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  1. Wrong game version?

    same maybe patch incoming?
  2. Killed by invisible soundless player

    agree but the testing phase is useless if we cant test the game properly for the massive desync issues. What do we have to test? the desynchronization?....... and the synchronization errors with the server are obvious I do not think that much more testing is needed but it´s my opinión the developers will have their opinion too and their priorities but the players have ours too.
  3. Killed by invisible soundless player

    now a moderator or a blind fan will come with the excuse of stress servers , the servers have stress since august or not enough servers ( or not enough maintenance) or the comunication client-server needs bigs improvements of code to work fine, i have 300 simetrical MB of internet and have the same issues sometimes (desync with animations, sounds and shots). on this last patch shoreline is the King of that issues. that player was not a cheater surely.
  4. resume of the current state of this game and the servers the game has the three stooges syndrome since august
  5. Hacker: Name and Video Proof.

    is the only way to report somebody we dont have a in-game system to report this things like other games or game platforms
  6. Hacker: Name and Video Proof.

    desync is the excuse for all the problems of the current versions , or stress testing....
  7. Hacker: Name and Video Proof.

    a moderator will close this post beacuse they think the anticheat of tarkov is the first anticheat perfect on the world( not true for me the best anticheat is punkbuster combined with battle-eye beacuse detect all cheats software macros, hardware macros,aimbots, aimlocks and almost all kind of .DLLs)
  8. Bullpup Drop-In Kits

    an-94 is confirmed on EFT?
  9. Can traders not sell our damn gear?

    insure with therapist
  10. New Gear to come in future!

    and the desync of the sound of steps (basic on any shooter hardcore or casual)and the exploits to walk without make sound , i know make a videogame is not easy but they will have a open beta soon......the image that most of the new players of the game are going to take will be negative if the servers work as they are now or worst if they dont get more servers
  11. New Gear to come in future!

    no i mean, the massive desync(sometimes more tan 5 seconds of delay with the server or more ), the desync with the animations of the scavs and other PMCs(shoot with the weapon raised by an obstacle for example ),and the 10 mins loading screen "awaiting sesión start" or "matching"
  12. New Gear to come in future!

    wow new gear but any new of when you fix your servers?
  13. Nueva Localización: Interchange

    massive desync incoming..... pintaq chulo pero pff
  14. Random events (with possible loot)

    heli crash like day Z its nice
  15. reason people stop playing

    I just hope that these practices of putting on sale games without finishing more than two years after the release is over is absurd, ok compare it with Arma 3 mods and multiplayer and the realism of die on 1-2 shots or need 16 like on EFT a COD with useless extra animations for weapons but none for climbing and vaulting for example , and the recoil model of the weapons are like battlefield - COD enjoy this trash , but dont call it realistic or tactical game .