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  1. chrisragnar

    Exit Camping is Tasty

    There is no balance against campers. Look at rainbow 6. You have drones, speed/peekers advantage and tons of other stuff to counter a camp if you just use your head. What can you do in this game? Throw granades everywere? This just makes camping cheap and easy.
  2. I find it funny and a bit sad that you get so upset about not having constant access to your armor that you start making up conspiracy theories. And that the main villain in your word is kids..
  3. chrisragnar

    Unaccessible SCAVs

    Really if getting scopes easy was the problem, they could just remove the the scopes. Bots dont need scopes or magnification (;
  4. chrisragnar

    Game needs some revamping

    I agree with the armor, it needs serious drawbacks and niche use. Otherwise it all turns to a linear progression where full armor and AP rounds will be the end all be all, that will be pretty boring for everyone in the long run and waste of all the other rounds and equipment. There are tons of things that can be done like you said wight, restricting how much other things you can bring and take with you, reduced stances, no sprint, noice. Helmets with full cover could restrict FOV and sounds for example.
  5. chrisragnar

    Leg Armor Types

    Armor needs to be less not more than currently.
  6. chrisragnar

    Cant catch a break in this game

    I find the CoD deathmatch against the other pmc in the first 5 min the hardest. If i Survivor that i usually extract.
  7. chrisragnar

    got a lick today.....

    Yeah i dont shoot other scavs either, sadly you then instead have to keep your distance and attention at them sins they will shoot you in the head as soon as you look away.
  8. chrisragnar

    Stupid quest

    Armor just need drawbacks. Like you should need to have comtacs if you have the helmet, or suffer reduced hearing, or reduced fov if you have face protection. And you should be more slowed if wearing armor + guns + packs, you should be louder and unable to sneak completely silent, that kind of stuff. There needs to be enough reason to actually wear less armor or no armor other than the money and trader grind. Or its just a dumb linear progression.
  9. chrisragnar

    Wow, this is bad...

    The point of playing would be testing. Make a bugreport. Or wait for release.
  10. chrisragnar

    Nerf Scavenger Accuracy and playstyle please

    There are player scavs you know. They are the ones that sneak up in you looting.
  11. chrisragnar

    Shooting a player scav = AI hostile?

    I usually dont shoot other scavs, player or oherwise when i scav run. But i did my first scav run on woods the other day. And killed around 4-5 player scavs, mostly just us i could not tell they were scavs at distance only that they were players, or they engaged me first. However walking to extract scav AI left me alone, do they have to witness me kill the player?
  12. Cant you just reconnect?
  13. chrisragnar


    My only gripe is they blacken bodyparts in one blow. This can end a run very early even if you slay the hatchling. Also i dislike the run n gun full auto hipfire gameplay, and tend to go for semi auto and headshots. But its almost needed with all the sprint chopping hatchling.
  14. chrisragnar

    This game needs major improvments

    Pubg movment feels clunky compared to R6 seige or CS. Its clunky in eft because you are suppose to feel like you are heavy and clunky. Not like a floating speedcar.
  15. chrisragnar

    There must be something wrong with my guns.

    One problem is in the beginning you dont have access to AP rounds, or armor, or mods and all the other things our lumbering hipfire spraying oponents have. All while trying to lvl traders that want fort armor and kivr helmets. Try using veprs or sks's they seem to pack a punch, with steel core bullets if possible.