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    Is Stealth Skill Speed Increase Implemented?

    it work but you can hardly notice it because it give just small buff at the start (need to max it out to feel any defrent)

    Friend from the west help

    hi i can help with that im USEC and also i need help with task too pls pm me

    New WiP materials 20/11/2018

    who is this guy in pic #7 new trader?scav raiders boss for TERRA LABS?or he from USEC headquarters?

    Flea market returns?

    you get your money from (ragman) note" if you have too many in game friends the messenger will be buggy and freeze all the time

    Quest problem

    hi mate im USEC PMC im willing to help just pm me

    Top 3 Eigentumswert

    buy abusing the flea market watch this video

    My start after this vipe

    i killed a guy have (fast MT-fort-full modded FAL-plate armored vest-attack 2 backpack) one the day 1 after the wipe with just the good old mosin (to be fair he was looting when i shot him) the flea marker failed to be what the devs want it

    AI/Scav's OP again.

    believe it or not scavs now mimic some of the players movement like pecking around the corners and flanking from other side

    player scav violence

    just stay near the AI scav if any scav player kill you he will get rekt in a sec
  10. it just caused by hotfix they uploaded to the servers while you playing
  11. it was an hotfix update it hit the servers while you playing
  12. WEGO_CAT

    delay on inviting friend to party?

    what your server and what your Friends servers? the game put the group into the leader server so it some time make you play in servers far from you sorry for my bad english
  13. WEGO_CAT

    Recent Trader Discount & Unlock

    its great event for new player to test high level stuff also to cause too much bugs in the game in so short time (give the devs a chance to know and fix them)
  14. WEGO_CAT

    Am I too bad?

    NOW the game is very hard for new players because of the all geared lvl40+ players but after the wipe it will be easy to play my advice is to play it as PVE only (get the match and wait in some safe place for some time then go for hunting the AI scavs) just dont forget to bring some water with you go to shoreline or woods map for start (customs is the most danger map now) also watch a lot of EFT videos on youtube it the safe way to get knowledge for the maps and loot spawns most players now can have easy access to class 4 helmets with face Shields (Fast MT or Atyne helmets)
  15. WEGO_CAT

    Stash size/ Upgrade to better edition

    if you bought the EOD you will pay just difference in price ( 140-50=90$) now can make your stash bigger by buying the item case and weapons case from the trades (unlocked by leveling the traders) or try buy them from other palyers in the official-trading-thread https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/31093-official-trading-thread/? i have standard edition too with time my stash became like this (you can put 4 item cases inside 1 item case )