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  1. Ban for forbidden software using 

    I have a friend who got banned just for having cheat engine installed, and before you all say it no he is not actually a cheater I have known him for over 10 years and this is the first game he has been banned from. He bought EoD edition and I know for a fact he wouldn't cheat just to blow away $140. He had cheat engine installed for Fallout 4 and didn't even have it open when he played Tarkov. He has already re-bought the game but he was not very happy about the "We do not negotiate with terrorists" attitude taken by the support, he got a copy pasted message stating EULA 4 times before he got a person saying you've been banned. He could not even get an actual reason as to why he was banned, just left blind.
  2. New Year Event starts tomorrow at 15:00 MSK

    Appreciate the info. Thank you.
  3. New Year Event starts tomorrow at 15:00 MSK

    How long does the discount last? I couldn't find anything with this information.
  4. What's the flash drive for?

    Its used for some higher level trades for Peacekeeper don't know about other traders though.