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  1. Pedronus

    Create a humorous inscription for the screenshot!

    "That cocaine's really messed me up, bro"
  2. Pedronus

    tarkov too easy?

    I understand it's not easy to get over gear fear, I had it myself way back when. But you're never going to get over it unless you actually go out geared. All I can recommend for that is to join a TeamSpeak server and play with a group, that helps you ascertain gear quite well.
  3. Pedronus

    tarkov too easy?

    How do you know they've got endless amounts of gear? I don't have tonnes of gear but I go into every raid fully geared because it gives a high-risk/high-reward relationship. Once you have decent gear and get over your gear fear you'll start to rake in the higher-tier loot. Just because you see lots of players going in geared doesn't mean they've got a lot of it.
  4. Pedronus

    Scav bodyguards - is this a bug?

    Were you in close proximity to the scavs when you killed the player scav? As far as i'm aware (and from my own experience) it seems proximity based - so if you kill a scav out of range of other scavs that are currently alive, they won't be aware that you killed one.
  5. Pedronus

    Новые игроки

    Имя персонажа Gary-Oldman-Jr Описание Former actor now solidified SAS soldier. Его прошлое Running from a dark secret trying to amend for his mistakes. Как он попал в Тарков? Went down the wrong path. Пристрастия Loves a good smoke. Друзья NONE BITCH Ранения и битвы Huge scar down his chest, given by the biggest nonce of all. Стремления To kill more nonces Самые значительные достижения персонажа Killed 50 nonces Сила 25 Выносливость 27 Меткость 28 Снайпер
  6. Pedronus


    Unfortunately if you've lost your gamma container there's no simple work-around for getting a new one. I don't quite understand how you lost your container considering that's the ONLY item you ever keep on death. I'd recommend purchasing one from another player on the trading thread, or as Owen said - reset your profile.
  7. Pedronus

    Traders not actually leveling up

    Make sure you have the correct standing and player level
  8. Pedronus

    Ban for forbidden software using 

    Nice guys, thanks for sharing the info! Ban EM ALL
  9. Not a problem man. The game is missing quite a bit of content but that will come within the New Year. I believe they're opening up Shoreline and adding a new map early January. The OBT patch will introduce a lot of new content as well - this game is at quite an impressive stage (mechanics wise) to say it's in beta. The game is amazing, unlike anything I've played. Even though the game can get repetitive, it still manages to give me an adrenaline rush whenever I see a group of geared dudes - never know how the raid will pan out.
  10. I agree on the stash size, but in the full release (or with the release of hideout) that can be upgraded with in-game currency. The standard stash size seems to be extremely small from what I've heard. But I think that the stash size is the only major advantage in the game.
  11. The game is currently in testing phase - hence the 'beta'. The factions will become more meaningful with the full release, and KOS will possibly be reduced when the karma system is implemented. Just give it time, mate, you'll see how everything fits together and has a meaning.
  12. EOD is 'meant' to be unavailable after the release of OBT, I believe. This game doesn't incorporate any sort of 'pay to win' elements, what you get and how you play is based on your own individual skill. I've gone from having almost a full stash (EOD) to having nothing and regaining it all back.
  13. Pedronus

    Left or right handed options

    That guy actually made a valid point with regards to the lever shooting back when you fire, and clipping your thumb. This could be implemented into the skill option I mentioned - if you're a low level you could potentially damage your thumb when firing from the left and as you progress this wouldn't be the case anymore (learn from your mistakes and all). Personally i'm really interested in this idea, but whether it would be picked up (or even contemplated) by the devs is another story. It's not exactly an unrealistic suggestion, the opposite really.
  14. Pedronus

    Left or right handed options

    "Many modern small arms employ ambidextrous design to accommodate both the right- and left-handed operator. This is advantageous for marketing the firearm to military or law enforcement units because the firearms are distributed in a large scale. This eliminates the need for training left-handed operators to adapt to a right-handed firearm. The realities of modern urban combat also play a significant role in this development, with ambidextrously-designed firearms providing an advantage when required to shoot around cover from the weak shoulder.[citation needed] Many right-handed persons shoot rifles left-handed because they have a left dominant eye.[citation needed]" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ambidexterity#Firearms Doesn't really need to apply to all rifles in-game, but eliminating it completely is unrealistic as some real life situations may call for the individual to use their weaker side.
  15. Pedronus

    Left or right handed options

    Even having the ability to be ambidextrous would be interesting - possibly intergrating a skill similar to the endurance (and the other skills of course) one. If you have the ability to switch between left/right handed gun usage, the more you use it the more your character becomes acustomed to each side. So say when you initially pick your character, you pick right handed but you can switch to left in-raid and this levels up your ambidextrous skill. If you didn't pick left handed, then as @RonBuan said - your character could wobble or be slightly inaccurate when shooting. This would make for an interesting dynamic with regards to peaking and the like.