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  1. Plata-O-Plomo93

    What I think Tarkov should do instead of open world

    the devs call "open world" this locations conected with extrations ( with transition and loading screens between maps like stalker) not a real open world like chernarus , Tanoa or GTA map
  2. OMG shoreline is the best map to get loot not interchange, if you have the keys you have chance to find: 3 m4 spawns 1 Rsass/Vss/As Val spawn 1 MP5 spawn 1 M1A spawn 3 rooms with high spawn of bitcoins, Golden chain, etc.. more than 15 weapon crates to loot inside the Resort and a lot of deportive Bags, spawns of food, electronics and more if BSG had to INCREASE the loot of some maps would have to be woods or factory but not interchange or shoreline..... pls learn the maps or how to play shoreline
  3. Plata-O-Plomo93

    How to fix extreme freezing?

    i have random freezes on my two PCs setup 1: processor : Intel core I7 4770k GPU: GTX 1060 3gb ddr5 Gigabyte Ram : 16 GB Gskill RipJaws DDR3 Motherboard: Asus H87-PRO intstaled the game on a SSD seagate 500 gb SO: WINDOWS 8.1 Setup 2: processor : Intel core I7 7770k GPU: GTX 1070 8gb ddr5 Gigabyte Ram : 32 GB Gskill RipJaws DDR4 Motherboard: Asus B150 Gaming/Aura -PRO intstaled the game on a SSD seagate SO: WINDOWS 8.1 and WINDOWS 10 with this both PCs i have random freezes specially when i use a sight in a middle of a combat and the last "optimization" patch dont optimize a poo just add more popping on objects.....
  4. Plata-O-Plomo93

    Cheaters are getting out of control!!

    speed hackers and ESP the most common hacks i see, BSG can detect the ESP hackers? ( most only use ESP because it is the most difficult cheat to demonstrate) , but are a lot of ""players"" ( to not say an insult for this scum) who knows the position of the rest the whole match. play against cheaters is not realistic, tactical or inmersive..... BSG fix this or your game will die soon before reléase and nobody want it beacuse this game can be awesome.
  5. Plata-O-Plomo93

    More WIP images

  6. Plata-O-Plomo93

    This game is brutal for newbies

    you have tha same first impressions of everyone who buy this game XD the first months are cáncer but when you learn all the mechanics of the game and how to loot the maps the game become more easy and fun( for me is just fun suffering the netcode with my squad and play alone is boring and frustrating on this game because fight against a squad + desync+ random frame drops and freezes is horrible)
  7. Plata-O-Plomo93

    Scavs en patch 8.0 DE RISA.

    mucho llenarse la boca el Nikita de que su programador de IA es la ostia pero los scav siguen gilipollas de comportamiento con rutas predefinidas siempre las mismas con una aimbot , hit scan y traking tras objetos de la ostia eso no es hacer un IA realista es hacerla dificil de la manera mas cutre posible haciendo que hagan trampas...... esto lo llevan haciendo desde agosto y no arreglan una mierda ..... además ahora te trakean a traves de coberturas y te hacen prefire nada mas asomar eso no es realista ni justo , puede que parte de tu curro como emisario sea barrer para casa y defender el juego a capa y espada pero hay limites que son indefendibles. aparte de que no han optimizado una mierda en realidad ahora el juego tiene un popping en shoreline con objetos que antes no tenia eso no es optimizar es downgradear a lo cutre cutre haber si no nos damos cuenta encima nos toman por imbéciles.
  8. Plata-O-Plomo93

    3M Vests?

    best map to find it shoreline beacuse that map have more scavs than the rest
  9. Plata-O-Plomo93

    Suggestions on anti-cheating and lock areas (Chinese players)

    not all the cheaters of the world are chinesse on EU we have a lot too
  10. Plata-O-Plomo93

    Ban the Hackers

    BSG never says dates to be able to hesitate us without fixing anything ..... there is no more to see this last patch the game is worse than ever ... this game is going to be in hired ops volume 2 ..... the community will get tired and there will be only the cheaters, the spawnkillers and the campers .......
  11. Plata-O-Plomo93

    Duda raid

    nada mas entrar manten pulsada la O ahí ves el tiempo , depende de dos factores: la hora que estes jugando que varia lo rápido que se llena una partida de PMC, y también tu PC hay gente con tostadoras que siempre entra un minuto tarde porque les tarda en cargar mas el mapa.
  12. Plata-O-Plomo93

    What did last patch do to Shoreline ?

    " Then about a month ago, there were some patches which optimized the game and shoreline, and everything got real good. Fast loading times, no lag, no freezes, no de-synch, smooth sailing. Finished all quests, rekt people etc." whaaaat? this game same the same issues nothing is new atleast on EU servers, since August the game have a bad netcode and still is horrible
  13. Plata-O-Plomo93

    Extreme accuracy and sharp reflexes.. Or?

    the current state of the game is still a mess , do not try to find the logic to the things that happen in this game, there is no logic
  14. Plata-O-Plomo93

    Extreme accuracy and sharp reflexes.. Or?

    the main reason is this game have the COD recoil and is more easy spray 60 bullets to 100 meters on automatic, that use the semi auto fire mode...... and sometimes the sound of the weapons dont work.
  15. me cares, they are already late with the game and it seems for more delays...... another Day Z history of Early Acces, lies -delays more lies - more delays........we'll see if the community remains in the game when it will finish and the game CAN be amazing if the devs fix the netcode , the sound, the animation system and the tons of Exploits and glitches and add the open world..... now for me is not a great game is just a great showcase of weapons models on battlefield size maps