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  1. DeiCidal

    25% Off New Year Event Sale Ending Soon!

    snapped up my second EOD copy. this time at discount, over 1 year since last purchase
  2. DeiCidal

    Intermediate Preorder Packages

    This account hasn't got preordered but my other account has EOD. For some reason icloud registration hadn't been working until now. I think I preordered over a month ago on the account that worked in registration means. Then this one only worked in forums. Needless to say I have 2 computers so I can play on both systems.
  3. DeiCidal

    Official answer about the stream

    imo, any post from devs should be closed. Its their opportunity to tell us something, not our opportunity to war each other over who is angry at devs and who is angry at unhappy subscribers.
  4. DeiCidal

    Official answer about the stream

    Its good to see active discussions. My burning question, is with all this active posting, wouldnt it be better put towards bug fixing and alpha contributions. I am happy to have put forward the full amount for EOD and still no regrets. Looking forward to when alpha begins and we can begin helping to fix anything we come across as we help the developers produce the best possible game. If anything a count down timer would be awesome for the forums so we can sync our calendars and get some much needed presleeping in before we sacrifice our spare living moments to escaping. I was up 3 hours early and caught the russian stream. Fingers crosses for alpha soon
  5. DeiCidal

    Official answer about the stream

    Does anyone have a recap of the stream? russian version?
  6. DeiCidal

    Mod Support / Steam Workshop Support

    Awesome for some people, but if modding was available then you get the raft of rats who come through and ruin it for everyone else by creating hacks and exploits.
  7. Cool forum features. Just uploaded a cover photo


  8. DeiCidal

    Post your RIG.

    Ready for EFT
  9. DeiCidal

    Escape from Tarkov Wiki needs editors!

    I'm interested in this too. I have a strong English background. I have been speaking it for many years and have a keen eye for spelling mistakes.
  10. DeiCidal

    What are you playing while you wait?

    Squad. and also last bits towards 100% on shadow of mordor
  11. DeiCidal

    Post your RIG.

    benched, sitting on my bench in pieces. Will put it together but main gaming rig is currently my old beast.
  12. DeiCidal

    Post your RIG.

    The one in Tarkov. Hopefully game supports SLI and dx12.
  13. DeiCidal

    Post your RIG.

    MoBo: RAMPAGE IV EXTREME LGA 2011 CPU: Intel Core i7-3960X RAM: 64GB GSKILL Trident 2400MHz (32GB RAMDISK) for game of choice VGA: 4x GTX Titan GFX cards PSU: EnerMAX REVO 1500w Storage: 2x SSD's 250GB Samsung Evo CPU Cooler: Deepcool captain tri-rad AIO Case: Cosmos II K/M: CMstorm trigger, G502 Proteus 27" 144Hz ASUS Screen. Looking forward to gaming Tarkov