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    Group: Wanderer's Coffee Club Action: Search/Move Description: I quickly rose to the fear of another person being nearby, only to find a stray cat digging through the trash can outside. It seemed friendly, and I saw its collar was almost choking it, so I handed it some of the food I was eating to bait it. While it was eating, I took my knife... and cut the collar, shortly before it ran away. Happy that I saved at least something from dying a slow death, I went back to sleep. Morning: Uncle glared at me with uneasy eyes. We both knew where we were going, and what our plan was, so I handed him the badge we grabbed from the guy we ran into. Quickly, we grabbed our things and headed out. Afternoon: As we got closer to the pier, we decided to search for some stuff together, just in case something happened. Night: Found the third floor in an apartment building. Finding a nice window frame to shoot from over the area, Uncle took the first watch. "Uncle. Remember, no cigarettes while sniping. Especially at this time of day."
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    Forum RPG - Create A Character Contest

    Lol, it's a TEXT RPG! There's a lot to do, you just have to play and Mr. Olloch here will determine what you run into. It's not quite a "video game," but if you like this kind of stuff, I bet you'll like it. I was in the same spot as you, but I love it!
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    Forum RPG - Create A Character Contest

    I've had a great time on the RPG so far. I started out by myself, but then talked with a man named UncleDark, who was with two other people, Zao and Dalton. Uncle and I continued on our own, as the other two left us (for good), but we'll carry on. I've experienced battles with rough bandits and cigarette thieves, and I look forward to becoming the best engineer in Tarkov. Uncle and I are part of the Wanderer's Coffee Club, Game-1, RPG. We look forward to seeing new members play.
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    Group Name: Wanderer's Coffee Club Action: Move Description: After waking up from the back room of an abandoned gas station, Uncle and I departed further into Tarkov to find what lays ahead. //Absolutely no time to write, busy weekend.
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    Group Name: Wanderer's Coffee Club Action: Move Description: After an encounter with a thug, a mystery left behind needs to be solved. Uncle and I head South to find out what's really going on in this place. //Not feeling it today xP
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    Group Name: Wanderer's Coffee Club Action: Search & Move Description: Morning: After what felt like only minutes, I rose from the wall. I couldn't sleep after what I experienced yesterday, so I thought I might as well left Uncle to sleep longer. I watched almost all the night, but because I was working on Uncle's crowbar, it didn't feel like an eternity. I didn't fall asleep. After a few hours, and a nearly cramped arm, I looked at my progress with pleasure. While it was a bit shorter, if that part could be ignored, the tip looks almost brand new. After getting up, I drank my cup of coffee quickly and handed him my masterpiece. He seemed visibly pleased. Afternoon: After a while of walking through empty woods, Uncle said he found something... he pointed to a tree, and it showed that there was blood on it. I looked around, and the more we looked, the more trees there were with blood. Weary, we readied our weapons for any potential threats. This blood looks dried, but the smell still lingers a bit... Curious, we both journeyed through the woods slowly and quietly, investigating the scene. We kept at it for a good 10 minutes before we came across a man that rested on the bed of leaves, lifeless, eyeless, and mauled. After almost forgetting the smell of rotting flesh, I gagged as I moved closer to the body. His throat had been violated by some serrated knife, certainly one not used for hunting or skinning, as it would ruin the flesh. After uncovering some of the leaves, I found that he had a few holes running through his body from the front, but they never left from the back. I pulled my knife out and dug around a bit... And found a lump of metal, no ordinary bullet. It was somewhat wide, and with being so small in length, it couldn't be that of 7.62 or 5.56... they would go straight through the body. No, this bullet was something I had seen before, but I couldn't put my finger on it. "Uncle, do you know what this is? I asked. "Considering the lump never bloomed, it can't be hollow point, so how did it stick into the body?" "Aye," he grunted, "this looks familiar. The round is like pistol round, no? It's very wide, so only one explanation." I waited patiently for his response. "It could be subsonic. And with such a round shaped like this, perhaps the victim fell to the deadly assassin, the VAL." He seemed sure with his hypothesis. "Are... are you sure? Well, maybe that's why we never heard the gunshot." I said uneasily. "If you are right, we have to be way more careful than we were before." I reached to close the man's eyes, but looked up to find that he didn't have any. I had completely forgotten about that. Then, finally, like a rock, it hit me. The radio tower I went to with the dead bodies a while ago, the men talking... maybe, it was them! I had never heard gunshots during that either, and the VAL is a suppressed weapon... I skimmed the dead man for items and found none. Out of respect, Uncle and I decided to cover the man's body with leaves, tried to forget, and continued our walk. Evening: We walked for a long while, trying to find a place to stay for the night. Just before night fell (good, I didn't want to use my flashlight. I'd rather not waste the battery), we came across a nice house in the forest, up on a hill. Considering it was nice, it could still have people in it, so I told Uncle to keep his head up, and keep it that way. The house's front gate was locked with thick chains, and there was barbed wire lining it all around. For some reason, probably because it wouldn't look good, the wire wasn't on top of the swinging metal gates in the front entrance, so Uncle and I helped each other over. Now that we could see over the gate, we saw that the house was quite nice. I had a good feeling about this place, and I think Uncle did too. We cleared the building for people only to find it empty. The first place I went to was the garage, seeing if it had any tools. A power drill, Mtape, a wireless sander, anything at all would be awesome. I saw a roll of duck tape and very, VERY quickly sunk my claws into it. It looked like a full roll, which will be very useful. Uncle decided he'd check for food and other items in the house. I walked out of the garage with (insert.) After our search, Uncle said he'd take first watch. I almost immediately crashed on the nice bed on the third story of the house. Before that, though, I checked for any bugs. I had a weird dream recently about bugs sucking the life out of me.
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    Remove melee weapons

    How to delete someone else's post
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    Group Name: Wanderer's Coffee Club Action: Search Description: Morning: As I rose from the tiled floor of the tower, a ray of light flashed in my eyes from the window. Annoyed, I glanced over to see Uncle awake as usual. I made myself some coffee and figured that this radio tower may have some items we could use. Plus, I was still paranoid of being watched. I talked about it with Uncle, and he felt the same way. We agreed that he would climb the tower to search around for anything interesting, and I would search the cinder-block building we slept in, and the shed that was positioned a distance away. As Uncle left, I felt in the mood to eat some Baked Beans for breakfast. I don't know why I felt the urge to eat beans at that time of day, but I ate them anyway. After breakfast, I started to search the building we slept in for the night. The second floor had a collection of a few lockers, a desk with some drawers, and on top of the desk, a radio. I inspected it, and found that it was missing batteries, it's antenna was broken, AND it looked like it suffered a fall, because the metal was all scratched and dented. "It's seen better days, that's for sure" I thought. Perhaps I could fix it, but it would take a lot of materials and time, something I wasn't looking to spend. I don't think Uncle would like that either, so I set the radio in one of the lockers. I inspected the area for anything of use, and to my surprise, I found a box of Marlboro's in the drawer. In a locker, there was a box of small screws which I decided to pocket. Somewhat satisfied, I headed to the shed in hopes of some Basic Instruments (Tools). As I stepped in the shed, two beady eyes glared at me from a top shelf on one of the walls. As I took another step forward, the set of eyes scurried into the darkness, with some quiet squeaking. "I should be careful not to get bit by one of those," I thought. The last thing I want to die to is some disease from a rodent. I noticed that there were some boxes that seemed full with miscellaneous stuff. I smelled mold in this shed, so I needed to make my time in this place short. As I was moving stuff on a table, I found a whetstone laying on top of it. It was somewhat small, so I figured I'd hold onto it for now. Perhaps I could fix my friend's crowbar by sharpening the blunt edge on this for a while... After searching through the rest of the place, I walked out with (insert). Afternoon: As I was walking out from the shed, I saw a figure on top of the tower looking out a something. Assuming is was Uncle, I resumed my pace until I almost jumped out of my skin. What sounded like the crack of gunshots made me nearly dive headfirst into a dip in the ground. "SLAYER! We have to move NOW!" The familiar voice returned to my memory as Trevor. "You're right. Let's get moving" I said. We both crept out of the ditch and through the strands of the Willow Trees as a band of men wearing checkered bandannas and blue jeans looked around with various models of AK's. The flashlights on their weapons shined against the woods and the surface of the ocean behind us. We snuck through the brush of the trees, trying to get into the sewage system that would lead us to our freedom - that is, if we didn't get our heads blown off. One of them had already seen us, and there were too many for us to take down by ourselves. We were almost to the entrance of the large concrete cylinder when the familiar slamming of bullets struck against the wood of the trees and pierced against the air around us. We ducked around trees as I shot in the vicinity of our enemies with my M1911A that Trevor held onto for me. I didn't think I would need it, considering my relations with that dealer, but I was sorely mistaken... "Come on Trevor! We're almost there!" I yelled as I heard the click of the hammer of the ancient pistol. The only thing I didn't like about this gun was that it held little amounts of ammo compared to today's modern firearms. We gained distance on them and ran into the sewage tunnel. Now, it was navigation based off of memory. I spent countless hours memorizing the channels for this deal. Now, it was time to put them to use... Running, stomping against the disgusting waters... trying to get away... A slap ran across my right cheek as I familiarized myself with my surroundings once again. In front of me, Uncle, with a look of worry on his face. "What the hell has gotten to you? Some woodpecker started tapping a tree, and you go jumping into a ditch like you almost stepped on a God Damn landmine!" His cold eyes looked into me. "I... I guess I had some sort of flashback. Sorry to worry you like that... I don't know what the hell is going on with me, Uncle" I said. "I think I just need to sit down for a minute. Uh... I found this." I hand him the whetstone I found. "Maybe," I said, "If you grind this against your crowbar, perhaps it will be usable again. If not, we can always look for another one." Alarmed from my sudden change of topic, Uncle took it uneasily. "We should get out of here. For the first time in my life, I hate birds." Evening/Night: As Uncle led the way through an ancient forest path, I pondered on what happened earlier. The memory... I couldn't control myself. I white-knuckled my gun and just... zoned out. I can't have this happen in combat, or it'll mean the death of me, or worse, my friend. After a long while of walking in silence, we found an old cabin. As usual, we checked the perimeters of the house. It reminded me of the cabin I found that wicked food stash in a while ago. Hit by the memory of the cabin, I checked under all the rugs on the first floor, but I didn't find any hidden trap doors like I did before. As I checked, Uncle looked at me like I was insane. After what happened today, I don't blame him. I decided to take the first watch despite the incident earlier. Besides, I didn't think I'd be able to sleep after what happened. As I watched Uncle rig a wire trap on the front door, I figured I'd go search upstairs. After some brief searching through the bedrooms of the house, I found a vanity in the master bedroom. Perhaps I could find some jewelry. To my surprise, I found an old rusted locket that was shaped like a heart. When I opened it, I found that it was no ordinary locket - it was a cocaine locket! "Looks like someone had a bad habit," I thought as I pocketed it. I thought it was quite funny. As I thought of ways to optimize my rifle, Uncle fell asleep almost immediately on the couch.
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    stop the cheaters using scripted macro

    Maybe you just don't understand when items come back in stock. It's different for lots of different items. If you're trying to buy ammo, just deal with it and use the next best thing.
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    Group Name: Wanderer's Coffee Club Action: Move Description: Morning: As I wake up, I hear the faint sound of something metal tapping lightly against a ceramic mug. I rise to see Uncle, as usual, making his coffee. I greet him, eat a light breakfast, grab my stuff and motion to him to get moving. Today, I just feel like moving as fast as we can. Afternoon: As we walk, I feel like we're being watched, though I don't say anything about it. We stop briefly for a snack break and keep moving. I want to get some distance today more than anything. Evening: I glanced upon a radio tower on a hill. Perhaps it has one of those pillbox buildings we could stay in for a little while. Uncle and I stayed in there for the night.
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    Group: Wanderer's Coffee Club Action: Move Description: Morning: I woke to find Uncle making his usual coffee. As I drank a cup, I wondered how a guy older than me is always waking up earlier. I blame the coffee for it and start packing up my things. I noticed that Uncle's crowbar was broken - the tip had been violated by something... a big chip was missing in it, rendering it temporarily unusable. I wondered if I could do anything to fix it, perhaps if I could find a Basic Tool Kit, I could temper the edge to be used once again. As we left the house, we saw the towering, awful smelling hospital. If I had a gas mask, it would've been ok to search, but we're not about to try that if we don't have one. Uncle and I decided to stick to moving as fast as possible to cover as much distance as we can. Afternoon: After a lunch of Baked Beans and a sweet roll, we kept moving at what felt like an alarming pace. We came across a a very large park that looked very nice. As we hiked through, I saw a couple of deer. I tried pointing at them to Uncle, but they ran away before he could see them, so he looked at me like I was crazy. As we journeyed across a worn out path in the park, I stopped myself two steps away from a European Adder. I halted Uncle, showed him the deadly snake, and we walked around it without any trouble. I almost forgot that people weren't the only thing we had to worry about in this area. Evening: We walked towards an apartment complex that we planned to take residence in. Hastily, we hunkered down in one of the third floor rooms and quickly fell asleep. //writer's block today, just couldn't think of much to write.
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    Group Name: Wanderer's Coffee Club Action: Search Interlude: Smoke clouded the air as the rapid firing of expensive guns pegged the cover I held. I had been betrayed by one of my drug lords I worked for... perhaps I shouldn't have delivered short on their last order. They had tried to kill me after all I've done for them, though! How could they? Such was typical of such a sketchy business, but I was no con or scam! I had a good reputation for my job, and these filthy rats try something like this just because I kept a bit for myself? Granted, I was trying to gain trust with them... yea, that was dumb of me. I had to get out of this warehouse! They had me pinned from multiple angles, but almost like always, I had a trick up my sleeve. In my back jeans pocket, two tear gas grenades. They would give me concealment and keep them away. As I graced my hold on the metal pins holding back the painful contents of the lightweight canisters, one of those bastards shot me in my shoulder! I didn't feel a broken shoulder blade, but it hurt like hell. Infuriated, I threw one at the scumbag who shot me - hit him with it straight between the eyes. The other one I threw somewhat in front of me, creating a cloud of haze that would allow me to run out of the warehouse without making me Swiss cheese. I ran as fast as I remembered in my life towards the shoreline 150 feet away. As I ran away, gunshots landed around me. "TREVOR! START THE GOD DAMN BOAT RIGHT NOW! THIS INSTANT!" As I jumped eight feet from the cliff of the concrete to the boat, I landed on my side and smacked my forehead against one of the side-rails of the boat. The rest went by as a daze. As the boat graced across the water at top speeds away from the crane yard with towering shipping containers and even bigger boats, bullets rang against the boat and plopped in large splashes around the boat. I remember the water... the jets of water hitting me from the boat... Morning: Alarmed from the splash of water in my face, thinking I was still dreaming, I shot up from the couch, almost slugging Uncle in the face. I saw a friendly face holding a water bottle in his hand, saying "Washed your face yet, Sunshine?" I remembered that very day. It was when I brought a shipment to a drug-lord in Hawaii. It seems that Uncle was making his typical coffee every morning. I asked him for a cup once again, and he made me one. I told him about my memory, and he seemed very interested in my story. I wondered if he ever was curious about my past. I wondered even more if he trusted me because of the business I used to work in. That cold morning didn't seem so cold once I held the warm mug of Uncle's coffee. I finally noticed it after so long - this is the best coffee I've ever had. Granted I didn't drink coffee much, but nonetheless it was great. "Hey Uncle, where'd you learn to make coffee like this? It's great! Maybe you could have your own coffee shop one day once this Tarkov thing comes to a standstill" I said with enthusiasm. He made some monotone grunting noise, something about the world not deserving it. After breakfast, we packed our stuff and headed out to finally start searching for supplies again. I didn't forget about the gunshots I heard yesterday and the people we saw, but I wasn't so concerned now that we had better weaponry. Now, the two of us were ready. We would be able to hold our ground against others... at least, for the most part. From my research, the south of Tarkov is populated with a very high concentration of Scavs. I don't know if these guys we keep seeing are with each other, but I felt like moving away from this area - it felt unsafe with so many people around. The quiet streets that we walked on had an unspoken ambiance of sinister evil. As we walked, I felt like we were being watched. I don't know from what, or who, but I felt with my being. I was more tense than usual, and even Uncle felt something as well. We picked up our pace from a fast walk to a run, so we could book it out of the area. We came across a very large office corporation building... perhaps it was for the military. Uncle and I decided to split up and try to find the security office or something more interesting... if the building has one, that is. As I walked down the hallway and looked into some of the offices through the hallway windows, it felt like I was some sort of guard looking into prison cells. Despite the turn it forced on me in life, I'm happier than ever that I decided to have a more exciting job to pay the bills than the mindless typing and printing of these offices... not moving all day... seeing the same people every day... makes me sick. As I come up to the third floor, the humid smell of gut wrenching death clogs my nostrils. It seems Uncle didn't come to this part, but I guess it will save him the stomach for it. A bit out of the doorway, a dead man was crouched on the floor with a lifeless gaze, and a hole in the bottom of his jaw. "Poor bastard," I thought. It seems that he couldn't take anymore of life... I didn't blame him. Life looks grim when you work from 9 to 5 looking through a window in some cooped up office, waiting until the second your shift ends and you get to go home, only to repeat the process every day. In a way, I looked at that dead man and saw what I could have been in life if I didn't decide to join with that fated stranger, Nikolai, on the day that changed my life forever... But, perhaps a story for another time. I looked for a gun laying near the man, but unfortunately I didn't find one. I closed the man's eyes and continued my journey through the rest of the offices on the floor, and I found a maintenance room. "This could be gold for an engineer like me!" I thought. I wrapped my fingers around the door, and twisted the knob. Surprisingly, the door opened with no resistance. I hoped to find tools or repair kits in here that I could put to use. In the room, I found [insert]. Afternoon: Feeling safer from the area as we walked away from it, Uncle asked me a somewhat touchy question - "Hey Slayer... what did you do before you ended up here, and what brought you to this place anyway?" "Buckle up, it's a long story" I said. "Try not to fall asleep." "It started when I was going to my old job one day. I had worked in college for a couple years to get an Bachelor's degree in Science, so I could get a job in Meteorology. I like the weather, you know? It sparked my interest probably more than anything else I've ever seen in my life... save for why we're here, and the mysteries of the Universe. I was going to work one day at my office when I got stuck up by a guy who I came to know as Nikolai. He held me at gunpoint and told me to follow him into an alley. You probably seem pretty confused, and at the time, I was just as clueless as you are right now. Then, after I'm in an alley with not a soul to see, this man dressed in a trench coat with a suppressed 9mm pistol asks me 'Where's the shipment you were supposed to deliver?' I tell him I don't know what the hell he's on, but he's got the wrong guy. For the most part, I would have to comply with him if I cared for my own life, so when he asked me the same thing again, I told him about my life. Thankfully, he was convinced that he had the wrong guy, but then he got a different idea. 'No wonder I thought I had the right guy... you look exactly like him. Well, you know I can't let you go, right? I don't know what you'll do.' I told him I wasn't going to do anything, blah blah, generic innocence stuff, right? This scar-faced bastard makes me go with him." "It was the last time my co-workers ever saw me. This man makes me go through the process of 'going off the radar.' I get a new identity, my death is faked, and I'm basically forced to work for this kingpin that I never saw the face of. I swore I'll never even speak of the name people called him again... and that's how my new life started. I was responsible for the transportation of many illegal items, like high-class weaponry, and drugs. I was thankful that they listened to my one request, which was that I would not be responsible for moving..." I choked, "people." "It was so discreet, I only heard of it. I never saw it with my own eyes, even though I was within the same field of operation. That always baffled me, but I guess for my own sanity it worked out. From there, I worked with Nikolai for several years. We raked in a lot of cash and I got to even keep some for myself. Too bad that I had to leave it all behind after I messed up big time. I'd tell you, but my tongue grows sore. Perhaps another day. Besides... I've already relived enough of what I swore to forget." After I told him, we walked without a word for a long time. Evening: We came upon a hospital that wafted awful smells to us after we crossed the exceptionally large perimeter of the park, so we found a residential area nearby and decided to crash there for the night. Uncle asked that I took the first watch, which was only fair considering he did it yesterday. Hesitantly, I agreed and he practically jumped onto the couch in the house. I searched through all of it to check for anything of danger, and after not finding anything, I locked all the doors and sat against the wall. As Uncle slept, I wondered what he thought of me and if he really trusted me.
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    Group: Wanderer's Coffee Club Action: Move Description: I woke during the night with a very vivid and disturbing dream. It seemed to be based off of our encounter at the Motel with the bandits, and I was re-living the whole experience. I alarmingly perked up holding my AK when I glanced over my shoulder towards Uncle, seeing him sleep without a care in the world. I cursed to myself silently, then got up and set a folding chair next to the window near the door of the balcony. I took out a pack of Marlboro Smooth 100's, and against my better judgement, I smoked for the first time in a long time. I was going to do it on the balcony, but I didn't want to be left out in the wide open holding a red, flaring beacon for everyone to see. Despite me remembering how awful the dream I had was, I couldn't really remember... well, the dream. I hate it the most when you remember something for a certain reason, but can't remember the actual contents of the memory - you just know that it was important, and nothing else. Perhaps I'm just having a "philosophical smoke break," but at least it helps me think. I drifted back to sleep shortly after. Morning: I woke up at dawn pissed off about the lack of sleep. I saw Uncle stretching out with a grin on his face, feeling better than ever. "I slept well last night Slayer, what about you?" He said with a slight mock on his tone, seeing the bags under my eyes. "Don't even start with that," I said, "I'm not in the mood for it." We planned our moves for the day ahead, desiring to get away from the extraction point quickly. Staying near the border won't get us very far if we decide to search, because we won't find a lot - almost everything has been picked clean. If we wanted to find good supplies, we had to move further into the heart of Tarkov. From all of our firefights, I had grown more experienced with aiming - it appears that I'm a better shot now. Mid-Day: I appreciated the bright sun over our heads as Uncle and I marched through the streets and back alleys of the city. Despite how tired I was, I felt as if Uncle's tributes to luck may have influenced it into our favor today. It made me feel better than I have felt in a long while... then I remembered that it was just the two of us, by ourselves. Dalton no longer was here, so I kept my thoughts of trinkets to myself. The ambient presence of Zao, with eyes ever watching but never speaking, was also no longer with us. Now, I no longer felt so well. Unlike the usual, Uncle and I talked some while we were travelling. I had asked him some about what he did for a living when he was younger - prior to our presence in this city of anarchy. He talked to me about it for a while. Overhead, a cascade of clouds began to haze the warming rays of the run, leaving an empty, bleak feeling in us. Evening: We figured that we would settle in a house in a residential area. Perhaps we would find something in the building that works in our favor before resting for the night. As we walked through the streets, we saw some acts of destruction upon the community of houses. There were cars turned over, some looked like they had been on fire. There was blood cascaded on a garage door of a house - it looked like a brutal torturing session occurred in front of it. We picked a house and walked in to a relatively clean home. Granted, there was the usual dust everywhere, but I wouldn't have had a second thought of getting lice from sleeping on the rugs, if I chose to. Of course, I wasn't, but it's nice that I'd be able to without risk. We cleared the very inviting building hastily, and then pillaged the cabinets and rooms for supplies. I decided that I would sleep on the couch for the night downstairs.
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    Create a humorous inscription for the screenshot!

    "Me after the millionth comment on the removal of Klean as an emissary."
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    Group Name: Wanderer's Coffee Club Action: Move Description: It felt like forever. The night of the raid, every minute felt like an eternity. It feels good to finally be walking again with my friend. "Yea... I don't know what's happening to those two, Uncle, but I agree with you - I hope they're alright." The Bartender was quite happy when he saw us with his shipment, and I was quite happy with the cash he gave us. "Well Uncle, where are we off to now?" "Wherever the wind takes us, friend." Leaves crunched under my boots as we marched through the forest. I need to get back into the swing of things after all of that relaxing. My injury in my chest has faded away, and I feel better than ever. I feel like I could run 10 miles! Unfortunately, I don't know if I can say the same for Uncle. The knee brace I found has helped him a lot, but given that his leg is hurt in the first place, I could guarantee that he couldn't march as far as I could. I inspected the bottle of Opioids in my pocket as I walked on an old rock path. I figured maybe I would be able to trade these, if I found the right group of people... Perhaps, maybe the drug business would work out in this region after all... maybe I wouldn't have to give up my old ways... I pushed the thought out of my head. The person that is in me, in Tarkov, is not the same person that was in America. I refuse to give in to those ways... but maybe I could sell what I found so I can stop thinking about it. There was always something that drew me in to Uncle. He was quite mysterious with his ways... his thing with coffee threw me off a bit, but I didn't really care about it. He never really complained about anything, like life was always better than it seemed. That part made me wonder if he was shooting something into his veins behind my back. I grew suspicious, but figured better of it, so I carried on! We came across an apartment building, and I followed what he told me to do and we went into the building.