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  1. invrch


    I REALLY really want this!!! @Natalino can this become a suggestion?
  2. I had this problem on factory night, sent a bug ticket and the replay was that its a known bug that will be fixed. I know it doesnt help but at least shed some light on it.
  3. invrch

    Glock 17 Gen3 Screenshots!

    Noob question here: Will this go full auto?
  4. Don't let free roam out of this game PLEASE... i'm dying for this mode.
  5. Loved your idea of beeps. Just wondering how we are gonna group in the future as for now we can group bears and usec all together
  6. Just to make Abuhamral's post more understandable. It means that you start with "+0.2" rep instead of 0
  7. invrch

    chambering is not realistic.

    Thanks for the SKS explanation
  8. invrch

    Sneak Peak: Weapon mods

    its funny (and sad) that you have to state that different people have different jobs so people wont blame this for the problems that the game may have
  9. invrch

    Fix your ducking anti-cheat

    Geezz... if you read the forums you will realize that they don't accept "cheaters reports". Their anti-cheater takes care of everything. Also, complete lack of "proof" that this dude cheated. All I see is a print of someone who killed you. Anyway the proof wouldn't make a difference but at least would make your statement based on something.
  10. invrch

    Don't leave the raid

    You go MIA... which means you lose all your looted items and will receive your insurances back (only if noone looted it)
  11. invrch

    Suggest a death replay function!

    Dude i love you hahaha.. you just told me how to improve Honestly i didnt think about this... Every time I die I review my death 100 times trying to improve tytyty
  12. invrch

    Petition for Unity to Fix FPS Drop while ADS

    signed. lets make it happen
  13. invrch

    Comtacs - Different modes

    I completely support this idea Would be extremely useful during the raids. Please devs at least take a loot at this