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  1. Crashing Whole Pc When Playing

    @ShadowWarrior86 What sort of crash are you getting? I have 8GB of DDR4 RAM, a GTX760 and a SSD. I normally run EFT on medium settings and get 45-60fps most of the time. But as the guys above said, 16GB RAM is a good idea. One of the other crash issues that has come up before in threads is that of PSU's not being powerful enough for the PC rig setup, or that the PSU or motherboard is dying.
  2. Should Toz be buffed against armor?

    A Toz with backup PM could work. Although I'd be happy with the option of different shell types. I found the Toz surprisingly useful when doing night raids at low level (as an emergency self defence weapon).
  3. so BLA is with extraction campers?

    To be honest this issue could be solved with 2-3 constant extracts per map and a bunch of other variable extracts. Unfortunately the devs seem to like working with extremes
  4. Hatchling/ Hatchet runs

    Now if only we could buy spray paint so the cheap helmet didn't stand out like a glow in the dark condom But seriously, I agree with @scottp7e has said.
  5. Hatchling/ Hatchet runs

    Tbh, it wouldn't be an issue if desync was sorted.
  6. IFAK

    As an additional point, you can trade items for them at lvl2 therapist. Although to be honest I really don't see what the issue is as car kits and selewas do fine.
  7. How does SCAV raids work?

    A couple of tips are that AI scavs tend to turn their torches on (if they have them) if there is gunfire nearby. They are also often chatting away with each other if they are in a group.
  8. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. + Tarkov = STARKOV

    @ComradeQuiche There is a project called "Ray of hope" (I think?) that is currently being worked on by some devs using the Call of Chernobyl mod as a base. I think their progress diary is up on youtube.
  9. Dynamic Scav Patrols

    They actually did that during the news years event for a bit. It certainly made things more hairy (in a good way). I agree that there should be scav patrols moving about the map as well as scavs guarding/ looting/ cheeki breeki'ing at set points on the map.
  10. Besides, if that happened we wouldn't have the amazing adrenaline rush you get from solo bushwhacking a squad and making out like a bandit afterwards
  11. upgrading account

    One thing you could do is wait till the next wipe and then upgrade. The rumour mill seems to be pointing at a wipe late February apparently.
  12. MP-153 damage output

    They are generally fine for hunting scavs at night, but I wouldn't buy them from the traders. I usually keep a semi-auto shotgun (saiga or MP153) in my stash in case I want to do a comedy run with the "bat signal" shotgun setup (3 flashlights to blind people). The MP153 is particularly fun if you can find an 8 shot tube for it as you can get off 9 shots before you have to reload
  13. Most effective use of insurance.

    @gNecrOz I can can see the fun in that especially as a change of pace
  14. Throwing-knives!

    I guess they could be used to train throwing or strength. Otherwise they seem rather useless. To be honest a decent rock would be more useful as at least you could wind or concuss someone if you hit them in the right area
  15. Switching Factions/PMC

    Yup and yup. You just have to reactivate the gift box through your profile.
  16. MP-153 damage output

    That pretty much explains it. If someone has armour you are better off going for the legs or arms to make them bleed out/ transfer damage. Unless you are using a rifle or armour piercing rounds. It doesn't help that the Kolpak riot helmet was buffed to lvl 2 armour recently.
  17. Most effective use of insurance.

    Now if only the hatchetlings would do the math on this
  18. New gear for PMC's (Tactical Belt)

    I think it would be a nice alternative to the fishing vest. Also due to it's size it would have less model collision issues with body armour etc.
  19. How can I get this game to run with 8gb ram

    A SSD really is a lifesaver with this game. Another thing is resolution and graphics settings. I am running at 1920 x 1080 with EFT at medium settings. One thing you could try is running through the maps in offline mode first so the textures are in your memory. Then see if that helps with things. Obviously you'd want to use a hatchet for the online testing just to play it safe until we can work out a solution.
  20. A simple and temporary fix could be having some targets spray painted on some of the plain concrete barriers or checkpoint walls in the maps. Lore wise it could just be an improvised shooting range that some scavs have set up.
  21. How can I get this game to run with 8gb ram

    Is your RAM DDR3 or DDR4? I have 8GB of DDR4 and can run all the maps from 45-60fps. Graphics card wise I'm using a GTX 760. I would also transfer the game to a SSD if you you have one.
  22. RDG-2B Smoke Grenade

    If any of you guys play Squad, this type of grenade is in it. So I'm guessing the animations will be similar or the same?
  23. Night Raids

    You can get NVG's at lvl 2 peacekeeper for about $1600. A few basic tips: Practice the maps offline as navigating in the dark is a nightmare. Torches are great for blinding players and scavs. Look at the time and weather in the raid and adjust your gear appropriately. Silencers are amazing. Pistols and SMGs are great due to the closer range fighting. The lower recoil and accuracy offsets the penetration issues of 9mm. Semi-auto shotguns are good for hit and run tactics. The MP153 modded with 3 flashlights & 8 round tube extension is amazing You will have quick and sudden deaths, but you will also do the same. Sound, weather and what speed you are moving at are really important. Eg, if it is windy or raining you can probably move faster. I'd personally do some practice runs with a PM pistol just to get the feel of it. That way you can go in, kill a scav or 2 and try to extract with the looted gear. Personally I love playing at night and hope these tips will help get you started.
  24. I just found the best scav name ever?

    If they named a scav "Gett Shrekd" I would have to step away from the pc for a good few minutes.
  25. Factory exits BROKEN!

    Factory isn't the only map with the exit issues. In the past few days I have had the same problems when trying to exit on all the maps. Ie. Get to exit point, get the countdown but no exit. Even after Atl+f4 or leaving the exit and re entering the exit