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  1. Official Trading Thread

    need weapon cases or icases? i can sell you both and can help you extract with them too (i will go in full kit and try) weapons cases - 1 million rubles or converted to usd at peacekeeper is fine too icases 1.5 million rubles or converted in usd (for a surcharge can include modded weapons inside cases, much cheaper than they would be from the traders, completely up to you)
  2. Official Trading Thread

    WTS car battery (3) selling for 150k each
  3. Official Trading Thread

  4. Official Trading Thread

    WTS epsilon secure container (2x4 pouch) pm with offers here or add me in game gfa3
  5. Official Trading Thread

    SELLING: 2 Car batteries - 200k roubles each Marked keys - 300k roubles each Sanatorium East Wing 310 key (bitcoin, gold chains, lion statues, one of the best room in shoreline) - 250k Sanatorium East Wing 306 key (dvl spawn, 4 computers, 2 weapon boxes, gold chains, loose money) -150k (or 350k for both sanatorium keys) edit: and Shorelines cottage safe key - 100k roubles
  6. Official Trading Thread

    looking to buy 3 corrugated hose, will pay 65k roubles per hose, add me gfa3
  7. Move error 2** after insurance return

    yeah just got this as well, pretty annoying. looks like you have to rearrange the gear before you go into the insurance return menu for now for some reason
  8. explanation of graphics settings

    why is z blur called z blur then? if you notice your gun is a lot more blurred out towards the end closest to you when this is turned on try looking up z blur on "google IT tech pages" and tell me what you get.. not trying to be rude just responding to the way you put it
  9. I can usually deal with the normal desync, that lasts a few seconds and everything is delayed a few seconds, but on this last run i walked all the way to the checkpoint on customs with an amazing kit of picked up loot, hunting rifle sks, body armor, and more, when i get to the checkpoint obviously i wasnt extracting but usually if you just wait there for a little bit and the desync finally resyncs (lol) then you will be at the extraction screen. All of a sudden both my legs are completely obliterated, i'm taking severe bleeding damage from my whole body, i put on a CAR kit to take care of the bleeding (to be clear, the wounds showed as being patched up, and my other body parts were no longer depleting blood at this point), i figure it was desync damage from someone else. I think to myself okay well now i just have to wait for the extraction, next second I fall to the ground dead. What the hell was that? that is not normal desync that i have experienced in any other scenarios (ive experienced a lot of desync as i'm sure you all have throughout this beta) Was that a hacker? i'm genuinely asking because like i said i've never experienced something like that even desync related EDIT: now when i get back to the character screen, it's like something is really messed up because all my vital levels are at the exact same level they were when i dropped dead, and it's overlaying on top of other numbers wtff lol
  10. I was just on factory, and i was picking up a bunch of backpacks and keeping them within eachother, and then i also came across some good individual loot in the metal cabinets on the third floor. so i went to discard the backpack inside my backpack, so i could fill up one of them, and then place it back inside the other backpack. well when i went to discard it literally went through the floor and down into the locker rooms/bathrooms. (not that it matters much to this post, but it mattered to my post-death rage, i went downstairs to the locker room to get it and got killed by a camper in there lol) the backpack was in the locker room when i got there though, just got killed as soon as i got to it.
  11. These desynchs

    hahaha why don't you just make another graphic?!
  12. Forcing Super Sampling AA ?

    what's weird is there is a SSAA checkbox in the bottom line of graphics options on the graphic settings screen which means super sampling anti aliasing but then the anti aliasing box is greyed out obviously... i posted a thread asking for graphics explanations a while back but didn't get a response from anyone with knowledge on it unfortunately. what the reddit user is talking about is most likely reshade, reshade is custom shader writing thats prepackaged for you so you can run things like smaa and maybe other antialiasing (i dont see any ones from my default 52 shaders) but you can download the reshade software from their website and then select the game .exe and make sure you have opengl+ checked, the rest if fairly simple kind of have to explore. what i did was go into an offline match with pve unchecked so there are no ai scavs either, and then messed around with the settings i wanted. personally i dont have any antialiasing things enabled at the moment but i dont have clarity and levels checked on, this helped to remove that gray kind of overlay that seems to be on by default, you'll see what im talking about after. (if you use levels i recommend moving the black level so there is less all black areas, just move it down (i think) a tad) lemme know if you have any questions! id be happy to help
  13. Do these shortcuts also change some graphic setting like windowed or windowed fullscreen or something? whenever i press it my picture readjusts for a second, and sometimes the game doesnt even minimize and i'm still staring at it... the reason i suspect it's changing my graphics settings to windowed fullscreen or something is because the performance becomes noticeably worse after using these shortcuts. i'm 144 hz/fps vysync in the menus, never dropping below 144 (you can have ingame fps tracker by typing fps 1 into the console command by pressing ` ) but after using either of these shortcuts i will see lots of fps drops while navigating through the menus, no longer remaining anywhere near 144, more like 70-90s range. if i never ever press these shortcuts the game will stay at 144 (drops to like 100 lowest in certain areas of the game, so rarely). anyone else having a similar experience or can tell me if the devs are aware of this? the other alt+tab threads got kind of offtrack
  14. These desynchs

    wow your ram runs at 29333 mhz? that's crazy you must be able to manipulate nature!
  15. Fix the main EFT problems !!!

    ughhh i really love this game but the desync is starting to drive me insane, pop out and put two shotgun shots in a dudes chest to get sprayed by his pistol... super frustrating and im usually positive about beta game development in general