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  1. LethalsLoaded

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  2. LethalsLoaded

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  3. LethalsLoaded

    Locking Forum Posts?

    #locked - use the search function
  4. LethalsLoaded


  5. LethalsLoaded

    People to play with

    https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/forum/40-clans/ Look for a clan there-- there is also an unofficial community discord which has a place designated for looking for groups, check out the link above.
  6. LethalsLoaded

    Want to buy a keybar

  7. LethalsLoaded

    Servers with subscription fee.

    If I'm right your idea is suggesting EFT has server hosting similar to DayZ, BF4 etc where a person/group can host their own EFT Instance. I see this is a viable option only if free-roam plays out just like DayZ's where it does not link to your main stash or alike but having dedicated servers to host raids is a nono. Additionally, I doubt anyone would want to host an instance of a raid they can't control as values are set to X users on certain map. People only purchase dedicated servers if they want to have control and all that would do is destroy how EFT Raids work, in my opinion.
  8. LethalsLoaded

    Refunds answered

    If you are confident enough that it is illegal and all you can take it towards the courts. BSG does not offer refunds for pre-order and there is no discussion to be had if it's legal or not, as you will only go in circles as everyone on the internet has finished a law school. If you don't agree with the games T&C don't purchase it. -Lethal
  9. LethalsLoaded


    Hi, We are very aware of the hacking issue as a community and the Developers are aware of it too; the Discord has its own rules as it's not affiliated with Battle State Games which means they can allow (or not allow) rules such as speaking of hackers. Personally I don't think you can bring any more awareness to the cheater problem... Thanks, LethalsLoaded EFT Forum Moderator #locked
  10. LethalsLoaded

    Question for Mr.Sheep

  11. LethalsLoaded

    #1 EFT Discord (Unofficial) - DO NOT VERIFY HERE

    For BAN Appeals visit https://discord.gg/deQCMp7 and DM "EFT Staff Team" with your appeal message.
  12. LethalsLoaded

    Discord verrification

  13. LethalsLoaded

    Report player

    We don't accept cheater reports, the AC will get them.
  14. LethalsLoaded

    Inappropriate behaviour

    Hi, block the user and you will be fine. We currently do not have a "report salty user" button as it's lower on the to-do list. Sorry about that player.