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    Official Trading Thread

    WTB OLI logistic key for the task pm or add me in game (WEGO_CAT)

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB flash drive

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB dorms key 203 or 214 for prapor task

    Anyone wanna teach me the ropes haha.

    try watch @DeadlySlob channel on youtube

    Official Trading Thread

    best thing to do is ignore the scammers u know from the start the trade in the game too risky (even sometime u got shot by other player while doing trade) #NOTE - This topic is just a temporary solution until the in-game trading system is active (@Woodsen_Moosen 16\8\2017) in future will be alot of ways for safe trades between players (flea market-shared clan stash els) best luck in the next trade :3

    Official Trading Thread

    @Gabba54610 WTB Mount NF 34mm RIS

    Game crash = loose fort

    the game crash on death and extraction (as PMC dont lose stuff but as SCAV i get kick out from the transferring screen ) i hope one of see this tread #BETA#STILL_LOVE_THIS_GAME
  8. I GET U are so new to the game 1-u can buy in game maps from THERAPIST (the female trader) 2-storyline is planed for the OBT release maybe or full release 3-as u sayed if player looked like he wearing a lot of gear he may have an high lvl aromer 4-maybe u have desync or LAG (the game tend to have delay in the image u see)

    Friend From the West Quest change request

    100% AGREE I stuck in this task for 10 days with only 3 usac kill in that time i was able to kill over 40 Bear PMSs (even wiping 5 groups)
  10. WEGO_CAT

    Trading Factory Key

    try Official Trading Thread https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/31093-official-trading-thread/
  11. WEGO_CAT

    Official Trading Thread

    smooth trade rep +
  12. WEGO_CAT

    Be Careful handing in Spa Tour Pt.6!!!!

    happeed to me with skeir too (i lost 10k$ for nothing ) my solve for this is put ur all $ ur gamma then drag the needed amount of money back to ur stash then restart the game and go handover the $ pls share this method with many players as u can (worked for me and I hope it for u all)
  13. WEGO_CAT

    New WIP Materials Coming Soon!

    cool masks any plans to add gas masks (as cosmetic)
  14. WEGO_CAT

    Official Trading Thread

    WTT 2 red pliers for USAC kills on shoreline + ur dog tags (the higher ur lvl the more money u got) also im willing to help with killing task (im USAC too) PM me
  15. WEGO_CAT

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB 2 keybars doc case PM me when online