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  1. CL90

    Ragman - the new merchant!

    Will he have the addidas track suit?
  2. CL90

    Shiny new items

    Yaaasssss rear rail for Aks =D
  3. CL90

    IDEA chest rig

    Perfect scav vest for Interchange :-P
  4. CL90

    2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    Loving it! really excited for how it will be when medkits and ammo loading will be locking your character from moving =D
  5. CL90

    Communication is Key......

    This is what makes squading soo fun in this game. Also spoilers: really long story to say communication is key.
  6. CL90

    1PN138 Night Scope

    Cool, more too choose from is good.
  7. CL90

    Soon - Escape from Tarkov forum text RPG!

    Interesting :-)
  8. CL90

    What are your rarest items?

    Found this, had a laugh.