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  1. ZeBigLOL

    Sketches of Escape from Tarkov

    That handguard is off an M4... might also be shortened version of M16
  2. ZeBigLOL

    New languages in Escape from Tarkov

    I have a question about right to left languages - is support for them possible atm? There are a few languages that are being translate like Hebrew, Arabic and Persian which are rtl. From what I saw the engine supports it and I can see Hebrew when I type in chat in Hebrew, but it's writing ltr which makes the text mirrored (not the characters only their order).
  3. ZeBigLOL

    On results of the New Year Event

    Those are great news, I'm really looking forward to see how those server improvements are going to affect the matching time and game quality!
  4. ZeBigLOL

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    ZeBigLOL#9221 Thanks in advance!