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  1. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    #LethalsLoaded#0420 Test
  2. Looking for Clan/ Players

    #Locked - We have a clans section that is full of clans willing to take on new and veteran players. All you have to do is look! As per Clans section "Looking for Group" posts are not allowed!
  3. New to the game. Looking for help

    #Locked - We have a clans section that is full of clans willing to take on new and veteran players. All you have to do is look! As per Clans section "Looking for Group" posts are not allowed!
  4. SLUG's !!!!

    Weapon balancing, armor ratings etc have changed since November my good sir
  5. I dont know where to post this.

    #Locked, reason: Thank you for raising this concern. However, at the moment Battlestate does not accept reports implicating cheaters. The main reason why is that there simply are too many issues that aren't related to cheats being reported that take up valuable support time. Escape From Tarkov does have a cheat detection system that detects cheats, and all cheaters will be banned.
  6. New players

    Character name Andrew Description Tall, short brown haired man with a boxer body physique with brown eyes and tattoo of a crest on his left forearm. His past Andrew was once a professional boxer with a record of 26 wins, 1 tie and 1 loss. 24 of those wins were knockouts and 1 tie due to points. The loss? That was where Andrews story took a twist. As a child, Andrew looked up to his father who was also a Boxer of a much lower scale and started to train with his friends at first where his father did not grow. As Andrew reached the age of 16 he showed his father what he learned which obviously did not impress him. A professional boxer father and a son who knew how to throw a jab and that's about it? Disgrace. That's where Andrew's real training had began. For next two years every day for 5 hours Andrew was training on a variety of bags with his Father where he started to take parts in competitions - they say the first one is hardest on the body and mind but Andrews was the opposite. Within 19 seconds Andrew left the ring with his first win by knockout against an experienced fighter. How did he get to Tarkov? Andrews last fight in the ring proved a challenge leaving the decision to the Judges were forced to put Andrews score to a loss and so he took off for an adventure. Grabbing every ride possible to get as far as possible from his home town he ended up in Tarkov. Predilections Fist fighting and sleeping. Friends None.. yet. Wounds, and battles Slight scar under left eye from a childhood incident Aspirations Reach peace within himself and eventually return to continue his career. The greatest achievement that character did 26-1-0 record alongside of a 11 second knockout. Strength 40 Endurance 20 Accuracy 20 Fighter
  7. New player, looking for sherpa and someone to play with

    Hi, we don't allow looking for group style of threads. There's a wide selection of clans and groups that can be found in the clans section.

    Please follow our forum rules before opening a thread. Making a post on a topic already discussed and answered is a violation. We do not accept hacker reports at this time. The anti cheat will detect the hackers that really are cheating and ban them.
  9. Bro you play Olympus too? Gang shi7 B


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. LethalsLoaded


      So where Tiger Tom and Jim playing now? Asylum again?

    3. xXMLG_THUGXx


      Tom is unbanned and I think in a new gang called corruption. Tiger, idk him. Asylum is hella dead, so he may have even quit arma

    4. LethalsLoaded


      Not surprised. Arma is a very strong meh

  10. Game Profile Will Not Reset.

    Did you leave your game open whilst resetting profile?
  11. False Hack Accusations

    If someone called me a hacker I'd take it as a compliment to be honest. In future, just delete them from ingame messenger or block them and if they continue to do it on the forum you can Report Post by pressing the button found on top right of the reply and we will take over as the forum team from there. If you have further questions feel free to reply here, if you're satisfied let me know so I can lock this. Sadly, as of now there is no way to report players for ingame behavior.
  12. We don't accept cheater reports, anticheat will handle it. #locked
  13. EFT Community Discord [UNOFFICIAL]

    Moved to Clans section.
  14. Open World Lag in the Future - Low-Medium Grade PC

    3 of the 4 maps? I get perfect FPS on Factory and Woods. So 2/4 The Developers main goal is to optimize on the go as new features are added during the Beta else we'd have to wait a lot longer for new features as they'd have to go through a massive performance optimization process - we should except better FPS improvements in future updates. In regards to open-world, we don't have any detail how they'll make it work low-medium end PC's but we'll have to wait and see.