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  1. Free market is against the people. Let's go the communist way: regulate prices and spread poverty.
  2. OneEyed_Cat

    hot key for discard item from inventory?

    Bumb! Also:
  3. OneEyed_Cat

    The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

  4. OneEyed_Cat

    What Headphone's should I use?

    Argon from Mod House Audio. https://www.modhouseaudio.com/argon/argon You need a good amplifier but those are amazing: - you can wear them 12 hours straight without ANY discomfort - planar magnetic technology gives the best low-end and a crystal clarity - the sound stage on these is some of the best you can hear among all headphones no matter the price, and that enhances a LOT any gaming experience. Review from Zeos bellow. He's a gamer and also the reference for headphones in YT. Tou should check his reviews and his recommandations if you are serious with your sound.
  5. OneEyed_Cat

    The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Thanks for your fast reply. I'd be happy to discuss with you on TS if you can pardon my english... I can't right now but can I join you tomorrow at any time?
  6. OneEyed_Cat

    The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Hi guys, I wonder if there are specific sections for other languages. There are no serious teams in France an many could be interested to join such a team. Much respect for the TAWs, you got me more than one in Tarkov! Cheers
  7. The devs seems to act like the majority of the players should decide, they should remain 100% loyal to the original concept or we will be getting Fortnite.
  8. OneEyed_Cat

    Health/Medical/Damage Model Rework Idea

    I suggest to implement different hitboxes for the limbs with knees and elbows: - shots to knees and elbows would cause a fracture ; - shots to forearms and thighs would make bleed.
  9. OneEyed_Cat

    DevBlog - Molot Arms Report Partie 2!

    Moi non plus dans ce froid je tiendrai pas sans vodka...
  10. OneEyed_Cat

    Escape from Tarkov Leaks

    Scav boss ? All of this is a bliss.
  11. OneEyed_Cat

    Analog Controller Device Issues

    Find the shared.ini file in the folder Escape from Tarkov. Then you look for all entries named "joystick" and delete them if you want. But make a copy before just to be sure. EG you delete what's underlined (if you have binded other controls for the same command). "axisBindings": [ { "axisName": "LeanX", "pairs": [ { "positive": { "isAxis": false, "keyCode": "E", "axisName": "", "positiveAxis": false, "deadZone": 0.0, "sensitivity": 100.0 }, "negative": { "isAxis": false, "keyCode": "Q", "axisName": "", "positiveAxis": false, "deadZone": 0.0, "sensitivity": 20.0 } } ], "isInverted": false, "gravity": 0.0, "snapToZero": false }, { "axisName": "MoveX", "pairs": [ { "positive": { "isAxis": true, "keyCode": "None", "axisName": "Joystick Axis 1", "positiveAxis": true, "deadZone": 0.2, "sensitivity": 1.0 }, "negative": { "isAxis": true, "keyCode": "None", "axisName": "Joystick Axis 1", "positiveAxis": false, "deadZone": 0.2, "sensitivity": 1.0 } } ], "isInverted": false, "gravity": 0.0, "snapToZero": false }, { "axisName": "MoveY", "pairs": [ { "positive": { "isAxis": true, "keyCode": "None", "axisName": "Joystick Axis 2", "positiveAxis": false, "deadZone": 0.2, "sensitivity": 1.0 }, "negative": { "isAxis": true, "keyCode": "None", "axisName": "Joystick Axis 2", "positiveAxis": true, "deadZone": 0.2, "sensitivity": 1.0 } } ], "isInverted": false, "gravity": 0.0, "snapToZero": false },
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  13. OneEyed_Cat

    PVP event has started!

    Please quit raging and show some love for the devs of your best game !
  14. Nice challenge but running hatchet should not be allowed imao! BTW hoped for the announcement of a new hardcore mode when reading the title of the thread, would it be possible?