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  1. Clanner_Jake

    New system of dynamic storage cells allocation

    waiting for something sensible. like a Karrimor Sabre 60-100 Rucksack which is basically the same as a pillgram only it's not a blacklight poster.
  2. Clanner_Jake

    Redesigned Head Gear Slots

    or a leg slot.... would slow down the almost every raid leggings i get.
  3. Clanner_Jake

    New system of dynamic storage cells allocation

    you should have pointed out that the 153 is also abusing us on a single slot addition for no reason. seems bsg is adding onto length and width for some guns, probably just to stop us from over harvesting/stashing stuff.
  4. Clanner_Jake

    Weapon Companies Thread

    http://cz-usa.com/product/cz-p-09-suppressor-ready/ http://danwessonfirearms.com/product/elite-series-fury/ the Beretta 93R looks nice as well and maybe a dream... now that i think about it- there is several semi-auto double barrel shotties as well. Or... even better ewww, folding stock, ect ect
  5. Clanner_Jake


    too bad 610 barrels don't spawn the wiki says... and trader hates noobs, and money, mostly he hates money, won't sell me one i guess. can't wait to get a grip for it, try it in offline a dozen times and then lose it within 5 minutes of online play, well, not really.. maybe i should just horde it... its too pretty.
  6. Clanner_Jake

    Offline mode and Online mod

    be nice to have offline stay- we're supposed to be a private military army, no way to practice isn't hardcore, its just brutal... i don't know why the devs would narrow their customer base down to the rouge-like crowd; or how a p2p co-op that's on a separate character would detract from their base. you can watch the youtubes, and see what happened to me today- i lost 4 pistols in a row to late joiners who had body armor when nobody sells that junk at my level; that's not hardcore- that's just a total lack of "matching"; getting groups of 2-3 and rarely 5 that just spam fire at everything that moves for trinkets and giggles isn't "hardcore" its just feeding kills to people who should be sent off to more of a challenge. current match making is the worst, saw a pile of 5 bodies stacked like cordwood with only melee's on them, and 2-3 more of the same still alive and running around; went to go look for loot, and i hear full auto fire and shotguns going off.. only rank 5, already been sniped by suppressed guns, and face people with automatic rifles and shotguns with vests and helmets vs only my takorov and 2 extra mags, and only had 1 mag come back from "insurance"... just, would be nice to have a "story" type mode, were we could invite our own friends, actually spawn together and not "i'm near a rock", and go out without worrying about large groups and campers. putting players to the point where they only run out with a hatchet is just.... not fun. from all the other threads like this- they end up locked, not sure the devs will hear us out on this; even if it wouldn't hurt anyone but the elitist "get good" players, and provide an increase their customer base (and if they put in peer-2-peer system for the "story" mode system, little server cost to have those added players).
  7. Clanner_Jake

    Error 403 Forbidden...

    i just hope this isn't a common pattern- yesterday it was 605 for 10 hours, today it was a 30 minute wait at retrying to patch... only a 15 mb patch too.
  8. Clanner_Jake

    Error 403 Forbidden...

    randomly connected and updated for me, just keep trying; i guess.
  9. Clanner_Jake

    Offline mode and Online mod

    way to skip the points i made for that and just be dismissive.
  10. Clanner_Jake

    Offline mode and Online mod

    Or just a mode with a separate character who's on a peer-2-peer co-op version of the game. right now the game is a camp and shoot everything that moves free-for-all; and i doubt "karma" will do anything to fix that now that i see insurance is totally ineffective without someone to follow me and throw my gear into a bush for me when i die. so now i'm not that interested in the pvp stuff, not when the game is a rouge like without any structure at all. personally, they're scorning a decent sized market with the current play model anyway. not everyone has good internet, and not everyone can see with both eyes, has both hands, and can hear 100%. and unless tarkov can get more inclusive, they're just going to become antiquated by the first dev that makes a similar property that is.
  11. Clanner_Jake

    Ai strikes again.

    so far, 10 deaths from Ai only. players died to my pm, but rarely Ai, i usually have to catch them unaware- but after that, i'm dead to any alerted Ai if not bleeding out missing limbs. "try offline, its the server lag" nope, even offline mode they're one punch level opponents. maybe BSG should hand out neutronium helmets while we wait for a fix. almost made it out as a scav once, till i ganked a bot that surprised me after 2 players jumped me, then, 100m away i hear a solitary pm crack and i fall over dead....
  12. Clanner_Jake

    The fourth wave of Beta admission starts!

    thank you very much for clearing that up for me @necuja, saved me a headache. i go out by microwave- and threw some really overloaded route points as it is- so i appreciate the clarification.
  13. Clanner_Jake

    The fourth wave of Beta admission starts!

    i kinda wonder why buy the "other" region edition- the europe one says you can connect from anywhere, or would they not allow me to connect to the american servers.
  14. Clanner_Jake

    The fourth wave of Beta admission starts!

    lol "No permission" for me- now i'm totally interested in what is likely a mundane issue... good luck snake
  15. Clanner_Jake

    The fourth wave of Beta admission starts!

    not that i'm drawing from tarkov experience; but i'd say it could either be random luck- servers could be totally swamped- or you could need to contact support... probably should contact support while you keep trying snake.