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  1. Shootemup899

    Don't buy unless you can stand EA BS{rant}

    uh huh so id assume youve been playing for a hour so
  2. Shootemup899

    god mode

    how to get 'god mode' ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA
  3. Shootemup899

    Looking For Group/Partner

    go join this
  4. Shootemup899

    New Discord For anyone

    so join the unofficial official one
  5. Shootemup899

    Looking For Clan/Group/Friends to play with

    Go join this if yall havent
  6. Shootemup899

    Suggestion for new players

    yea the game is not meant to be 'balanced' in the way people are equal. there will always be someone with better guns armor and ammo that will be able to drop others faster than others can. The game has been getting more popular from all the streamers, and ive been around for almost two years so i have the skill advantage over newer players the end product of this game is nowhere near finished stuff is being added changed etc and it will be different from the game rn and even in a few months. and my previous comment wasn't meant to be insulting, i was just saying what others would say and what others did do. like all games that require skill ,not CoD, there is learning curve but you know EFT's curve is hella tall and steep.
  7. Shootemup899

    Suggestion for new players

    there not, probly never, gonna restrict maps to certain levels. Run a shotty and a tt in customs until u hit 10 grind tasks utilize the player to player trading thread and the two trading discords along with the unofficial official discord play with people play offline to learn the maps loot spawns scav spawns extracts etc.
  8. Shootemup899

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS DM me with offers all need to go. DM with
  9. Shootemup899

    Ragman 'Gratitude' Quest is BROKEN

    u need to do it in a certain order https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Gratitude
  10. Shootemup899

    We need Kill Cam

    Here is why this will never happen. Player 1 and 2 Player 3 3 kills 1, 1 sees his location, tells 2. 2 goes to 3 and kills 3. see its stupid.
  11. Shootemup899

    Official Trading Thread

    Doc Case whatcha want?
  12. Shootemup899

    Official Trading Thread

  13. Shootemup899

    0.10 patch WIP

  14. Shootemup899

    Group Evac

    I have had times where the game would glitch or something where items cant be picked up moved or stuff looted and when in the inventory they would just flash if tried to be dropped and extractions did not work. Alt F4-ing worked to allow me to reconnect to the game and then I was able to extract.