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  1. Wallet ''taxing'' me every time is start my game.

    looks like repair and insurance are taken only in wallet money.
  2. Fair Matchmaking

    Give this man a medal right now
  3. [Add] Stealth Skill

    covert mouvement and prone mouvement are already in the skill tab, just not activated yet.
  4. Fair Matchmaking

    i work 50+ hours a week, gaming is my main hobby appart from shooting and lifting so i might play 1-2 hours a night and maybe 2-4 hours a day on the week-end. by hardcore i mean the game is HARD by definition. Feel free to ask for a system similar to PUBG (solo, duo , squad) but i feel like this kills the spirit of the game. I got into EFT because it supposed to be HARD! I have no use for a game that is easy... there's already tons of those on the market. One way to make a game hard is to give the options of people to risk it all, going solo against 10-15 other players, some grouped some not. If there was a system to match solo player together it would be - hatchet runs paradise, easy loot and almost no opposition, making the game economy broken. the devs vision for this game is mostly aimed at squad gameplay, while i've seen many many people ask for an easy mode... i don't think (reads hope) that the dev will make an 'easy tarkov' BTW, i'm a 100% solo player... as long as there is no way to identify team mate and the player count raises i don't bother playing groups.
  5. Fair Matchmaking

    You've bough the wrong game.
  6. Why can't we buy IFKs från Peacekeeper anymore?

    Check duffle bag and filling cabinet for gas analyser
  7. Door Delay

    done and done sir
  8. Door Delay

    happened to me me on the roof of the east building in shoreline earlier. Guy shot me while the door was still closed, the door opened when i died... bummer!
  9. Official Trading Thread

    Trading a marked room key for 3x 100ml Wd-40 cans.
  10. Factory Extraction Issues

    had this too once this pass week-end. send a bug report, it's has been accepted.
  11. This game is so harsh on new player

    this is taken directly from their own about pages.
  12. This game is so harsh on new player

    i don't think this game will ever be 'fair' Gear does not make you good, i've killed 2-3-4-5 man squad with a simple Vepr-136. You can outplay gear 9 times out of 10.
  13. This game is so harsh on new player

    Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and a story-driven walkthrough. Hardcore. This game has a STEEP learning curve. My best suggestion after around 2000 raids. DON'T PLAY HATCHLING. Carry a minimum of a makarov at ALL time. Shoot a scav, take his gun, gamma your makarov. Rince and repeat.
  14. Give EOD players priority queuing.

    how about no?