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  1. What an interesting idea. This is quite cool, actually! Though, I don't know if I can agree with it. Yes, painkillers and bandages shouldn't take up so much space, but I think it's best to leave the stacking of money to itself. Rubber bands would make things all the more tedious, but that's just my opinion.
  2. Game

    Group: USUC Action: Search Description: You have to be kidding me! Morning I can't believe I slept an entire day! I was really exhausted from the battle I had and the walking 2 days ago, but I didn't think I'd sleep more than 24 hours! That's just not natural! I cursed at the lost time, but felt glad for the extra rest. The wound in my chest almost felt like it wasn't there. Overwhelmingly satisfied with my previous discovery in the house, I journey further into Tarkov to reap further profit, and hopefully, a new friend. The unsatisfying part was that not a single person wanted to group up with me. I heard the Tarkov Trucks got fixed up, and they now have so many of them that everyone stuck in the Romp Bar can make their way into Tarkov. I’m quite disappointed, but I guess that’s just how it goes. “I’m better off alone, anyway. I mean, I’ve gotten this far by myself – why would I need someone anyway?” I ramble to myself for a while about this, and some language so vulgar flew out of my mouth, even the men at the bar would give you stares that felt like daggers. I figured I needed to stop with the language – it felt like I was being watched by some higher power of this place. I exit out the back of the house and continue along the beaten down path in the forest. The gravel in the path crunches under the stolen boots I reaped from my first encounter in this dangerous city. I can’t think about the actions I made, though. No justifying the actions you already made, because it’ll only make you feel worse, and it also won’t change the fact that you did it. Day/Afternoon I hope that my efforts of treading through the thick of trees will be enough to keep me from encounters with other people. Although I feel lonely, it’s better to stay away from a potentially dangerous person and not get shot in the head when I least expect it. I keep a close eye out for potential traps rigged anywhere – I’ve heard rumors of bear traps, and I’m not about to be another victim to some petty weakling’s hunting trinket. I also scan around for potential hideouts made by others, or buildings in the forest. I come across a warehouse of some sort after seeing the streets of civilization – well, at least, what’s left of it. I figure that there may be something nice in it, as it looks in better condition than most of what buildings are left in the city. Even if there isn’t, it would probably be a good place to rest. Who knows, maybe I'll find something useful. Night I search the building thoroughly for anything that could be of use. Trinkets that an engineer could use, some magically appearing vault room, or even the shelves of basic tools. I make sure to cover every inch of this building before I even think about resting in it. After finding (insert), I close the warehouse quietly, and I fall asleep.
  3. So no money no items just a knife now what?

    Wow, an actual player not blaming the game for their mistakes! Take notes people, this is a very delicate and selective breed that, while rare, sits at the top of the food chain at the end of the day. Kek.
  4. 1 and 2 are spot on, these should be changed. 3 is a planned feature in future development! And so will magazine loading, and a couple of other things. They plan to add animations for these. While it's around, enjoy being able to instant heal your entire body from bullets while running full speed chugging painkillers like nothing happened! WOOOO!
  5. The Romp Bar

    I walk into the bar with a grin on my face, excited to see what would happen. I pin a pre-written message to the board. I get an order of a can of my favorite Bush's Baked Beans and some Vodka. "Food for the soul," I whisper. I eat, and play darts for a while with some of the other strangers of the bar. I am a bit absorbed in Tarkov right now, and figured I'd wait here in case of a response and take a break from getting shot at all the time.
  6. Gun glitch question

    DO NOT POST PLAYER NAMES. This is a known bug that has existed longer than you think it has. You're about the 10000'th person to feel entitled to write about the bug and report a person even though the rules say you can't. Please remove the link or the whole post so a moderator won't have to use their time addressing these oh-so-familiar posts. No disrespect, but please learn from this.
  7. Text RPG will be managed by players’ community!

    Awesome, thanks. I think I'll give it a shot! I think it'd be better for me to invest myself in a game about creative writing rather than EFT itself... of course, I'll still play EFT. I'll be waiting for that form!
  8. Text RPG will be managed by players’ community!

    Wow, this is incredible! I'm ecstatic you're open to more positions for a new Game Master. I'm currently a player of the Forum RPG and I've been enjoying myself quite a lot. I have to ask, while it seems unlikely, would a person like me have a shot at fulfilling something like this? I was considering it, but I don't know if I need representation of the community or something of the sort.
  9. Hacker report [Robinbnks]

    You understand that this post won't do anything, right?
  10. Glitching Guns

    Do not spread the use of a player using a bug. Delete the link.
  11. I'm not here to complain about dying to cheaters. I'm here to do something about it, and make companies that distribute cheats suffer. Video games have been here for the longest time to entertain people. Some play them to have fun with their friends, some play competitively in professional leagues. For the fortunate, some even play games as their job, and source of income. What if people could gain an unfair advantage over others, ruining their experience and for some, their reputation or loss of profit? We all know what these are, they are called "hacked clients." People use them for personal enjoyment, or to compensate for their lack of skill in a game. Some are free, others come with higher quality at a price. Regardless of how you obtain them, almost anyone with a reasonable sense of logic can interpret these clients as having an advantage over others. These clients can be justified as unfair. While some use these for singleplayer games, many use them to be able to compete against other players in online games. Escape From Tarkov will be my example, and is why I'm currently writing this to see what people think. EFT is a competitive FPS that has a very harsh punishment for death - the loss of your items. What if you lost your hard-earned progress to a person who could see you through a wall half a mile away, and seemingly shot through it and killed you, leaving you baffled and disappointed? EFT is not the only game to experience cheaters. Many games like CS:GO, Fortnite Battle Royale, PUBG, and other titles have hackers - in fact, every single game does. Companies that develop cheats sell them on their websites for a price, and many people buy them, wanting that extra bar above their rivals. The worst part is - not only the players that are forced into combat with these cheaters have to experience the harsh taste of death, but so do the companies that own the game. With all of these cheating organizations advertising their cheats on YouTube and other social media, many new players to the game are un-enticed and drawn away by the thought of players being able to annihilate others by using these. This is a double edged sword - meaning that either people will not purchase the game with the fear of having to deal with cheaters, or they will be enticed to buy it so they can purchase the cheats to then use against others (the latter being the less picked, of course). This, in general, hurts game sales. Much like how one company would disdain another in an advertisement claiming how their product is better than the competitor's, hacked client sales and ads tarnish the reputation of the game they are directed to. Almost every game takes measures into eliminating these cheaters, like EFT. Some games are more effective than others. One of the poor ones, in my personal opinion, would be CS:GO. But, I digress. The argument I'm trying to make is: Could hacked clients be outlawed for "the slander of a company's reputation?" The argument makes sense, and could very well be considered. I want to know YOUR thoughts on this. Please spread this on the forum so that more may see.
  12. Game

    Frankly, I'm getting tired of being pinned by enemies all of the damn time. First it was the man in his hideout, now this? The air reeked of hot lead and gunpowder as I was pinned behind a BMW SUV vehicle, getting shot at by another man wielding what I can only think to be a KEDR SMG, due to the small shape he was holding in his hands. Using the valuable information that I learned a while ago back in America the hard way, (which is "Cars are concealment, NOT COVER") I figured that I'd probably die if the man decided to unfasten a magazine of 9mm into the vehicle, so I came up with a pretty stupid plan. I ran from the vehicle to a stone wall closer to him to gain a better position while I was "trying" to pin him down. Unfortunately for me, this man apparently had nothing to lose, because he seemed unfazed by my action. A hose of shrapnel came flying my way as I shot back, one bullet hitting me in the chest and one of my shots hitting him likewise in the shoulder. This new cover point exposed him behind his cover. I look around briefly to see three dead bodies close to each other - no, TWO! A person was crawling to them, but it seemed he did not have a weapon, so I couldn't focus on him right now. I made a bold move and pulled out my PB Pistol. I braced myself, turned the corner, and gave him hell. As his body dropped dead on the hood of the car he was hiding behind, my hands trembled with fear and pain. I didn't know why, but as sick and cruel as it sounds, I had done this before - so why was I so scared now? Clenching my teeth in pain from my wound, I eagerly grab his equipment after dragging his body around a corner of a building where I could see the wiggling worm that was trying to scavenge those bodies. Concerned about my own health and his, I yell out: "HEY, YOU! GRAB THE STUFF OFF OF THEM AND GET OUT OF HERE!" The person understands and searches their bodies. The man made the correct decision of showing me what he was doing with the holster on the body that held a pistol of some sort. He slowly picked it up, grabbed a few other things, and slowly put his hands over his head and walked away to a wall. Behind cover, and into illusion, he vanished. I take my victim's dead body and lay him to rest inside of a building, and as I do this I notice he'd been shot in other places, too. I come to the conclusion that the fight that involved him and those two dead bodies I found had to do with more people, FOR SURE. Because I don't want to be surprised for a THIRD DAMN TIME in the span of 3 days, I close the dead man's eyes, patch myself up with a medkit, and hightail it out of the area, wondering who the worm was. Perhaps I could meet him again one day, he seemed like the kind of person I would want to work with. Well, at least, he didn't seem like an idiot. I come across a wooden cabin that was borderline uninhabitable, but I guess it shares that similarity with the ENTIRE region of Tarkov. I didn't expect to find much inside of a house so old and rotted, but I was tired from the day's encounters, so I decide I will stay here for the night. I look through the bashed glass windows and do not see any movement inside, so I try to open the front door. No cigar. I wander to the back of the house and try to open the house from the back porch, and with a satisfying "CREAAAK," the door opens with a bit of grit from my end. I step inside and I find myself in awe to now notice that almost every piece of furniture in the house is... neat. Too neat, in fact. It's all littered with dust, but it seems like this house is the one thing that has been preserved in an area of such vast destruction. My mind crosses that old adage "Looks can be deceiving" and learn not to second guess that from now on, more so than I already was. I ready my SMG suspecting a person, but after moving upstairs expecting to find the living, I got smacked in the face by opposite day. In a bedroom, a man and what I can only presume to be his wife, laying lifelessly on a bed, together. I almost regurgitate at the smell and the sight of rotting flesh, and flies EVERYWHERE! I glance at their bodies enough to see that both of them had been distributed a unmistakable bullet hole in the sides of their heads. I wonder where the item that did the damage was, and I figure that I need anything I can get, so I hold my breath, shoo away the flies and see if I can find anything. If there is no weapon, that means someone else either was here before me and took it, or that same person did this to the couple. I felt overwhelming sadness for the two. It looked like they died in each other's arms, but the rot eroded their bodies like cliff sides to an ocean shore, so I couldn't tell. Dried blood caked the pillows and comforter of the bed they lied on. After grave-robbing the bodies, I look through the rest of the house. After finding (insert), I decide to rest for the night. I make sure I locked the back door, and I most certainly will hear anything that tries to get in. I sat down on the couch in the living room and ate another one of my five oh so familiar cans of Bush's Baked Beans™. I figured I'd sleep on the couch instead of having to think about the rotting bodies upstairs, but it didn't really help. Still feeling paranoid, I closed the curtains in all of the windows of the cabin. After a long while, I drift to sleep. Morning comes, and I practically throw my backpack onto the rug in the living room. Oddly, I hear a VERY loud board creak under the pack. It didn't sound like what I heard when I walked across the floor, it sounded more... Hollow. I pull the rug out and find two metal latches holding to what looks like to be a hatch of some sort. My fingers find a small gap to open the latch with. Readying my weapon in one hand and opening with the other, I open the hatch and gaze inside, wondering what could be down here...
  13. Customs Map not Designed too well

    Customs is uh... yea. If you're not bringing in tons of gear and you aren't good, DON'T SPAWN BOILERS. Spawn Trailers instead.
  14. The Romp Bar

    I waltz into the bar, with a pained look on my face. I had just had been shot not so long ago, so that could be the reason why. A few give me stares, but go back to their drinks, which is typical, because you'd be a fool to care about someone you don't know in Tarkov. I walk to the notice board, and leave a note for those who may be interested: I hammer a shot of Vodka and lime, and walk out of the bar almost unnoticed.
  15. Game

    Group: USUC Action: Scouting (Time for some sneaky breeki.) Description: Lumbering down a road after being satisfied on how the situation went with the person I found, I was surprised by gunshots to the south of me - fully automatic. It sounded like a lot of shots, and I dropped to the hard, crumbled road to make sure what those shots weren't at me. Not like it would have saved me much if they were, but it was a good instinctive reaction. I was quite satisfied that I did react like that, which meant I was adapting to survive - something the less fortunate in this city didn't learn, sadly. Hitting the gravel, I heard a "TING!" of metal as I felt something smack my boot. I looked over my shoulder and to my surprise, there was just a pistol laying there! "Well well, what do we have here? A Suppressed PB Pistol?" I unloaded it and for a second time, I was not disappointed. A full magazine, brilliant! The suppressed version of the Makarov seems to perform better, having improved accuracy and obviously the fact that it fires with minimal noise. Perfect. I put it in my hand, and I can officially call myself Makarov lord, lord of all Makarovs. Armed with my new pistol, in my arsenal of pistols, my thoughts came back to what I just heard. Figuring I need the money to get my business kickstarted, I went against the more reasonable judgement of getting the hell out of there and decided I would sneak over and find out the conclusion of the firefight the next day. I awoke after a good rest, ate my favorite food I had, figuring it may be my last meal - Bush's Baked Beans™. I finished my delicious beans and was satisfied of this great food. I stood up, packed my stuff, and began my exploration of the sector for the bodies - Quietly and swiftly. (I'm considering drawing pictures of my character every once in a while and inserting them into these posts. I'll edit and post it here later if I make it.)