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  1. Konstruktive Kritik hat noch niemandem geschadet vor allem nicht bei einem Spiel welches mal groß werden soll.
  2. Eigentlich traurig, das man sich bei so einer langen Übersetzung den Text nicht 2-3 mal durchliest. Dann würde man wenigstens einsehen wie viele Rechtschreibfehler in der Übersetzung stehen. Finde es nur schade das gefühlt gar kein Wert in dem Spiel auf die Übersetzung gelegt wurde ...
  3. FPS Probleme

    Habe von meinem I5 4690K geupgradet der war bei 100% Auslastung Also z.B diese ganzen FX Amd Dinger sollten dann noch mehr Bottlenecken... Dachte komme mit dem I5 noch über die Runden aber manche Spiele wollen mehr Leistung
  4. FPS Probleme

    Jo 10GB sind immer für Tarkov weg ;D
  5. FPS Probleme

    Das Spiel ist aktuell auch echt noch schlecht programmiert in der Hinsicht Specs: I5 4690K @ 4.9Ghz Asrock Fatal1ty Z97X Killer Palit GTX 1070 Gamerock Premium Samsung EVO 850 1TB SSD Das Spiel läuft bei mir IMMER scheiße egal was ich an Einstellungen habe... Hoffe der Patch fixed alle hardware Probleme
  6. Dsyncs

    Will there be a desync fix in the next patch? I just ask because the 1 minute delays are really poo. We have lost a DV-10 full modded aks and all the things in the raids today because of the desync. That pisses me off. The servers have been so poo for a few days. Also spmetimes i dont get out of the raid cause i get no menu to leave.
  7. Hello dear Battlestate Games Team, So first i would recommend this game... Its very very nice to play and i had lots of fun with my friends! But since today my fun and my love to this game is gone... But WHY??? 1. HACKERS Was in a round with 4 mates of me all with silenced M4A1s. We were in a fight on Shoreline for the Gasstation. Won the fight laied down. 1 of us was running in the Gasstation allready. The other 3 would follow him... BUT ohh all 3 DEAD. 1 Person was shooting us with a pistol in 3 seconds and 3 bullets ALL HEADSHOT. We were all distributed to 50 meters... Then he looted us was going to the Gasstation and killed our last standing mate... Pls do something against this ! We had this for like 6 Raids today. God Mode seems like possible too! 2. Desyncs Today it was not possible for us to play together. Because we were never there for our mates where we said. So we were on our own. You could not find your friends anymore. And when I saw someone, he could not tell me if he is the person i see. 3.Scavs As a Scav you are often killed by other players who camp the escape. 4.Scavs (KI) I'm glad the scavs are not as hard as they used to be. But you still get headshots from high distance. In addition, they can shoot through walls and see better through bushes. 5.Camper I had 4 rounds today, where I was already dead after 15 seconds. And my raid partners also. Why is it possible to see a player before he can react at all? 6. Speak- or TalkSystem It is simply not possible to talk with strangers and for example "I am friendly" to scream. I played with strangers who wanted to show me the map Customs. And I could not tell them I was thirsty. So I died in the grass. The game is just cool. The graphics are great and the idea is awesome too! But there is still much to be done. Stay with it. Maybe my thread helps. And you make the game one of the best games ever. Best Regards Shleft