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  1. KRDucky

    New players

    Character name KRDaemon Description BEAR agent of death and dismemberment. His past Recruited into BEAR after completing 4 years active duty. Known for brutally ripping his enemies apart. Limb from Limb. How did he get to Tarkov? Separated from his comrades during the investigation of USEC and the corporation they work for. Predilections Dismemberment Torture and Interrogation Timing how long it takes to disembowel an enemy with a dull knife Timing how long it takes for an enemy to bleed out after being stabbed repeatedly with a fork. Friends None known that are still alive. Wounds, and battles Has multiple scars from knife wounds and bullet wounds all over his torso. Aspirations To be feared and known as the embodiment of death and destruction. The greatest achievement that character did Gutted a USEC command structure systematically in one night and escaped with only minor wounds. Strength 26 Endurance 28 Accuracy 26 Scout
  2. KRDucky

    Vulkan API Support?

  3. KRDucky

    Vulkan API Support?

    The Vulkan 1.1 specification was launched on March 7th, 2018, to expand Vulkan’s core functionality with developer-requested features, such as subgroup operations, while integrating a wide range of proven extensions from Vulkan 1.0. Vulkan 1.1 + extensions Specifications Vulkan 1.1 Presentation PDF
  4. KRDucky

    Linux support?

    With VulkanDX11 wrapper and DX11 for Wine now being a thing, it would be a real shame not to make a port.
  5. KRDucky

    Vulkan API Support?

    New Vulkan update: https://www.khronos.org/registry/vulkan/specs/1.0-extensions/pdf/vkspec.pdf https://www.khronos.org/registry/vulkan/specs/1.0/html/vkspec.html#introduction
  6. KRDucky

    New Weapons??

    I keep hearing about the Mosin Nagant M91/30 making an appearance. Yet I do not see the iconic Russian rifle. Here are some examples of how it could look or be modded etc. For example, a mod that could be applied to the stock rifle (which would be a cheap, easy to buy rifle) would be swapping the straight bolt for a bent bolt to allow a scope to be mounted. Or, replace the stock with an Archangel stock or a collapsible stock. Allow the use of Stripper Clips for faster reloads. Allow swapping the barrel and stock for the Dragoon variant which has a shorter barrel. The Mosin Ammo is already in-game (7.62x54mmR) and I come across a good bit of that ammo. Another rare mod that could be a hack-job is the Econo-can suppressor which you could buy the adapter from say Fence or Skier. Then you would have to find an oil filter in a raid. Once found, you could mount the adapter on the Mosin and attach the oil filter to turn it into a poor-mans' suppressor. (This is a real suppressor approved by the ATF). That is a modded Mosin-Nagant with the Econo-can on it. That is the Archangel stock This is with the Monte Carlo stock. That is another set of optic mods for the Mosin. Here is the Econo-can being used with a NAPA filter. This suppressor could be setup to degrade over time too.
  7. KRDucky

    Add civilian M4s-m16s

    I respectfully beg to differ. The M16A1 was known to jam quite a bit in full auto mode. The M16A2 is superior to the M16A1. My service rifle was the M16A2. I did spend some time lugging a SAW but the majority of my military career was with an M16A2. M16A2 as previously stated in this thread is Safe-Single-Burst. It is more accurate than the A1 and is more reliable too.
  8. KRDucky

    Range Cards/ Drawing tools on map

    Yes, but the point of the range cards is that the card data changes depending on the ammo you have loaded and the weapon you have. It shows the ballistics and estimated settings you need to adjust for on the scope/optic.
  9. KRDucky

    AN-94 when?

    AK107. Similar to AN-94 but better. Has the Counterbalance system.
  10. KRDucky

    Range Cards/ Drawing tools on map

    Similar to the ACE3 Mod for Arma 3. ^^
  11. KRDucky

    Vulkan API Support?

  12. KRDucky

    Linux support?

    it is worth testing to see if EFT will run under Wine
  13. KRDucky

    When can we expect optimitation?

    See above about Direct X 12
  14. KRDucky

    When can we expect optimitation?

    Just Thought you should know, the game is running on DX11 not DX12. So, there is a lot of driver overhead and a API draw call hard limit. The speed and timings of your RAM matters just as much as the max capacity you install. Even more so on AMD platforms due to the Infinity Fabric found in the new Zen Arch. The faster the RAM and tighter/faster the timings, the better the chip will perform. I am sorry, but you do not know what you are talking about when it comes to AMD CPUs. Not to mention that with Specter and Meltdown, Intel's IPC lead is fixing to reduce depending on the generation of CPU. It already shows heavy performance hits in HPC markets and servers. Certain workloads are affected more than others. As long as you pair your Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7 chip with adequate cooling and fast RAM with tight, fast timings, you will have no problems in any game you throw at it. EFT included. The only way I can see EFT gaining a large performance improvement these days, is to include the Vulkan API as an option in the graphics settings to players can switch to it if they choose to. Since support for Vulkan is built into Unity Engine since version 5.6, I hope BSG returns to working on adding Vulkan support to the game. They started working on it several months ago, then put it on hold. Fingers crossed they return to working on it and bring support for Vulkan by release in 2018. I have tried to like DX12. But every DX12 game has ran like crap on DX12. It always ran better on DX11. But, seems that every time I ran a game that implemented Vulkan and released as a game.....(no early access) it ran better under Vulkan.
  15. KRDucky

    Linux support?

    hopefully they re-enable the Vulkan renderer