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  1. Footsteps and Movement Sounds

    most of the time i hear peoples foot steps no problem. maybe once or twice ive been snuck up on but i hear them last second lol. the thing ive experienced the most is ghost deaths. ill just die out of nowhere, never hear a shot or take damage, just die. ive also experienced desync death where im in one location and being shot by someone that isnt in my immediate area but my data is apparently there. i know thats a server load issue but just figured id mention that. its probably apart of the sound issue as well.
  2. Wanting to trade stuff ingame

    ill give for your m4 and wallet.
  3. DogTags sell prices are a bit much

    i dont see a problem with being rewarded for killing high level players. i like the ability to cash in on their deaths lol.
  4. Game runs extremely bad

    the game has never ran better for me. Im impressed with this new patch. could be a combination of things on your end.
  5. Gaming Headset

    hyperX cloud revolver S they're within your price range, sound great and have the features you want, INCLUDING good mic quality, if you dont mind a wired headset. i have no problems with wired, better than having to charge it after every use
  6. Need a teammate to play with (US)

    add me - michael_clayton. do you have a discord or steam? also what is your play style?
  7. Chat Always Toxic?

    we're all toxic down here :3
  8. My game just bugs out at insurance

    so glad to know its not just me. my exact symptoms. stuck at matching for scav and cant get passed insurance on my main character(PMC). i hope the devs fix it soon, probably early morning for us americanos so i will look forward to playing after work tomorrow.
  9. Cannot get to lobby screen

    can you even play the game right now? i was following another thread and it appears everything is going down right now. cant play as PMC, the game wont get passed the insurance portion, and for me personally i cant even play as a scav either just sits there at matching for a really long time 5+ minutes.
  10. ive been wondering the same thing. i can play ANY other game, games that usually have alot more going on and not experience this sort of lag or desync. hopefully its fixed soon.
  11. US west servers

    GOOD SIR, thank you for your input. idk if you played the pre-alpha/alpha but it actually ran better then than it does now atleast on the networking side of things(maybe i just got lucky). everything else is fine with me and i also understood what i was getting myself into but networking should be one of the first things to get in order considering it is a multiplayer game or one would think that'd be one of the first aspects to fix if it gets broken which usually is the result of not enough (powerful)servers or server locations to my understanding. as was stated in the below quote...... standing word currently when they will be up but hopefully in the next month, that 99% guaranteed will alleviate players lag in the US west granted the servers are up to the task. i will take a harder look around for more info regarding these things but im only worried about lag/desync right now.
  12. US west servers

    i wonder when they will be up. the desync makes the game literally unplayable and im hopelessly addicted to this game as well i paid good money for this game (got edge of darkness) i expect to be able to enjoy it to a degree, and those degrees are 0 as of current ill raise a glass to the hope of being able to enjoy the game again soon.
  13. so i recently just switched to win10 and i set my game drive back to the letter i had it on before hand. EFT is still installed and i can run it if i click the .exe but the launcher will not find it and i really dont want to reinstall a game i already have. ive tried to set the path to existing game installation but its not working. any suggestions?