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  1. Stingray-5

    High PING ! Only in the map HELP

    Okay but the issue still the high bandwith usage, way too high for an online game
  2. Stingray-5

    Fix your servers already!

    yeah i know, just invite and start, he won't even have the time to join your group.
  3. Stingray-5

    Fix your servers already!

    Just a tip, if you can't connect (605 error) invite someone in your team untile you see 1/5 players in team and then search for a match, it's gonna work
  4. Stingray-5

    Qualcuno con cui giocare

    Sono nuovo su tarkov ma ho abbastanza esperienza in molti FPS, se qualcuno volesse fare gruppo mi aggiunga qua
  5. Anche a voi lagga/desynca un botto su woods (anche sulle altre mappe ma su questa sempre)?, mi è impossibile uccidere players e scavs perchè appena gli sparo anche 10 volte in testa, iniziano a muoversi in modo strano (desyncano) e dopo un attimo mi ritrovo morto
  6. Stingray-5

    Ping Problems

    I have the same problem on woods, can't do anything because when i shoot someone he doesn't take any damage (and after a while he kills me)