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  1. Increase the prob of gas analyzer?

    TRY the weird circle on the ground in woods (the cult marks) its near the checkpoint with black SUV car i found 2 GAZAn there or try trading tread u will find a good traders willing to help (just search TRADE) for some reason the spawn rate of GAZAn increase after complete the task i once found 4 in scav backpack (i throw them to low level player i invited)
  2. Ballistic mask

    i like to see a face masks in this game (even as cosmetics) like the gas masks from the (SAS) the special British forces or normal civil industrial gas masks (the Factory map is for chemical factory after all) or even the scary WW2 and WW1 gas masks
  3. Desktop Wallpaper

  4. I got a bug. Can somone help me ?

    rest ur account that maybe will fix this happen if u have slow internet or bad connection (WIFI) or the servers was over loaded with players (the server were the profile stash are saved) wat i can say its just BETA an u will lose ur stuff any way (WIPES)

  6. Player Scav Killing - Trust No One

    how about this i was playing a SCAV in factory i spawned near 18 min from the end of raid i tell my self it safe to loot i start looting then out of no were a geared BEAR was standing on my right he did not shoot so i switch to my knife and turn slow to face him he start Q\E to me then leave a seconds later i got shot in the back by a SCAV player (with random generated Russian name) i mean there a was enough loot for even a 10 scav players (dead AI scavs with full gear all over the place) scav mode is a way to collect some stuff u need in raids or quests without losing ur things i think the DEVS says the scavs will be different gangs in the future
  7. Drones and helmet cameras

    go play COD if u like DRONES
  8. Official Trading Thread

    WTS factory key 500k BETA Container 500k
  9. Official Trading Thread

    REP + nice trade
  10. Official Trading Thread

    WTB money case PM pls i will pay a 1 watch and 4 gold + some cash + my dog tag levl 33 my god my stash is full of cash even i lose a 2 NV every day
  11. Fort/XP Farming Guide

    i done some factory night raids and i almost feel im playing offline (one time i want just to hit ESC and disconnect but the lag\desync remind me i was online) i saw a cat pic i save it :3
  12. People hiding in bodies

    simple fix for this is ether make the dead bodies a solid object (u can't pass though them) or make the bullets able to pass them and hit the player as for u just nade them just in case
  13. Any of you watch anime?

    try look for those Jormungand 2012 anime all about the gun dealers Gyakusatsu Kikan 2017 watch the DUB its way better Youjo Senki 2017 the evil LOLI The Sky Crawlers 2008 if u like some WW2 dogfights Upotte!! a Moe anime mixed with GUNS
  14. Hacks or skills?

    the attacker was at 303 room and he just spamming nads the guy in the kitchen at the min 1:43 just used hes scope to aim and that make a noise like some sort clicking sound its very loud and u can hear it even if u outside the dorms (happens to me all the time)
  15. The map and the sectors of Tarkov in the text RPG

    COOL is this game will be like a full browser-based text RPG (doing tasks and quests)