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  1. Price of AK74Ns has NOTHING to its performance against armored target. Stop repeating that BS.
  2. And at the same time you say "Scav every 10 minutes is a very bad idea. It floods the game with too much cash ,and heavens forbid, more AK-74Ns" but 90% of your targets are hatchet runners Place a mem inside - "whaat?"
  3. No the op is elitist for sure now hehe. He made a topic and suggest now that devs will listen to him. Game is full of loot either with scav being 5 minutes or 60 minutes, but you, it seems, have problem with geared people. So you died to much to a AK74`s and wish to fight more pistol armed ppl?
  4. Yep, In current state after some time you put the SCAV away or use it as a map preload option. Players don`t care with it anymore because it dosn`t bring anything to the progression. It only counts for a fresh players. I am against limiting the timer for the chickens. This guy put a lot of effort to made those all ideas but for me its pointless. It is not a finished game and a lot of game mechanics are not implemented so as for current state he may have a point, it will be negated with the next patch. There is no point playing SCAV, make it worth. That is the solution. Making the timer longer will not make playing SCAV worth. It will be less worth as it is now. EDIT, SCAVs are being reworked from the scratch, as i have read it here on the forums so we have to wait and see whats next, we talking old now
  5. dunkunid

    Chemical part 4 quest reward

    This should be changed. I see no point into splitting quest turn ins like this. There is nobrainer that you shall choose the item unlock over a rubles reward every time.
  6. There is a reason for it huh?
  7. dunkunid

    People have changed in Scav mode

    I did couple of wipes with Tarkov already and decided to focus more on leveling a SCAV this "season" Devs should consider adding some features to the SCAV depending on his level. Better starting equipment or whatever. P.S. I started a run last night with saleva and painkillers - new ones and while looting the first body I heard a SCAV shouting at me then started shooting, other one shoot me on sight and I died. Wonder if they was players or just AI wanting my saleva and painkillers
  8. dunkunid

    When a hatchet swing to the face..

    It was once one hit to the scull one dead, but was nerfed because of realism ;), kidding there was a whole bunch of Topics how the hatchet ruin the game. Its now 2 hits in the head.
  9. It re spawned on the first drone crash site. So it looks like I did hand over disk from the first site crash two times and it counted.
  10. Task Eagle Eye second drone missing SAS DISK. If I remember correctly. I spawned on Riverside, went to second drone crash site, picked up the disk and exit via Rock Passage - run through. But I could not handover the SAS DISK, now the second drone site crash will not spawn a SAS DISK for me anymore, at the time I had one quest item in off-ride stash tab - the one from Therapist (docs from WOODS) This should be investigated. Please tell if you had meet such a BUG
  11. dunkunid

    Question on EOD edition

    In the end the only difference between EOD and the rest will be the unique crown near your nick name. That`s what I have read about. In the beginning EOD will have some advantage but all things will be obtainable in game for players with normal versions. Yeah EOD equals easier start but later its only cosmetics, fair for me
  12. dunkunid

    Huge fps drop on Highend desktop

    I'm guessing that sometimes the launcher can corrupt files while updating to higher client. 20 fps regardless settings may pointing that it happened with your files. I have had that king of drop after one of the patches - reinstall did help solve the issue, maybe try that. edit, sorry didn't read correctly that you have already did try the reinstall ...
  13. dunkunid

    Skier first quest - bugged?

    26/26 - It`s a KOLPAK not Kiever
  14. dunkunid

    Event noworoczny i testy serwerów

    Dziwne, kolega dostał, a kupił później niż ja tak mi się wydaje, pogadam z nim... zaproszenie na 7 dni to w sumie fajne i niektórych może zachęcić