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  1. Cheaters cought on video

    Is this really cheating? I've died at least 20 times like this in the woods, sometimes even fully geared. I always assume it's a sniper?
  2. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    Agreed, I also apologize (:
  3. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    Fair enough, but for someone who is trying to raise the level of discourse on the forum, you'd do well to tone down the snark. This is an open ended discussion and I still think you are being a tad oversensitive .
  4. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    I take it you mean me? Trust me, my post is child's play compared to some of the tripe you will read on this forum. And I'm not salty, I got everything they were carrying. And I'm not gloating, I'm just venting some of my frustrations about the broken exit/ spawn/scavonscav violence ,that I experience on a daily basis. And what's the big deal anyways? It's all anonymous. I don't post peoples names unless they fly or are pistol glitchers.
  5. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    to the scav-traitor who I witnessed, WITNESSED... killing poor defenseless cheekis, I hope u like the feel of three 9 mm hollow points in your kidney. I was the scav to the left of the container that had a sig pistol (no sight) . And to the other cheap exit camper who was lying prone in the main exit on factory with an aku waiting for him... I killed that cheeki, not you, and then I killed you, with a single bullet from my sidearm, I was still beside the container, no aimbot, Just skill, I'll be enjoying the aku(prolly sell it TBH). And I hope you both learn some manners.
  6. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    That's a perfectly reasonable assessment. I hope you are right about the happy end, I just ordered a corsair one to play this game, my current laptop isn't cutting it. Lol.
  7. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    I wholeheartedly agree that the game isn't for the casual player, but there are even dedicated players who would like to see more diversity in the game modes offered, isn't it our job as fans and beta testers to bring in as much people as possible? Our current approach of promoting the game is not very good(a hardcore fps constant mayhem lose all your gear buggy AI grindfest), and I fear that the community will stagnate. regarding the scavs....we shouldn't talk about them in this thread, I only mentioned them in passing and didn't mean to derail the conversation(especially now that several people have responded to that particular point), and I apologize to the op for that. However, I will say that to anybody who thinks that the AI is OK, you should head over to the scavs AI thread where this issue has been discussed ad nauseum; the issue isn't with AI difficulty, it's a complete lack of realism that breaks the immersion completely.
  8. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    Wow. A screenshot of a semi-good raid. what compelling evidence. You really got me there. Mic drop, and all that.
  9. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    Well thankfully you aren't working on the project, so we can disregard your opinion completely.... Princess. 1)the scavs are a major problem, you need to be willfully ignorant to assert otherwise, I mean even the devs have stated that..... So that's false. 2) this is not complaining, this is criticism, do you even know what the difference is?.....false. 3) that doesn't make any sense. Not even worth addressing. 4) I may or I may not be, that doesn't change the fact that we are criticising the game and not "complaining " . but either way, that's not a very good argument is it? Vulgar abuse an answer does not make.
  10. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    First of all....are you based in Saudi? I am and I'm having a rather difficult time finding English speaking players in my region, hit me up if ur interested for some geared runs.... But seriously, I just gave my assessment of the general state of the game, I know for a fact that there are many players who have left the game for a number of reasons, Chief among which are the servers, and then scavs. However, I also personally know 2 players who have left the game for good. I know because they are both my cousins that I talked into buying the game. They approached the game with an open mind and heart, but they found the constant raids with everything on the line to be rather tiresome after a while, my female cousin particularly liked the slow pace of the game and the tactics, but was rather dissapointed that her shiny new AK is now someone else's property, And I can't say I really blame her for that. She said it would be perfect if there was a mode in which you don't have to confront enemy players(again , not my cup of tea but C'Est la Vie) and just loot, kill some scavs, have fun with friends... Etc. regarding price, no one forced the devs to make this game, they did it out of their own drive and initiative, and the cost of adding an extra game mode that is 95% identical to the only current one doesn't strike me as a massively expensive ordeal , this is a beta remember ? About the servers I largely agree, but the servers are atrocious to begin with, so you might as well add the mode now and fix the server issues with the new mode in mind rather then dealing with it in the future. And lastly about vision.....let me just tell u this: the only Star Wars movie in which George Lucas had total creative control and didn't compromise was episode one. And we all know how that turned out don't we...
  11. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    I don't see your reasoning here: Your argument: if there are other modes then less people will play pvp, therefore everyone should be forced to play pvp, even if that means that less people overall will play pvp? My argument(and the op's if I'm not mistaken): Let there be other modes than pvp, therefore people will be able to pick whatever mode they like, and have the luxury of returning to pvp when they want instead of abandoning the game altogether, and The player base will stabilize and possibly grow(and you'll have more people to shoot at). The player base is small enough as is, and if people like you(no offense), as well as the devs don't compromise with what players actually want, then I fear that our stay in tarkov will be a rather short and bitter one. Full disclosure : I love the pvp in this game, my main issues are with the scavs and survers at this point, and also the nonsensical economy that disincentivizes geared raids. But then again I'm only one player, the world doesn't revolve around me. Moreover, there are many more players that share the op's sentiment for a separate game mode that approximates what was outlined above.
  12. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    In what way would it affect you? The only way that the op's suggestions would change the game is to retain a small fraction of players from leaving the game altogether(like most players will).
  13. أبحث عن شخص ما للعب معه

    Anyone here speak English? I'm based in Saudi andooking for a group or team to join for geared raids