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  1. dunkunid

    just me?

    BSG only natural players have problems. There is no streamer who has this problem. EXPLAIN PLEASE klean xcidu worrun deadly pestily and many more they play and got pay, we paid and cannot play SHAME please make the TV guys problems, so we feel equal we not equal? ohh ok
  2. dunkunid

    just me?

    I Want to Believe. its probably true:)
  3. dunkunid

    just me?

    I see streamers playing with no issues and having like level 22 already, its a shame it looks like this
  4. dunkunid

    just me?

    I reinstalled the game - didn't help. Trying to get rid of application data maybe it will help
  5. dunkunid

    SCUM soon.

    I noticed that all streamers I watched playing EFT, played SCUM at once It looks like Breaking Point mod for Arma 3 but with a lot more mechanics (crafting, metabolizm) and probably less kill on sight encounters.
  6. I would say its a lazy win tactic. Why bother with all the looting and looking for gear if someone else can bring that all to you?
  7. I hope that it will come true what you said and you will quit with the rest. "So adapt or get out" LOL you are so sad person
  8. dunkunid

    Help me please

    Free gamma and other starting gear every two weeks, whats fishy about it? As he said he can afford HEHE
  9. dunkunid

    Gear Fear

    I made a lot of fully geared raid on shoreline just to find key 220 in villa. I wonder if I would be better to hatchet run there and disconnect in case there is no key there. Would I like double or triple chance to find it in a fixed amount of game time? I do not hatchet run this wipe but on a side a curious note. Last wipe I did a lot of hatchet runs in factory - of course died a lot and success rate was low but had my level 7 health skill a lot faster then now - ducking at lvl 5.
  10. Price of AK74Ns has NOTHING to its performance against armored target. Stop repeating that BS.
  11. And at the same time you say "Scav every 10 minutes is a very bad idea. It floods the game with too much cash ,and heavens forbid, more AK-74Ns" but 90% of your targets are hatchet runners Place a mem inside - "whaat?"
  12. No the op is elitist for sure now hehe. He made a topic and suggest now that devs will listen to him. Game is full of loot either with scav being 5 minutes or 60 minutes, but you, it seems, have problem with geared people. So you died to much to a AK74`s and wish to fight more pistol armed ppl?
  13. Yep, In current state after some time you put the SCAV away or use it as a map preload option. Players don`t care with it anymore because it dosn`t bring anything to the progression. It only counts for a fresh players. I am against limiting the timer for the chickens. This guy put a lot of effort to made those all ideas but for me its pointless. It is not a finished game and a lot of game mechanics are not implemented so as for current state he may have a point, it will be negated with the next patch. There is no point playing SCAV, make it worth. That is the solution. Making the timer longer will not make playing SCAV worth. It will be less worth as it is now. EDIT, SCAVs are being reworked from the scratch, as i have read it here on the forums so we have to wait and see whats next, we talking old now
  14. dunkunid

    Chemical part 4 quest reward

    This should be changed. I see no point into splitting quest turn ins like this. There is nobrainer that you shall choose the item unlock over a rubles reward every time.