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  1. Rare weapons rare spawn

    These developers can clearly make things rare, just look at how the flash drives/sas/ssd's spawn, they seem to never. I would like to see this done with special weapons, like develop a M107A1 Barrett and have it spawn just as rarely as SSD's do. This will give players something to look forward to, such as how they are looking forward to getting really lucky with the gamble on finding enough flash drives and such to get an MPX or M4. I think this may be needed for those who level fast and get a wee bit bored, sort of like how I feel right now. Or a riot shield/Magnum/insert cool weapon here IMO
  2. Whistles and after leveling ideas

    Oh cool.
  3. Scav Mode Objectives

    Yeah, good idea.
  4. Whistles and after leveling ideas

    I would like to see a variety of whistles for when speaking is not a good idea, mumbling is just not the ideal call-out. I am also weary of what will happen to players after they level up the traders, find every gun, use every attachment, and then get bored. So I would like to see the dev's come up with something that will keep players trying to achieve something after leveling the traders and themselves and such. I suggest adding the ability to create outposts and they need to add some good/challenging missions. They also need to ramp up with the cheats because I am certain there are wall hackers around considering a few times I have been pre-fried against while camping a dark corner i.e. situations where its almost impossible they could have known I was there to give them the confidence to prefire to kill me.
  5. My suggestions and such

    I also think it might be smart for players scavs to not be able to loot green boxes or weapon crates. This will give more incentive for trying to go and kill other players, that and the karma system would be a good mix. The scav spawn points for players should also be a lot farther from extractions since most people just leave right away for the free gear.
  6. My suggestions and such

    I think the scav's AND loot should be put on a RNG timetable. I would rather be challenged and have to worry I am going to randomly run into a scav in the woods. Now, the way it is, people just run and farm scavs because they are ALWAYS in the same spots. I think they should still be where they are, but put more roamers that are randomly displaced. When I thought of this, I also thought of a good idea. Maybe there should also be a wandering swat/soldier squad of AI that has, I don't know, maybe one good weapon on them and a RIOT SHIELD!. lol j/k, not sure if that's a good idea or not but it did sound nice in my head (the riot shield part). I also HIGH recommend the dev's do what games like Ark and Rust do, update your game often. Look at how respectable this has turned out for these games, people love these games for that reason. People come back to the game every week because they know the dev's care and are adding new stuff every week. Since they are a business, this is a smart move. Maybe when they grow in size and have a good amount of employees they will do just that, I would like to see new things added to this game often so that I don't get bored of it after a month or two. I love what these dev's have done with stuff like wallets and docs and how they are rare, keep this great idea going and introduce new things such as ammo bags. Rare things are what keep me super interested in this game, I like the idea of working towards something. I am getting a bug where when I go near the back of a van I get stuck in the door. I also was playing on Woods and killed a guy walking out of the door of the bunker near escape that is usually locked, he was geared and as soon as I killed him, he disappeared. He just vanished into thin air, when I walked over to see where it went, I heard the usual death sound of a guy dying but he was nowhere to be found. Not sure why this happened, maybe there is a glitch people know about where they can do something that makes it so they dont lose their gear. I recommend a dev to look into this, I don't know how they would but if they have any way of looking at my game play (I don't see how they could do that since I didn't record it) but if they can, the game it happened on was Woods on 9-2-2017.
  7. Does anyone else have this issue. At the end of some games, I end up getting XP and kills that I did not get. For instance, if I die instantly without doing anything, a lot of times it will say I got a bunch of kills and I will get XP and stuff. I would also like to see the scav's a little more challenging, not quite as aimbotty as before but I do like it when they are hard to kill and are a challenge to get through. This makes the game more challenging and makes gear that much more valuable. As it is right now, I never die from scav's and I am super rich, and I am starting to get a bit bored because of it. I know its great to levell up and that's one of the reasons a lot of people will tell me to shut up and to not want it harder, but I do. I would also like to see the scav's in different spots randomly, and also roamers would be a great idea. As it is now, people will just run right to where they know scavs are and farm. This is not realistic. if I think of anything else I will update this and also add it to the suggestions part. Thanks.