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  1. New players

    Character name Distractor Description Very strong and strict person, since he was a marine. Pretty calm person at times but also very aggressive if needed. His family left him when he was deployed in Iraq, so he has nothing to lose and can fight till death. His past He's been a marine in the past but since he got fired from his job and since his family left him, he went to a private military company. How did he get to Tarkov? He was deployed in Tarkov by the company. Predilections Likes the felling in combat(even if he wouldn't admit it). Prefers the M4 over any other weapon. Friends No friends( yet). Wounds, and battles Was shot in the arm one in Iraq. Slight knife wound over the chest. Aspirations He mainly does it for the feeling and the rewards. The greatest achievement that character did Surviving an ambush in Iraq that no one was prepared for. Strength 26 Endurance 26 Accuracy 28 Engineer
  2. New Interchange Screenshots

    looking forward to it
  3. No sound bullets? New cheat or bug?

    i'd go with desync
  4. Firing Bug or realism?

    didnt see a bug like this before...
  5. Sneak Peak: Weapon mods

    so hyped
  6. Highest killcount?

  7. Honest Question about Hatchlings

    its part of the game
  8. Awesome game

    well tarkov is special in many ways
  9. This game is AWSOME!

    lets see and wait
  10. Creating a character in text forum RPG

    looking forward to it
  11. Did the trader icons move for anyone else?

    well everything in the game is still subject to change so
  12. RDG-2B Smoke Grenade

    looking forward to them
  13. Die neuen Interchange Screenshots

    sieht gut aus