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  1. Linux support?

    it is worth testing to see if EFT will run under Wine
  2. When can we expect optimitation?

    See above about Direct X 12
  3. When can we expect optimitation?

    Just Thought you should know, the game is running on DX11 not DX12. So, there is a lot of driver overhead and a API draw call hard limit. The speed and timings of your RAM matters just as much as the max capacity you install. Even more so on AMD platforms due to the Infinity Fabric found in the new Zen Arch. The faster the RAM and tighter/faster the timings, the better the chip will perform. I am sorry, but you do not know what you are talking about when it comes to AMD CPUs. Not to mention that with Specter and Meltdown, Intel's IPC lead is fixing to reduce depending on the generation of CPU. It already shows heavy performance hits in HPC markets and servers. Certain workloads are affected more than others. As long as you pair your Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7 chip with adequate cooling and fast RAM with tight, fast timings, you will have no problems in any game you throw at it. EFT included. The only way I can see EFT gaining a large performance improvement these days, is to include the Vulkan API as an option in the graphics settings to players can switch to it if they choose to. Since support for Vulkan is built into Unity Engine since version 5.6, I hope BSG returns to working on adding Vulkan support to the game. They started working on it several months ago, then put it on hold. Fingers crossed they return to working on it and bring support for Vulkan by release in 2018. I have tried to like DX12. But every DX12 game has ran like crap on DX12. It always ran better on DX11. But, seems that every time I ran a game that implemented Vulkan and released as a game.....(no early access) it ran better under Vulkan.
  4. Linux support?

    hopefully they re-enable the Vulkan renderer
  5. Prapor Task 2 impossible to do now

    I did this with a full squad. We got the watch after clearing the area of a squad of player scavs. Then as we were leaving the construction area towards the dorms, we got ambushed by a full squad of Fort armored dudes with nades and full auto M4s. We had no chance. At this point in time, I am giving up on attempting to run missions and just running Shoreline. The excessive wait times for Customs and Factory are not worth it.
  6. General questions on weapon implementation

    How about the sound of the spoon?
  7. Bullpup Drop-In Kits

    Conversely, The M16A2, which was my service rifle by the way. Has an effective firing range of 550 - 800m for iron sights. It's maximum firing range is 3600m. Therefor, the M16A2 can reach out and touch you at 3600m. The likelihood is slim, but it is possible.
  8. Bullpup Drop-In Kits

    don't put words in my mouth I didnt say. If the FN P90's Effective Firing Range is 200m and the Maximum firing range is 1800m, The FN P90 can each out and touch you at 1800m.
  9. Bullpup Drop-In Kits

    Another Bullpup weapon to consider is the FN P90. That weapon is rather famous. It fires the 5.7x28mm cartridge. The P90 is still in service in over 40 countries today. It has been in multiple wars including Iraq and Afghanistan. The Rate of Fire is a standard 900 Rounds per Minute. It can reach out to 1800m and carries a 50 round magazine. It has been in service since 1991.
  10. General questions on weapon implementation

    How about how 9x18 AP ammo seems to do no damage when peppering someone in the back with multiple mags. They can turn and burn you. PP-9 Klin seemed to do no damage to this guy that was running away from me up a hill. I control burst filled his back with lead. He must have had Fort or something but still I had BZT ammo. I put over 80 rounds into his back with no affect. I died a couple minutes later. If the AP ammo doesnt do anything, why have it?
  11. Here is a question. Where the heck is the Mosin Nagant? They want a cheap, easily accessible weapon that has plentiful ammunition, is battle tested, decently accurate, can be found in your grand-father's collection or shed. Answer: Mosin Nagant. They mentioned it a while back so where is it? The ammunition (7.62x54mmR) is in already so all we need is the bolt action death bringer in its multiple variants (dragoon, hex bolt, round bolt, sniper, obrez, M91). And believe it or not, We Americans manufactured a huge load of them for the Ruskies way back. So, technically a large portion of the rifle are "American". Want to see someone test out the toughness of the rifle? Look at Iraqveteran8888's Youtube video on torture testing the Mosin Nagant. That thing is a beast.
  12. Linux support?

    it is a shame that they have stopped the Vulkan build
  13. Linux support?

    It would also allow Linux Testers etc to work on making a Linux/Mac Specific launcher or just an OpenSource, platform agnostic launcher. Maybe using QT?
  14. Vulkan API Support?

    They didnt switch to DX. They have always been on DX. They simply went from DX9 to DX11. Vulkan does work on Unity 5.6. Unity is not a poor Engine.
  15. Don't use DX12 for EFT. Choose Vulkan

    when did they say that? Last time I chatted with them, they told me they had a working Vulkan build they were testing and were rather impressed. Vulkan is a bit harder to code for just like DX12. It makes perfect sense to move to DX11 since you can take DX11 code and feed it into the Vulkan code path and it will be translated into Vulkan. AKA, you can through DX11 code at the Vulkan compiler and it will spit out Vulkan compatible code to the engine. Its all stepping stones. Did you also notice that they havent released on DX12 yet? And if they have any plans in the future to release a Linux client that would require them to not use DX12. This game on Linux would be quite popular. The Metro series shows it for example. That and if they want to reach a large majority of potential users in say....China (where the vast majority run Linux), they would need to use Vulkan to ensure the best performance and compatibility possible. Another aspect of the cross platform part is not splitting the codebase (much). If they used Vulkan, theoretically the only real codebase split would be between Windows and Linux (maybe Mac). And that would just be libraries and binaries. The graphics side would be identical since the API is the same. The engine is the same. There are many benefits to take advantage of when porting to Linux. Such as the improved memory performance, the Filesystem improvements that are found on filesystems such as EXT4 and XFS or BTRFS. Also, the ability to use the hardware to the fullest is possible under Linux (assuming there is driver support in the kernel). Did you ever notice that virtually all the AMD Vega leaks and information about it prior to the benchmarks came from delving into the Linux Kernel? The Linux kernel had support for Vega well before Windows. Think about that for a minute. AMD is actively working with the Linux community to add their entire driver stack and chipset stack into the kernel. No additional drivers needed to be installed (in the future...still a bit to go). All you would have to do is plug in the card, reboot and go. No driver installs necessary. Intel has OOTB support for its chips and IGPs on Linux. Linux has a very large library of hardware support and these days it is only the relatively odd hardware that does not have some support.