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  1. Screenshots

    Factory location screenshots:
  2. Factory Screenshots

    Screenshots of the latest version of Factory location that were made during the recording of the latest gameplay video.
  3. A new batch of work-in-progress dev materials straight out of furnace, hope you enjoy it!
  4. Finally, the long-awaited moment - we are starting our live stream of Escape from Tarkov. Welcome! We hope you'll like what you will see. We will demonstrate in real time different gameplay elements, weapon handling, character loadout, equipment setup and inventory. This broadcast will also show the rpocess of exploring the locations, and, of course, combat mechanics. Please try too keep the chat slow - it will come in handy for questions, requests and some other useful purposes ;3 Have a great time!
  5. Questions for the stream

    @Colonel Twerkins Thanks, relayed it just in case.
  6. New stream info

    Totally agreed. We were misled into believing that law was lifted. Here's where one of the restreams will be: Right now it hosts Russian stream, but in 3 hours there will be English stream as well.
  7. Вот он, долгожданный момент - мы начинаем стрим. Добро пожаловать! Надеемся, вам понравится то, что вы увидите. Постарайтесь, пожалуйста, не злоупотреблять чатом - он может понадобиться для полезных вопросов и запросов. Приятного вечера!
  8. New stream info

    We have encountered an issue that have somewhat marred the joy of expectations for our German supporters. However, I hope that you can enjoy the ride nevertheless, even if though slow proxies:
  9. Questions for the stream

    Checked your info. Indeed, it is a shame, but from Germany, you can't watch YT streams. So, here is what we are going to do: As a manner of apology for our lack of consideration we will make another stream, on Twitch, for our German players. I hope you will understand and forgive us for doing it a bit later, though, as we will be pretty late today to manage a third stream. Meanwhile, we'd also like to offer the following solutions for those who can't wait: 1) Use a proxy or VPN to access YouTube. Make sure your new IP address is outside Germany. 2) And, of course, the record of English-language version of the stream will be uploaded to our channel for viewing it later. Once again, we regret the lack of research on our part, but it's already too late to change plans, we won't be able to inform everyone in time. Thank you for understanding!
  10. New stream info

    Updated OP with new detail - the stream will be on our YouTube channel this time.
  11. Questions for the stream

    Hi, it's at 20:00. To everyone - if you want to check the time, open the spoiler here or just visit the linked time reference website:
  12. Questions for the stream

    Dear friends, The stream is just around the corner, and we'd like to gather all the questions you have to answer the most interesting of them. Please, feel free to ask them in the comments below. Also, I'd like to remind you that stream will go live on May 18. Russian-language version starts at 6 p.m. Moscow time on our official YouTube channel - And English-language version will launch at 9 p.m. Moscow time - also on YouTube channel! Thank you for your attention and see you on the stream!
  13. Друзья! До стрима осталось совсем немного времени, и мы хотим собрать ваши вопросы, чтобы ответить на самые интересные из них. Пишите вопросы в комментариях к этому сообщению. До встречи на стриме, который будет 18 Мая в 18:00 по Москве и в 21:00 (англоязычная трансляция). Русскоязычный стрим будет на нашем официальном канале youtube
  14. No need to worry, we were updating some of the website/profile features yesterday, and apparently minor things like that got left behind.
  15. Assault/Combat Shields

    Thanks for understanding and patience! More opinions welcome.