade wouldn't tweak Nvidia settings, I guess. The whole point of Reshade is to facilitate those tweaks.
  8. OneEyed_Cat

    Adjustable brightness for applicable optics

    NV mode is IRL, it's not implemented.
  9. OneEyed_Cat

    Screenshots of new customizable Ops-Core helmet

    This shows the level of customization we all want, that's very good news! After that I'm impatient to see how the Molle system will work.
  10. OneEyed_Cat

    Future games of BSG

    I remember Nikit Buyanov did a presentation of Russia 2028 during last Gamescom. It looks a lot to EFT but with more in-depth RP aspects. I do believe a project based on the military context would have a greater impact. BSG have great assets to produce the reference game in FPS meanwhile a survival won't gather the largest audience.
  11. OneEyed_Cat

    Future games of BSG

    I understand there will be another survival. On my side I'd love to have the same hardcore experience in a more classic military context. Intensity of the war isn't well reproduced in any game and I believe BSG could raise the bar very high in the genera by staying truthfull to realism and hardcore. Imagine the same approach and the same graphics and sound quality with heavy military fights, it would be awesome!
  12. OneEyed_Cat

    Adjustable brightness for applicable optics

    It has to be added! The EOtech have a NV mode that is really needed because now, with NVG, they are totally useless.
  13. OneEyed_Cat


    I'm very sad the G3 has been announced and not the FN-FAL. The two are comparable but the FAL is performing better (according to Youtube comparisons). The FAL also looks better and is legendary. It has been used in many conflicts and strangely it is very rare in video games.
  14. OneEyed_Cat

    570 meter shot on woods

    Well done sir!