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  1. mnm035

    Is there really a fort armor glitch?

    Have any of you noticed these problems before or after the major patch?
  2. mnm035

    Is there really a fort armor glitch?

    That's crazy. I've only heard of this problem for the first time on the reddit. I've searched the forum here and I haven't seen anything. Please correct me if I'm wrong though.
  3. I just wanted to see if anyone else has noticed a problem with fort armor. I found out about the issue from this thread on reddit:
  4. I can't tell if you're bragging about killing people with a hatchet or killing people with guns from scavs. If you're bragging about killing people with hatchets just don't forget that you have a HUGE advantage because of dsync.
  5. If you're so rich from hatchet runs but still keep using a hatchet what is even the point of having gear? How are you making 100k from just dogtags? I only ever kill low level hatchlings. Please don't tell me high level people are doing hatchet runs.... lmao
  6. mnm035

    Matching in Factory

    Did the mods or devs say anything about the wait time or is it a more recent problem?
  7. mnm035

    On results of the New Year Event

    Sounds great! BTW how are the wait times for Customs and Factory? I usually end up waiting about 15-30 minutes to join a single game. I'm curious if its the same for everyone else.
  8. mnm035

    The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    In the case of having Cheat engine installed for games other than EFT I would like you to know this one thing. If any of you like those sweet sweet Dark Souls videos Youtubers (Vaatividya) make then to your surprise Cheat Engine was used to actually make those videos. Cheat Engine was used to create a more cinematic feel to the videos by changing the camera angles/ adding a free camera. Yes, Cheat engine is used for things that are not scummy.
  9. mnm035

    Lower level helmets

    The game is still being "designed". You have to keep that in mind. Many of those features are still in development simply because there are much bigger issues to fix (i.e. desync). Also, I wouldn't mind seeing some ballistic masks thrown into the game since they not only look badass but they are also cheaper and can block a .44 magnum bullet. Of course, your face will be fractured but that is the price of looking badass!