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  1. Performance Issues Since Update

    I figured out a day ago that turning off Shadowplay instant replay helps a lot... I didn't know that it was on that whole time. But, I still lag like crazy in customs either way.
  2. Performance Issues Since Update

    it has helped, it has reduced the amount of times I've had it so far but it still happens... I have all low graphics with ssao turned off too. Sorta ruins the game when the quest map is the one you can't do anything on
  3. I have an i5 4790 with a gtx 1070, and before the recent updates going into customs and shoreline have been completely fine (no frame skips or bad framerate). Now, I can only play on woods (most of the time, sometimes it does the same thing) and factory. Anytime I go into customs and shoreline I lag my ass off 90% of the time to the point that I the game freezes, and I cannot hear anything from discord and have to restart my PC. What happened???

    Please give us the option to spend in game money to increase size or just increase it for the beta. I literally cant put anything in so I have to discard or go out and fight until I die to make space. It will make everyone happier btw...