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    Upgrading from standard

    So i just upgraded from standard to prepare for escape edition, and i didnt get the benefits (increased stash size,etc). And the support says that i need to reset my game profile. But i actually buy it in these week because i really need the increased stash size. And i read that we dont need to reset game profile anymore after the 10.x patch. So is there any way to get the benefits/ reset the game profile without resetting the XP?
  2. NzOpB

    Upgrading from standard

    Do you have the exact link for that? Thanks.
  3. NzOpB

    Upgrading from standard

    is there anyway support can reset my account but not my XP?
  4. NzOpB

    New players

    Character name Mory Description Mory is a pmc from USEC and got deployed just before everything happened. His past Mory was born in 1987, as a kid, he was the strongest in his class. Which got him into troubles. He moved to another school and became a lonely kid. How did he get to Tarkov? He got deployed. Predilections He likes to eat Tushonka. Friends He's a lonely guy, he has no friend. Wounds, and battles None Aspirations none. The greatest achievement that character did None. Strength 25 Endurance 30 Accuracy 25 Fighter
  5. NzOpB

    Upgrading Your Game

    Im sure its in, because in the launcher and in my profile it says that i have purchased prepare for escape edition..
  6. NzOpB

    Upgrading Your Game

    Okay, so i bought the upgrade around 3 days ago, and the game is still the same with standard edition. (Upgraded from standard to prepare for escape edition)