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  1. I bought the cheapest version of tarkov just to test it out. I really like it and considering upgrading to the edge of darknes, but will i also get all the dlc's for free. A friend i mine said that this wasnt the case. Thanks you for your time
  2. OP scavs

    sorry man i just got triggerd and went straight to the forums to post it. didnt ment to trigger other people
  3. OP scavs

    Maybe its just me but i was looting in factory with a friend when we got shot at. scavs where closing in on us. both of us were had a shotgun and we fought back. after a while it got quite. we decided to run towards a extraction point. one scav with a pistol quick scoped me with his little pistol form the other side of the factory and headshotted me instantly. could the scavs be a little bit nurved