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  1. Lunarian

    Scav Respawn

    So today I was in a raid and killed 2 fully geared dudes. While on my way to extraction a scav though it was a good idea to throw an F-1 grenade at me. I died. Once put back into the main menu I thought, why not give you a 2 minute timer after you die to allow you to load into that same raid with your scav and give you a chance to save your gear.
  2. Lunarian

    On the topic of hackers.

    Since the devs stated that they are not taking reports for hackers, they need to do SOMETHING about it. If they don't that's the way legitimate players lose interest in their game. I'm sick of people killing me from hundreds of meters with aim bot and people fly hacking.
  3. Lunarian

    Penalty for Spawn Camping

    Hahaha, that is spot on. But seriously, the devs need to implement some sort of penalty or completely random spawns on 1 side of the map.
  4. Lunarian

    Penalty for Spawn Camping

    I love how you're telling me to "escape" @BooseOG but you really need to read my post. I can't escape if as soon as I see the black screen turn into the map I'm dead already.
  5. Lunarian

    Penalty for Spawn Camping

    We need something done about this. I've been killed 4 times in a row now within literally 10 seconds of spawning on 3 different maps. This is beyond ridiculous and makes the game completely unplayable. It's not only frustrating but completely stops you from playing.
  6. Lunarian

    SCAV Wall Hacks

    Just last mission I got killed by a Scav with a shotgun through trees at about 30 meters. That was "fun".
  7. Lunarian

    SCAV Wall Hacks

    What I'm suggesting here is to turn them down a little bit but not to the point that they aren't a challenge.
  8. Lunarian

    SCAV Wall Hacks

    Something needs to be done about the Scavs being able to shoot you through walls and kill you across the map. It's really annoying as I die more to Scavs that players at this point. It has gotten to the point of just frustration now for both me and my friend.
  9. Lunarian

    The fourth wave of Beta admission starts!

    Hell yeah! I'm in. Time to not go outside for a while.