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  1. New Merchant: The Mechanic

    High tech genius...maybe he can fix the server issues. Either the matching times and dsync have to go, or your player base will.
  2. Account Upgrade Question

    You can wait till the next wipe, or manually reset your game profile, but doing so will make you start over from scratch and you will loose all progress.
  3. Hacker report.

    You can't report hackers as there is no way to do so.
  4. (Game breaking extraction bug) How to avoid/fix?

    When you say all three exits, are you talking about the old exits or the new ones? because it depends on where you spawn in at. There are way more than three exits total.
  5. Add civilian M4s-m16s

    If you really really want to be technical, those made since 1995 are AR-10B's
  6. When wil EOD be not available anymore?

    It should've been gone a long time ago, and probably will go away at some point in time, maybe the open beta or the full release, who knows? From a marketing / sales standpoint, it would be dumb for them to remove it as it's a great way to make a lot of money.
  7. Add civilian M4s-m16s

    Just to clarify ^ 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Winchester) They do make AR's chambered in 7.62x39mm, but those are not AR-10's
  8. Ban for forbidden software using 

    A hardware ban + an account ban is the way to go. That way you have to buy another copy of the game, a new motherboard, cpu and copy of windows if you want to play the game again.
  9. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    No, you start over from scratch.
  10. A bit of fun! Spot the PMC.

  11. Gear management

    R while dragging an item to rotate.
  12. 7,62x25mm Armor penetration?

    Watch this...
  13. Some advice please?

    This video explains how g sync works.
  14. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    They said before that they plan on a steam release after the full release of the game. The only reason it's not on steam yet is because then people could get a refund if they wanted to, and with all the problems and issues with the current state of the game I imagine that a bunch of people would've opted for a full refund.
  15. Looking to buy a Factory Key.

    I have a spare factory key. PM me
  16. Add civilian M4s-m16s

    Why not? Russia made civilian semi auto AR -15's in 2011 , the Vepr 15 / vpo 140
  17. PSA: Don't uninstall launcher lol

    You inventory should remain intact if you uninstall the game.
  18. Сooperation of Valdai LLC and BattleState Games

    We need magnifiers that pivot off to the side in the game like on that gun posted in the picture.
  19. Black stock for ak74n?

    The black polymer stock can only be had by bartering for the gun, unless you happen to find one at Fence.
  20. How do I improve my survival rate as a new player?

    Memorize the maps. Play offline with the scavs until you feel fairly confident killing them. When you do play online you have to be tactical and smart...you can't run and gun like Call of Duty. Pay close attention to sounds. Don't take the obvious route from point A to point B. Also some days will be better than others. Some days I kill and loot and extract and make good money all day long almost as if I can't die, and some days I get completely rekt all day long loosing all kinds of gear and money.
  21. First hours

    Just asking, but did it ever cross your mind to search the internet for the game maps to learn the extraction points? Google and YouTube videos or even Twitch live streams?
  22. Fort amour power

    It says in the description of the fort armor that 6A is basically the same thing as IIIA. So someone making the game either can't translate to english properly or they got there facts wrong, because our fort is stronger than IIIA.
  23. Fort amour power

    Just for clarification, Level IV Body Armor is specifically designed to stop a single 30-06 APM2 (7.62x63mm 165gr) Armor Piercing Black Tip Round, and all lesser level III and III+ threats.
  24. i just upgraded to EoD but wheres my stuff?

    Go to the launcher, and click under your name at the top right to access the drop down menu. From there you can reset your game profile.
  25. Upgrading...

    Totally worth every penny. What you could do is buy the limited edition upgrade while you still can and just continue playing. Once the game forces everyone to start over with the next wipe then the upgrade would go into affect.