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  1. So, I just played a quick game on Customs, heard a dude rushing the Garage, I was behind the counter, I hit him 3 times with an AK-74N, he took all 3 shots for 147 damage, I had PACA and a Kiver, he killed me with 1 shot, why does Tarkov struggle to identify that a non-armored target is more susceptible to bullet wounds, I hit center mass, his heart is there, yet he lives? What the heck is going on with Tarkov and lucky kids sponging bullets consistantly!???
  2. Stuck in "Matching"

    At least this didn't happen to you!
  3. Server Lagging = Cheater

    So, me and 2 friends were on Woods, fully geared to the teeth, we move up to the ridge overlooking the Lumber Mill, when all of the sudden, the FPS tanks and drops to 7 to 10 FPS, next thing we know, a pump action shotgun nails us all in 1 shot, this player was called Atek, I have seen this little weasel before and he is fishy as heck! Atek, you are pathetic, whatever it is you did to that server, I hope you get removed from the game all together if you are using something to lag servers to the point you are the only one unaffected!
  4. Server Response Issues

    I found a hotfix for it! If you wait for the time to reconnect to go down to 0, hit reconnect then and it'll try to connect to the server but it'll basically throw you back to the main menu and let you keep the gear (Just in case you think it would make you lose it) I know its inconvenient to wait 2 minutes 30 but its better than a never-ending blank screen!
  5. Server Response Issues

    Hey guys, So me and my friend just tried to go Shoreline geared up, we got into the game loading screen perfectly fine but it then disconnected us and whenever we try to Confirm Leave we get stuck on a blank screen and have to reset the game again and it stills keeps us in the lobby, how do we get off this? I have posted the screen that we get stuck on as an attachment. Thanks
  6. Servers going down?

    Glad to see the devs are on it, hopefully they can figure out the root cause, this patch is unstable, they may as well revert the patch until they can roll out a more stable version or perhaps just leave this patch alone and focus on the next big content patch
  7. Servers going down?

    Yeah I thought as much, just wanted to ask on here to see if it was affecting others too
  8. Servers going down?

    Hey guys, Me and my friend are experiencing massive hangs and disconnections, are the servers going down or having ingest issues?
  9. Helmets...

    The scav must've tapped you in the face, the Kiver hitboxes were updated so that if you get shot in the face, you die. I tend to just run with just a PACA now because of the update, the Kiver only really works depending on the angle
  10. Post your record XP raids

    FeelsBadMan looking at that 114K XP
  11. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the guy on Woods at night time near the Exfil, next time keep your eyes on your surroundings rather than climb to the top of a rock. P.S: Sorry to the guy who I killed near the saw mill, you kinda jumped as I shot, could tell with the way your character spazzed out!
  12. Render Distance Issue In Factory

    Actually, whenever I've posted about issues in the past no matter what the time, no one replies, so don't reply unless you've actually got some form of response that helps the situation.
  13. Render Distance Issue In Factory

    I swear these forums are dead
  14. So straight off the bat, I go into a game on Factory with a Suppressed TT, I get 3 kills, all easy, 2 AK-74U AI and one hatchling, go underground and unlock the door to the Exfil, a few AI come down the ramp and into the long tunnel, I managed to kill them without any issues, I begin to slowly walk down the corridor in fear one more is there, next thing I know, the render distance blurs out end of the corridor where a Player Scav was waiting, as he peaked, I couldn't see him, just the muzzle flash, this has to change, I was half way down the corridor near the metal staircase when the render distance blurred out the end of the corridor, I have went into an offline match to recreate the annoying blur that got me killed. The map is seriously too small and that corridor shouldn't ever cause blur like that due to the fact I had my eye and TT pointed at that corner, personally I feel the dev team should make sure that the render distance on Factory is tweaked because of the small size of the map. Has anyone else had this before? If you look at the pictures, I have taken several, you can see how this blur occurs and when you get further, it goes away. One thing to note, on the image where I am furthest away, you can see the end of the corridor clearly, is has no blur to it and you can pick targets quite easily, whereas you get closer, the corridor then blurs at the end and then stops blurring after a certain point
  15. P226 Rail, What sight?

    Don't worry about it dude, at least now you know what goes on it, I'm positive they'll add more sights and bases for pistols eventually! Hopefully we can add a suppressor them also, been waiting to get one on my P226R