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  1. Shootemup899

    hackers, hackers, hackers..

    *Hackers* interesting you are sure they where Also, shocked that this thread is not locked yet.
  2. Shootemup899

    Looking for New/Mature players.

  3. Shootemup899

    Suggestion for the hatchling debacle

    You know they never plan on doing anything about this, right?
  4. Shootemup899

    SCAVATAR - The Science of Scavs

    Scavology* The Study of the Simple Scavenger Hobbies: Aim Boting you with an SKS from China to LA, hitting you with buckshot 130 yards away. Pro: Cheeki Breeki, Ukrainian Vodka Lover Drawbacks: When shot, yells like a cutie.
  5. Shootemup899

    Corbinnators Graphic Design Thread

    Pretty cool bro. Is it possible for you to remove the BSG logo from the banners so it is just the people?
  6. Shootemup899

    Game is Bad

    Guessing you played for what 30 minutes or something and died and never played again.
  7. Shootemup899

    Death by sprint

    If you have a black head and or legs running will kill you
  8. Shootemup899

    Looking for a clan\Team to join

  9. Ahem Ukrainian Vodka is like better
  10. Ahem USEC Ahem Numba 1
  11. Shootemup899

    Customs - encountered a speed hacker?

    Yea you cannot post videos pictures names of quote hackers end quote If they are hacking the anti cheat system will hammer them
  12. Shootemup899


    Oh no killed by one round of buck shot yea we all do.
  13. Shootemup899

    Possible hacker found

    The. Devs. Do. Not. Take. Reports. If they are hacking the anti cheat system will hammer them.