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  1. Pogny

    0.9 Desync

  2. Pogny

    Nouvelles images des futurs contenus !

    cool une barre de choco entamée, le model 3D qui manquait à EFT
  3. Pogny

    Huge ban wave

    Does use bug of the beta could result in a ban ? I saw a post where someone from BSG said use of glitch guns cannot result to a ban, I must admit I used it .... But its a glitch like, invulnerability door, unlootable bag and full size weapon... Glitch are different from hack ? true ? We cannot get banned from a glitch use ? Does someone from BSG could say something clear about that ?
  4. Pogny

    FAQ avec Nikita Buyanov

    aha j'imagine donner des ordres aux bodyguards ! A l'assaut de Customs :D
  5. Pogny

    Huge ban wave

    I cannot help more, do you want me to say there are discounts on account atm ?
  6. Pogny

    Huge ban wave

    Yep, thats called EULA, the big text you scroll too fast and accept it without reading it when you install the game... Yo do not own anything, you just have an access to the service, if you do something against TOS you are getting ban, now everything go trough support.
  7. Pogny

    Huge ban wave

    dude, your friend done something against EULA, does it mean he cheated ? maybe not... Account sharring is against EULA same as having a not proper name...
  8. Pogny

    Interet de la MAJ

    1° aucune date de sortie annoncée, on est loin de la date de sortie étant donné que le contenu actuel represente environ 15% du contenu total du jeu. 2° effectivement il y a des pertes de ram, regarde le forum, un logiciel à été donné dans un post pour vidanger la ram par @PIG-Mathieu
  9. je serais beaucoup plus modéré aujourd'hui, les problèmes ont vraiment bien évolués et sont presque corrigés
  10. Pogny


    first post. complain about beta technical... so 2018. I want a game since I paid for it I want it polished even if its not released officialy... Dude I wanted to help but since you refund, I will not waste time, goodbye fellow escaper.
  11. Pogny

    August Discounts!

    huh ? Dev says bans are manually. Hackers destroys fun of legit player. legit player hates hackers. You are tagged by dev as a hacker, what did you expect ? Your account is 1 week old and you are already in trouble ? this account is 14hours old ? What legitimacy do you have with these 2 accounts on a forum front of 2years + players ? Scan your PC for virus and malware, uninstall non legit programms from your comp. Open a support case and see with the dev, we can't help you, we can't apologize hacker.
  12. Well, first question why do you engage people with more weapons than you ? do you ever played in team ? cause you can learn their weakness : their number. You think team are strong ? they thing the sasme way and lead them to do somes mistakes... Get the closest you can, and kill them, they will not shoot cause they can't see if you are friendly or not... you have grenade, it will make thing easier... The only thing I think is unfair is getting a team of 5 members on Factory when you can have 6 max PMC... thats turning to a manhunt 100% of the time.
  13. Pogny

    Huge ban wave

    Wow thats a lot of people ... having... a friend banned...on their ... 0 post profile created less than 10 days... lmao dude, i have some software that could trigger an AC, process checker / hexaeditor ... since Im working in computing but if they are disabled when your game is on everything is ok.
  14. Pogny

    August Discounts!

    Im the only one pissed by these 2 points : 1) Huge ban wave then discount (yeah come back hackers, we still love you) 2) Unlimited limited EOD limited edition ? seriously BSG ? Are you kidding me ? not a single hug for people having EOD already ?
  15. Pogny


    heuu... tu sais que tu peux te heal ? tu sais que les dégats enregistrés concernent tous les trucs que tu as touchés ? partant de ce principe tu peux peter tous les membres d'un joueur, s'il se heal tu feras beaucoup de dégats sans forcement le tuer, tout comme si tu bute 20 scav dans ta game tu feras beaucoup de dégats mais si tu as loupé les pmc ben.... ils s'en sortent vivants sans dégats... ou alors j'ai rien compris à ton post...