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    The PMCs are just rouge left overs with no connects anymore. Mercenaries with open contracts. Scavs are literally just civilians who figured out that they can get stuff by threatening to shoot or shooting someone. So, maybe less so for PMCs, but female Scavs would definitely make sense since they're just whatever civilians were able to abandon their moral constraints to survive.

    Oh nonsense. If things do get desperate, you'll see some women picking it up too. Especially if they're a native trapped in the area. There's no where else to go. They're still a human animal, and any animal backed into a corner will attempt to fight to survive. Kurdish women went to stand up to ISIS and routinely fight, kill and die doing so. They may not do it in the same numbers and manner, but there's women who'd pick up the fight. If women can do it in Syria, in Russia during WW2, and the many other places that are desperate enough to where that becomes a reality, I'm sure they could do it in Tarkov
  3. Turn Head Mechanic

    PUBG sure, but DayZ might be a lot of things, but a casual shooter it is not. Especially the mod. And just allowing a person to turn their head 180 degrees so they can look right, center and left doesn't mean it gives you anything close to what a 3rd person mode would. ARMA 3 is honestly probably more hardcore than EFT is going to end up being at the end of it all, especially with the realism mods like ACE3 and being locked into first person, they still allow you to turn your head realistically. I really don't see any reason why we should not be able to turn our heads and see at least directly left and directly right in the manner that the ARMA series has allowed.
  4. This game is so harsh on new player

    Don't worry, it'll get easier with the Karma system.
  5. 2 PMC Queues (The fix for hatchlings and low-caliber)

    Yeah, I'm going to completely disagree. If people want to hatchet run, that's their choice but it means that they're easy to kill. You have to prepare accordingly for where you're going, that's part of the game is making sure you're adequately geared. Separating things into tier groups eliminates low geared players from cheeki breeking higher geared players and taking out some guy with a paca, kiver, m4 and trizip with only a pistol or a toz and making bank. Not knowing what you might come across, anything from naked hatchling all the way up to a 5 man juggernaut squad, is part of what makes tarkov interesting and taking it away lessens the game.
  6. Faction Locked Traders

    Personally, I really don't think they should get head starts. The justification is that in their previous history those sides would be more familiar with those weapons and thus why they've got the head start. But honestly I'd be fine with taking away the head start and letting everyone on an even playing ground, but then again, I'd also prefer to see the whole RPG skills thing completely redone, or greatly reduced since half the Elite perks sound like X-men superpowers and stuff like BEAR Authority or BEAR Raw Power just sounds beyond stupid and I think should be removed. Only 'skills' that make a lick of sense for a realistic game IMO are just a few of the physical ones, like strength and endurance, but that's about it. Otherwise have everyone on equal footing.
  7. low pen rounds vs body armor

    More like might not even realize he's been shot. Here's a guy taking everything from 9mm to .308 at only a few feet and having no problems. Even if you take it down to just paca and a pistol round, you can get shot at point blank and laugh about it. The simple fact is, due to Newton's 3rd Law of motion, every action has an equal an opposite reaction. If the gun had enough force to put you on your ass, the recoil from the gun would also put you on your ass. I think it's interesting and compelling, I like that armor is realistic and that pistol rounds and shot are pretty much getting stopped cold by light armor as they should be, and because physically they don't actually impart that much raw force/energy, they're not knocking them senseless or making it seem like a 12 gauge is like getting hit by the Hulk, where most other games would toss realism right out the window and turn Shotguns into anti tank guns at close range for a sense of 'balance'.

    I don't know, I think it's great. Actually feels rewarding to check out some places. Before it was just go kill some scavs and hope you come across some geared players to get anything decent, but that means it's just totally up to luck if there's anything even worthwhile on the map. You could go into customs with just a paca and silenced VEPR and have it where you've got the best gear on the map already. You couldn't find anything over what you already took in, you had stuff to lose and not much to gain. When the new patch hit, it was actually fun to go to the spa, and hopefully if they keep the high level of loot there, more people will come and it'll be actually worth fighting over. If they buffed out the loot on Dorms and in Woods, you'd probably see more people coming through those maps as well. On top of that, it'd also encourage more PVP since people would actually go to check those places out in hope of the big score. I think I only have any PVP in the dorms maybe once out of 10 times I go there. Before the patch, shoreline was effectively PVE even if you exit camped. Now at least you have the occasional person come across the Spa or Hydro station to break it up. The game needs to be punishing sure, but the idea too is high risk (punishment for failure) vs high reward (reward for success) So, yeah, die, lose everything. Success and the last man/group standing, and you should get the motherload.
  9. Faction Locked Traders

    I understand, and I think that you're wrong and that the AKs are significantly cheaper to produce than ARs across the board.
  10. Faction Locked Traders

    If it's all the black market, then whatever M4s you'd get would also be on the same level of 'quality' where they're knock offs or beaten old things from the first Iraq War or something. There is differences in the way they're both made and manufactured, and how much 'profit' is fixed into that price is a part of determining that, even on third party companies like Century Arms, still seem to sell their AKs at a bit cheaper than a standard AR-15, by a few hundred bucks on average.
  11. Faction Locked Traders

    It actually is. According to the New York Times, ( The US military buys M4s at about $900 adjusted per unit for a bare bones unit, where Kalashnikov Concern sells the AK-103 (an updated AKM/AK74M hybrid) to the government at approximately 150-160 bucks per unit.( It's a huge difference because of how they're both made, manufactured, what standards they're held to, ect. And going black market is even worse, since in some areas, AKs are so prolific they're being sold at well under 100 bucks, even as little as 6 dollars in some areas of the world. And handguns aren't inherently cheaper just because they're handguns. An M4 costs 900 bucks, but a SIG P226 can easily be just as expensive, and even if they were at some bulk discount, they'd still be 2-3x more expensive than the AK. It's not poor balance, it's just reflective of real life. Real life gun performance and price doesn't work on some straight 1:1 linear line, unlike what some video games might have tried to teach you, since 'realism' isn't any concern in 99.999999% of them.
  12. Faction Locked Traders

    I think that just reflects the reality of those rifles (one is much more expensive to produce) and should be reflected in the game. On top of that, I don't think it makes any sense to have faction only traders, since if you were a illegal arms dealer, why would you cut out such a huge market that has such weapons in demand? It'd just be money they're missing out on if they sold to more people. "I was an equal opportunity merchant of death. I supplied everyone but the Salvation Army. I sold Israeli-model Uzis to Muslims. I sold Communist-made bullets to Fascists... I even shipped cargo to Afghanistan when they were fighting my fellow Soviets .I never sold to Osama bin Laden. Not on any moral grounds: back then, he was always bouncing checks" That's the sort of mindset of an arms dealer. They could care less about the colors you wear, their only concern and loytalty is to the colors of your money. If they had such moral qualms they wouldn't be in this business in the first place.
  13. Some slight changes with Punisher Pt 3 after patch 0.5

    I think they just need to increase the scavs on Customs, and put scavs back into some locations that aren't at in this patch that they were previously. Namely, scavs need to return to the gas station, become more common at bus stop and dorms, and in the warehouse yard. Right now, it seems like the only place that consistently has scavs is in the construction, it feels like there's half or even 1/3rd of the amount of scavs their used to be on customs.
  14. Dogtags! Too easy money!

    Which if you have dogtags, means you've killed the player, or are looting them. Literally you have to loot them to get the dog tags so this makes zero sense to me as a complaint. Dogtags encourage you to loot players, even players you wouldn't normally loot like hatchlings. If you got 10 mil from dog tags, you'd already have gone and killed a lot of people and looted them of all that stuff, so I mean, you'd have already 'bothered looting players' and explored the map to do so to get those dog tags in the first place. Plus, you could say "why bother playing the game at all if you have money", no matter how you got it. You play because you still want to engage in fire fights and test out guns and ideas and learn the mechanics, ect. I doubt people just stop playing once they max out the traders and have a decent stash, because there's always more to get, and it's almost independent from the real enjoyment of EFT, which is the combat situations and fire fights and tactical movement and tactical action the game provides. Pretty much. Outside of rare items like keys or something, I doubt the player auctions will be a big thing since the traders will still be around for it to give a baseline price so I don't think people are really going to be trading around AKs or M4s as long as the traders are around. It'd pretty much just be limited to keys or maybe some quest items here and there.
  15. Add Backpacks-Bags / Vests to the spawning loot table

    I'd also say armor should be in military crates as well. Paca/Kopak would be a semi-rare, I'd say on par with finding a AK74N, and I'd say you could find kivers on par with an m4, and Fort would be pretty rare like finding a SV-98 or AS VAL