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  1. JeffShootsStuff

    M4 Recoil Glitch

    These problems occur from such simple glitches. You would just think they would try some of these things before releasing new content.
  2. JeffShootsStuff

    M4 Recoil Glitch

    Good grief, how many dang glitches are in this game lol. Got an M4 down the 2 recoil. BSG, can you please check items before you add them to the game?
  3. JeffShootsStuff

    Release Smaller, More Frequent Patches

    No games as of yet, but have done projects including websites and some applications. It has always been easier to break them up into smaller pieces though.
  4. JeffShootsStuff

    Release Smaller, More Frequent Patches

    I prefer smaller patches. When creating programs in college, it was much easier to add little bits of code and debug those than it was to add a bunch of code to then debug that large portion of code. In my experience, it makes it easier and faster to create a finished program by incrementally adding portions of coding while verifying they work as intended before moving on to the next portion.
  5. More frequent smaller patches should be released rather than a large patch every couple of months. Bugs could be worked out while more content is being developed rather than having a ton of bugs being discovered all at the same time right after a major patch. Just my 2 cents.
  6. JeffShootsStuff

    Pistol Glitching

    Yeah, they wont do anything but add some of the other AK74 models they missed.
  7. JeffShootsStuff

    Pistol Glitching

    Every round on factory, i encounter 1-4 pistol glitchers. This really needs to be fixed ASAP.
  8. JeffShootsStuff

    Pistol Glitching

    Ok, I thought pistol glitching was fixed. The last 11 out of 13 "hatchlings" I have ran into all had glitched pistols. I am getting to the point to where I do not want to bring any good gear out because i am only running into people glitching their pistols / sub machine guns. Easy fix. Make it to where a player cannot hot key a gun. The only spots guns can be hot key should be the default ones.
  9. JeffShootsStuff

    Lack of Hit Registration

    A trend I am beginning to notice is when the devs fix one issue, they bring on multiple. A few months back, hit registration was not an issue (at least for me, your experience may vary). Now it is horrible. Ive had 3 instances in the last 30 minutes that have just made me so angry. Non of my shots were registering on a player, who I point blank head shot with a shot gun (he was a hatchling) who then turned around after I fired 2 more shots into his back and beat me to death with his hatchet). But players always seem to 1 or 2 shot me with rifles when I am wearing untar armor. (Which if the Devs want realism, LEVEL 3 (untar) body armor will stop around 7-8 (5.56, 5.45, 7.62x39 rounds) and about 3 (308 rounds). Sometimes I get these 1 or 2 shots on people, but often I have to dump 7 or 8 rounds into their armor before they die. Ive never had this problem before this most recent big update hit a couple weeks ago. Anyone else having major problems like this? EDIT: Well now it happened to someone else. I was shot about 15-20 times, with me taking damage on about every 5th or so bullet the player shot me with. I turn around and just kill him..... This needs fixing. I, 100%, should not have won that fight.
  10. JeffShootsStuff

    Where to find Gunpowder?

    I have 2 out of the 3 gunpowder required for therapist, but cannot find anymore. I found my in the west wing of shoreline, but I have spent over 30 runs to try to find my last one and havent not found any. Are they just that rare or are there better spots?
  11. JeffShootsStuff

    Cannot Complete "Spa Tour Part 2" or "The Cult Part 2"

    Okay, for spa tour part 2, I have found that if you do the mission in offline mode then do the mission on a server, it will work. As long as you keep both beacons in your pockets and NOT in your gamma. Still working on the cult part 2. Will update.
  12. JeffShootsStuff

    Cannot Complete "Spa Tour Part 2" or "The Cult Part 2"

    That still did not fix it. Does anyone else have any other ideas?
  13. JeffShootsStuff

    Cannot Complete "Spa Tour Part 2" or "The Cult Part 2"

    hmm, that is strange. Ill give that a shot and see how it goes.
  14. JeffShootsStuff

    Do You Deliberately Kill Scavs on Scav runs?

    I use to not kill scavs and I would try to friendly wiggle, but everytime I do that now, I get killed so I just kill player scavs on sight. Trust no one.
  15. For some reason i am not able to complete either of these quests. It shows me placing the beacons and the protect for 30 seconds message pops up on screen. Once I have protected it for 30 seconds, I see that it is complete in my task page in game but I do not hear the quest completion sound. Once I exit the raid it just resets. I have tried having the beacons inside and outside of my gamma container. Anyone having the same problems or found a solution? Thanks, JeffShootsStuff