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  1. Kotton think its fine, so we wont be getting any help because Kotton think its fine. Because he gets it directly from the devs and don't have to deal with this bs. When I asked him to tell the Dev about the situation, he insulted me. Saying "oh you think I'm your messenger boy? You think you deserve to get all the new stuff in a day or two?" Kotton is the worst thing that has happened to this community. He is now a self-serving brat who has no regard for other EFT players. If anything, he IS the messenger boy for the EFT community. If he ain't that, I don't know what use he is.
  2. Black Friday Sale is BACK!

    As much as I'm happy about the discount, I'm also a little disappointed as I just upgraded 2 weeks ago at full price
  3. Too much Fort Armor

    98 hours. 507 raids. Approx 25 forts(from scavs), sold some to Fence and ignored a couple and about 10 gold chains because I don't loot safes and jackets.
  4. M4 in Factory = people runs in panic to exits

    MP5 and MPX does nothing to Fort while AKS and AK74Ns with BT/BP/BS ammo punch through body armour like tofu. Same for M4, grinds through armour like butter.
  5. Body part damage rework

    I don't think blacked out limbs should instantly kill you as I find this unrealistic. I know this is a game but still leg and arm meta. Even with PACA, chances are you are gonna hit the arms first before chest. Personally I think the damage done to the blacked limb should be evenly distributed to other body parts which means more black parts, the faster you die but at least you won't get 2 tapped in the legs or arms. The only thing you should be able to 1 or 2 taps should be head and chest. Let's say a shot from M4 is 60 damage. Your right leg is blacked. You take another shot to your right leg, the 60 damage should be evenly distributed to your other 6 body parts so 10 damage for each part including head. However blacked head due to getting shot in the limbs still doesn't kill you instantly, unless the distributed damage blacks out the chest or stomach. Extreme bleeding status (on top of bleeding) can be added to a blacked limb if it got shot again. Extreme bleeding will make all body parts lose health faster compared to normal bleeding. This should balance out nicely. So you will have to shoot the dude in the chest once (assuming there's no body armor), and 4 times in the same limb to effectively kill the guy. This would effectively remove limb meta but still make shooting people in the limbs a good way to kill people or make them retreat.
  6. Body part damage rework

    It just depends how fast you wanna kill your opponent. 10 shots to the leg or 3 shots to the chest.
  7. Body part damage rework

    So I heard a dev while streaming said this is actually gonna be a real thing. They are also gonna add healing animation, so no more insta heal when getting shot.
  8. New players? Want some help?

    Ah, they have it under clans. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. New players? Want some help?

    If you're new, say around Lv10 or less. Hit me up for loots, carry and tips. PM me for Discord/TeamSpeak.
  10. Optics and PEQ15s

    +1 to this. Would really love to have IR and NV to work properly.
  11. Body part damage rework

    I mean, you still die from getting shot in the leg. But in this instance it would take up to 8-10 shots to do it if you land all the shots. However if you shoot them in the chest/stomach it would only take 2-3 shots.
  12. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    I'm playing from Australia. Hit me up if you guys wanna do some runs
  13. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    Wait, is that you I killed?
  14. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the BEAR and USEC duo at Customs bus parking lot. I'm sorry I had to kill you guys but I waited 30 minutes for that. Also I only took your M4s and that scout sniper chest rig.
  15. Helmets...

    2 tap in the leg and you're dead too. Legs need to have like 200 hp to balance it out.
  16. completly unplayable mess.

    Your Crippling skill is not powerful enough.
  17. completly unplayable mess.

    I think the person who lacks knowledge is you. My advice to upgrade to 16gb is sound. The game currently leaks memory. The longer you play/run the game, the higher the chance for you to encounter some weird glitches or bugs that are bizarre. I run the game at 32GB RAM, initially it uses only 5gb or so and slowly piles up to 12gb. When this happens to a system with less ram, the game will crash, stutter, glitch and die. Like you said, upgrading the ram is not the real solution to the problem but it is the one solution you can do if you plan to run the game with a lot less weird poo happening to you. Fixing memory leak is definitely not a priority as its still in closed beta.
  18. We really need an option to select which server we connect to. I'm at Melbourne, Australia but constantly getting connected to Germany server no matter where my VPN is set to. Please fix this! 350ms ping is really difficult to gauge the gameplay.
  19. completly unplayable mess.

    get 16GB ram.
  20. yeah this is kinda bullshit. Having to play with the lag/desync and cheaters.
  21. New problem since the hotfix

    yep have been for 6 or so hours. My friend who squaded up with me ended up having the same issue. Game can no longer be played
  22. BSG Launcher Error

    Pop up 2 error windows, no code. Error while logging in A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond Error while checking launcher update A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond Are the auth server down or something? I'm from the ANZ region and my friends are getting the same error.