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  1. Rossin

    Better sorting options with traders.

    Both weapon parts and ammunition could be listed at the same time :-)
  2. It would be nice if there was a possiblility to search for weapon parts with the traders based upon weapon type. Example: you type in AK-102 in the seach field and all parts available (based upon the traders level) for that particular gun will be listet. That way you will reduce the time spent loocking for all the neccesary part to mod the gun (scrolling up and down). If no search field is possible to implement you could have a drop down list with all vepons listed. Choose weapon and all possible mod parts for that gun appear. Perhaps also be able to search parts by typing name. Don't know if it has been mentioned before but it will also be nice if you click a part it will be listed what wepons it can be used with. I can see that for some parts it's listet but there is not consistent. BRgds
  3. Rossin


    :-) hehehe
  4. Rossin

    Scav bs

    Devs heavy testing and adjustments before 10.5 release. Be patient it's not permanent. Fixing the game it's what they are doing. The game is under development. I guess they are working much more that you do and ever will.
  5. Rossin

    Selfmade tutorial for the wipe!

    Bravo! Excellent :-)
  6. Rossin

    Motion Sickness

    I had the same problem when I started to play EFT. What I did was to gradually increase the time that I play. Started with half an hour two days in a row. Then increased to to two days with one hour game-play. After 4-5 days doing so I ended up having no problems playing EFT.. Today I can play 6-7 hours without any problem. Of course the most important thing is to first check for Epelepsi and other health problems like PIK mention.
  7. Rossin

    27/06 Bans for using forbidden software

    I agree with you Kremson and I think your arguments are good. Software like Reshade should be forbidden to use as it gives the player advantages other ordinary / legit players don't have.
  8. Rossin

    Modable Keybars (key ring/carabiniers)

    In one of the Talking Tarkov podcast they where also talking about implementing programmable key cards in the future.This to use instead of regular keys (inside buildings with many rooms etc.)
  9. When you have a key to unlock a door you should also be able to lock the door from inside the room like in real life. This way you will have a better chance to fool another player to believe the room is empty for people before he/she enters it. If you stay quiet then :-)
  10. I belive the vast majority of the whiners, trolls and and cheaters that we can see now on the Tarkov forum and in game is organized by competetive gamemaking companies that are terrified of loosing more and more players over to EFT. I belive they have purchased hundreds of player lisences just to make everything they can to try ruin the gameplay. They will not succeed in the long term. Battlestate Games and EFT is on the right track and they are about to develop the most impressive and best hardcore story-driven FPS game ever made. Thumbs up for BSG and the developers.
  11. Rossin

    Loading magazine

    Am I wrong or is it correct when I say reloading a magazine does not always reflect the correct amount of ammunition used. Example: I fire 3 single shoots at a Scav with a full magazine and when reloading I can count loading 6 patrons or even more. I feel that I waste allot of ammunition this way.
  12. Rossin

    New Video Showcasing the Upcoming Patch!

    Quote from Twitter EFT Beta Announcer Attention! You can now update your launchers. Please, note this is not the main game update - patch 0.8. Only launcher. Server selection feature can be seen now as well. Stay tuned for the rest. Thanks!
  13. Rossin

    New Video Showcasing the Upcoming Patch!

    EFT Beta Announcer https://twitter.com/betaeft
  14. Rossin

    New Video Showcasing the Upcoming Patch!