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  1. 1PN138 Night Scope

    Many who use Reshade wouldn't tweak Nvidia settings, I guess. The whole point of Reshade is to facilitate those tweaks.
  2. Adjustable brightness for applicable optics

    NV mode is IRL, it's not implemented.
  3. Screenshots of new customizable Ops-Core helmet

    This shows the level of customization we all want, that's very good news! After that I'm impatient to see how the Molle system will work.
  4. Future games of BSG

    I understand there will be another survival. On my side I'd love to have the same hardcore experience in a more classic military context. Intensity of the war isn't well reproduced in any game and I believe BSG could raise the bar very high in the genera by staying truthfull to realism and hardcore. Imagine the same approach and the same graphics and sound quality with heavy military fights, it would be awesome!
  5. Future games of BSG

    I remember Nikit Buyanov did a presentation of Russia 2028 during last Gamescom. It looks a lot to EFT but with more in-depth RP aspects. I do believe a project based on the military context would have a greater impact. BSG have great assets to produce the reference game in FPS meanwhile a survival won't gather the largest audience.
  6. Adjustable brightness for applicable optics

    It has to be added! The EOtech have a NV mode that is really needed because now, with NVG, they are totally useless.
  7. G3A3

    I'm very sad the G3 has been announced and not the FN-FAL. The two are comparable but the FAL is performing better (according to Youtube comparisons). The FAL also looks better and is legendary. It has been used in many conflicts and strangely it is very rare in video games.
  8. 570 meter shot on woods

    Well done sir!
  9. I'm too bad for the game

    This game was intended to be played with friends or teamates. It's playable solo at a certain point when you know the game better. Go find some random teamates on Discord! If you can't play with others,just grab a pistol and play cautiously. Eventually you will be able to gather stuff and play more aggressively.
  10. Leaning with the joystick

    It is a very usefull feature but I find a too slow so I don't use enough. As it is now I would rather have the quick lean than the perma lean on the joystick. Maye can you just accelerate the horizontal movement and keep the same speed for the vertical movement?
  11. Blind Fire

    What are you saying!? Spraying a squad in a corridor without any risk to be shot at is a very usefull maneuver. Even if you don't kill anybody you get the benefit of a good suppression. Suppression is often underrated but anyone should take it in consideration for his decisions.
  12. Blind Fire

    As seen in the latest gamescom preview there's only blind fire from the top, will it be possible to do the same from the side? I would be very usefull in CQB!
  13. Closed Beta will start in July!

    Wow, 110 forum pages on the release date of the beta ! EFT is already a big hit.
  14. Hideout Feature Questions and Developer Answers

    Gods of Tarkov listened and showed their love! Thank you for all the good news.
  15. The Hideout announcement

    Great feature !!! I hope our guns will appear in the hideout so we can show off with our collection... Also I love the close shooting range, it's realistic for Tarkov. Go try to find some quiet place in the woods if you want to zero your scopes for long range shooting !
  16. The interview with the head of BSG Nikita Buyanov

    +1 We just need the M-60 to have the best Rambo simulator ever. RPK might do the job fine though.
  17. The interview with the head of BSG Nikita Buyanov

    Thank you for such good news ! I pay the first round of drinks ^^
  18. MP5

    As I see it devs are creating some sort of a virtual and live museum of guns. The fact that different guns fill the same function ingame shouldn't matter, like you said the more guns the better! The MP5 is old and very iconic, it's a very nice add-on to the game. Hope to see his little brother the MP7 because he's damn hot too!
  19. Translation by the community

    Hello, In this thread I found people ok to translate russian phrases of PMC's and scavs. Many people would love to know what they say and I'm not sure BSG is gonna translate them at the end. So I made these videos where people can post translation, something like a Wikipedia. I don't know if it's a good idea and I don't know either in wich section of the forum it should be posted. Does anyone have an idea about this?
  20. [Feedback] European Developer Hunt In-Game Event

    Agreed ! It's quite a masochist form of fun but I loved it, it's the very spirit of the game ^^
  21. [Feedback] European Developer Hunt In-Game Event

    Having participated in the event I find that it was real fun! We had problem with mouse sensitivity and server lag, that's my only complaints. Also I have a friend who couldn't join the server and he's very disappointed. Maybe people could get a bonus for participating even if they don't get anything ingame? It could easily end the critics ^^
  22. The Shoreline Location

    Incredible work...
  23. Hello, in! OneEyed_Cat#8876
  24. Guides et tutoriels - Liste des ressources utiles

    Certo bello! Je découvre des tonnes de stats, c'est génial.