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  1. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  2. fenced all

    all the guns insta sold i didn't do it to just wipe my account i did it do be nice and give people pimped guns and gear to people that dont have the LVL to get them. i havent played in about a week so fault mite as well put my gear to use even if im not the one using it my account isnt wiped just cleaned out no point keeping the gear im not using. who ever got my gamma will be happy and thats why i did it to make people happy they got something.
  3. fenced all

    i used all my money as well should of said that lol 20k USD and 3mil rubles
  4. fenced all

    just fenced all my gear not stock gear stuff i was using and pimped and some extra stuff 20M4s, 30AKs (all types) MPX, 96 shotguns 153s, 3 saga shotguns, 8 TTs, my gamma, assorted mags and ammo, backpacks and all my keys. merry monday guys/girls have fun with it. #now waiting for the wipe lol
  5. Factory key

    go to the dorm rooms office thats where i found mine took about 20mins
  6. Submit for consoles too.

    where would u put all the buttons that tarkov uses on a controller
  7. Scavs Have Levels?

    the scav end is messed up i can leave a match or be killed instantly and it tell me i have killed 8 people i would just ignore it. the skills for the scavs work from what i have seen tho
  8. General question's

    i think there should be no scav cooldown unless your scav is killed and if u kill other scavs it adds 30mins to your timer for each one you kill if u make it out alive or not
  9. Why I think Suppressors should NOT be nerfed

    turn your sound up problem solved lol but yea when the subsonic rounds are working right when fix/tweak the suppressor sounds
  10. To all in Florida.....

    stay safe people its sounding bad out there get yourselfs a hot chocolate and hunker down with some tarkov
  11. Edition upgrade, wont get stuff? Please help!

    yep u need to reset your game start from fresh if u no life the game for a couple of hours/days u will have all your stuff and more
  12. Flying Hackers

    there not hackers there script kiddys using there mums card to buy a script from a site