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  1. Rossin

    Bank account system

    What about Bitcoins then? Bitcoins aren’t printed currency, it's digital. How does that work in Tarkov. It's a bit strange with the Bitcoins we can find and trade.
  2. My suggestion is to pimp up Woods with an underground tunnel system with tunnels in several directions. Perhaps the system could originate from old mining activity with rests of old mining equipment inside (tracks, wagons etc.) and some places with new military storage equipment etc. Like connecting the ZB-014 and ZB-016 bunker with other tunnel openings. This to make woods more attractive to play. Best Regards
  3. Rossin

    2019 plans

    Highscore. You guys are amaizing. Thank you for all the effort and time you put into this.
  4. Rossin

    Surrender mode

    Yes, handcuffs or tie-wraps could be nice :-) So you can choose to be nobel and let him walk or run to exit while you are searching the gear. If you choose to go into surrender mode all your gear will be droppet on the ground. I mean, it is realistic that someone could surrender, that's happening in real life war and combat situations.
  5. Rossin

    Surrender mode

    It had been cool if you fast could drop your weapon(s), put both hands in the air, get down on the knees and surrender for another player if you see that you cannot come out of the situation alive :-) Perhaps also wave with a white handkerchief at the same time. Bind one key for all these movements in one. (Whether you will trust the person surrendering or not you have to decide yourselves).
  6. Hi, I think it should be possible to dismantle all weapon part from a weapon during a run so you can take vital parts from a gun and put them in your backpack. It should also be possible to mod weapons during ride if you find other better parts to a rifle. This way it become more realistic.
  7. Rossin

    Kills not counting

    Same here with headshot on Woods and shoreline not counted. (1 PMC and 1 SCAV ). Both with Mosin without scope.
  8. Rossin

    Gunsmith Part 16 not working???

    Thanks DanExsert got it now. Great :-)
  9. Rossin

    Gunsmith Part 16 not working???

    What the exact name of the new upper receiver. I can't find it on flee marked and don't have peacekeeper on lvl4? Is it MUR-1S Upper Receiver? perhaps it's just sold out
  10. Please be aware that currently there is a bug when leaving money in the wallet and go into next raid without taking them out. Next time you exit, the money is gone. I have only tested it on Interchange. The wallet is in the gamma container. Bug has been reported.
  11. Rossin

    Server went down, all gear gone.

    @Issesson, same happened to me yesterday (server connection lost and all gear gone). Even worse my keybar disappeared from my gamma with all the high prioity keeys. All was insured so I'm exited to see if I get it back or not. It was reported yesterday via launcher. Yes it's still beta so I expect that these things can happen, but it should be mentioned so the devs are aware of the problem to eliminate it. I got the kinda same feeling as you for a short while: "motivation, and enthusiasm to continue play gone in one bug". Motivation is back now, and I still think the game is great :-)
  12. Rossin

    RAM Usage

    Same here. I have 32GB DDR4 and RAM usage is massive. It's feels like they are farming Bitcoins with our graphic cards :-)
  13. Rossin

    Keybar disappeared from Gamma

    I will tell if I get it back on insurance later. I lost all gear including west, things in pockets , weapon and rucksack after server disconnect also. Only things left was some ammo and an IFAk in gamma.
  14. Rossin

    Keybar disappeared from Gamma

    Cool...my keybar with high priority keys just disappeared from my gamma. Had a shorline run with server connetion lost. Tried to reconnect without success. Now my keybar is missing from the Gamma. It was insured....but does not help I guess. Has this happened to anyone else?