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  1. Tulppu


    Tuskin ees riittää puol vuotta, eihän mapeistakaa oo puolet ees valmiita
  2. Tulppu

    Anyone know where to find MPXs ?

    Sniper scavs DO drop SV's, I have gotten 4 of them so far. No rear sights or scopes though.
  3. Tulppu

    Giving Away Factory Key

    None of them has had rear sights so almost uselss
  4. Tulppu

    Giving Away Factory Key

    Welp, this is better chance than to get one ingame. 4 sv-98's but no fac key so far. RNGesus pls.
  5. Tulppu

    buff 12 g ammo

    ..try playing shottys in offline mode, you can bloody 2hit scavs from 50m+