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  1. Ну я, конечно, про те случаи, когда под углом 90 градусов влетает 5.45 БП в 6Б47. Я думал, это не стоит уточнять. Пусть шлемы спасают от пистолетных пуль, от шрапнели, от пуль на излёте и холлоупоинтов всяких. А супротив нормальных боеприпасов пусть будут бесполезны.
  2. Кстати, что на счёт остальных "веществ"? Будут ли?
  3. Зочем? Зочем вот зочем эти пляски между двух огней? Сделайте уже всё реалистичным, а шлема дешёвыми просто. Никто не будет ныть, что "ШЛИМА ДАРАГИЕ И БИСПАЛЕЗНЫЕ, Я ПОСЛИ АБЕДАВ АСТАВЛЯЛ, МНЕ МАМА ИЩЁ ПОДКИНУЛА, А МИНЯ УБИЛИ В ГАЛАВУ РЯЯЯЯЯЯ". Они будут просто бесполезными, что РЕАЛИСТИЧНО.
  4. yanot

    This is why I won't buy your game...

    Just decided to share it with you, guys
  5. yanot

    This is why I won't buy your game...

    I never said that it HAS TO BE 100% accurate. It'll never be, because of you'll never feel pain through game (although, when it desyncs and lags - i do feel pain), and you'll never get killed because of your character was killed. But I'm talking about making combat and a few other aspects as realistic as possible. Nikita already sad a bunch of times, that he realizes that EFT is a vey much a niche product. So why not to go full-simulator? That's a rhetorical question.
  6. yanot

    This is why I won't buy your game...

    - You're head case Kozlowsky. You love this stuff, don't you? - Too right. Just look at this rifle. It's beautiful. The M16A2. 15 rounds a second, perfectly balanced, and weights five pounds. How can you not love it? - Like I said, Kozlowsky, you're weirdo. That's a bit too much. No lvl - yes. No quests - yes. They're called "tasks" here for a reason. It's not Morrowind. God yes. Well, not absolutely useless. It should protect you from pistol rounds, shrapnel and distant buckshots. Other than that - yes, a lot less useful and bullet-spongy as it is right now. I'd wish to see less difference between round types on unarmored targets. Because AP bullet will cause sort of the same damage if it'll hit you in the chest as hollow-point or steel-core one. Don't understand what's wrong with that? Arm/leg - nope. Or with long-lasting agony, if an artery was badly damaged. Chest - yes, if target doesn't have any body-armor. If it does - 2-3 max. Not like now, where it can "eat" up to ridiculous 10 rounds. Nothing wrong with simulating character progression. Except for "perks" that would give you an opportunity of not dying because of "reasons". Well, we're playing as PMCs here, not some teenage-queens, are we? PMC should be able to control at least 5.45 and 5.56 weapons. Nasty recoil of .308 and 7.62x39 and 54 are understandable, even for a skilled operator. That is kinda planned by the devs. It's a war zone and, as I stated before, you're battle-hardened PMC operator. I'd prefer "suppression" effects to cause shaking only when bullets are landing right next to you. Agreed. That would be nice realistic touch. Not a bad idea at all. More interactions with your inventory - more immersion. More immersion - better. Agreed. Also - not being able to jump or sprint. I'd cut jumping at all, like in Operation Flashpoint or Arma series. Vaulting over obstacles is a lot more realistic option for a combat simulator. Yup, that we agree on. And less aim-bot'ish. Well, IRL you can aim and walk around, but in that case - it's not about accuracy, it's about suppressive fire. I believe I did. But my suggestions were moved to general "Suggestions" topic, so nobody would ever see them. That's what moders do on this forum.
  7. yanot

    This is why I won't buy your game...

    Geez, i just re-watched it and OK, he shot him TWICE. PACA is a SOFT ARMOR, and in "REALISTIC game"/simulator that would cause severe damage if not death. I WILL NOT stop whining, because I want to make an impact on development of EFT. Because if people like me, who actually stand for what the game is baing advertised will keep silence - they'll continue making another Division. That's what this forum is for. So don't you tell me to shut up, kid.
  8. yanot

    This is why I won't buy your game...

    Here's where i stopped reading. That's the core difference. You want EFT to become a GAME. And: I bought EFT way back when they advertised Tarkov as "SIMULATOR". You CAN NOT BALANCE SIMULATOR. It's impossible. Can you imagine DCS with balanced specs? Like "it would take 20 hits from KPVT to shot down a MI-8". This is ridiculous. You can down a MI-8 with 1 perfectly-placed bullet. The funny thing is that they still advertise it as "simulator", although I don't understand what EFT simulates. Bullet-sponges perhaps? The differences are MINOR, unless we're talking about some special ammunition, and there's not much of special ammunition in EFT atm. There is difference between subsonic 5.45 and 5.56 and supersonic versions of those, for example. And I'd understand if they would do a lot less damage. But when basically the same types of bullets do different damage - here's where it gets confusing. I bought FINAL PRODUCT, which is just not ready yet. Matter of fact - I bought all future DLCs (if they will ever happen) for it with EOD version. And I'm using my entire brain to continue nagging here on EFT forum about this ex-simulator going down the hill. PS: RIGHT! I want that type of realism. And I'm not the only one. The problem is - there's way more casual "gaymers" here that are forcing BSG to make Tarkov more and more arcady.
  9. yanot

    This is why I won't buy your game...

    Speak for yourself. I can see all the bullsh1t in that video. Like shooting a scav at point blank in the chest with a shotgun 3 times and getting killed by that same scav in the next second. Get the f out of here with that bullsh1t. ALL intermediate cartridges should be able to kill an enemy. ALL OF THEM. If they're not killing anyone - that's a UTTERLY POOR game design, which is misleading people who are new to the game. End of story. God I wish I could put a bulletproof vest on each and every person who says that and fire a buckshot at them at an extremely-close range and witness how well will they be able to continue participating in a fire-fight. PS: Excuse me, if I'm being a bit toxic, but I'm sick and tired of EFT's bullsh1t development process. I'm sick of bullet sponges, sick of hacking AI, sick of absence of hit registration, sick of retarded kids who support idiotic gameplay decisions of BSG. This game is spiraling down the drain and I don't see a way to save it from it's destiny. If it'll continue that way - we'll get another Division, where you'll have to put 10 shotgun slugs into the head of another "scav boss", just because he's a boss and it's "balance measure". They don't bother making a smarter AI if they can simply buff their overall HP. I am really sick and tired of this sh1t and there's no feedback from the devs on that topic whatsoever.
  10. yanot

    2019 plans

    Any ETA on hit registration implementation? Any ETA on bullet-sponges removal?
  11. yanot

    This is why I won't buy your game...

    A huge part of community keeps nagging them to remove that bullet-sponge meta, but smh they simply don't give a sh1t. C'est la vie.
  12. Доброго времени суток. Накипело. Предлагаю разработчикам ввести абонентскую плату. Положим около 10$ в месяц. Или добровольные пожертвования. И пусть эти деньги идут на аренду НОРМАЛЬНЫХ СЕРВЕРОВ. Это уже никуда не годится. Ни один из серверов на данный момент не может в нормальную работу. Это просто цирк какой-то. Что не бой, то адские десинки, то фризы, то лаги. Пожалуйста, введите хоть какую-то монетизацию и арендуйте нормальные серваки уже.
  13. yanot

    Gunsmith Part 16 not working???

    Broken. Can't handover with this build: UPD: Ok, looks like BSG tweaked fore grips stats and that BGV is not working anymore. Use Shift one instead and u'll be able to hand it over.
  14. yanot

    Remove Flea market

    If you like to grind - just go grind. Forget about the existence of the flea market and grind all day long. Me, personally, I don't like to grind. I've grinded enough in other games. If there's a shortcut option here - I'll take it and will be thankful to the devs for putting it there.
  15. А можно немножко поныть по поводу яркости перекрестий коллиматоров? Ну мрак же совсем. Я с самого начала игры в Тарков, когда выхожу с оружием на котором есть коллиматорны прицел чувствовал себя некомфортно. Думал-гадал от чего такое ощущение. Грешил на сенсу, усталость глаз после работы. А вчера просто решил поскринить точку на разных фонах и вот что понял: я её тупо не вижу. И у нас, вроде как, прицелы не дешманский китай из радиоактивного пластика и собранный из старых тамагочи. Точку должно быть различимо видно, а в Таркове её +/- хорошо видно только на тёмном фоне. Я думаю не нужно показывать примеры самим разработчикам, они сами в курсе и, надеюсь, когда-нибудь поправят проблему, но прикреплю фотки для тех, кто, возможно, не в курсе того как эти прицелы должны светиться ирл: