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  1. How old are you?

    all kids thats why u like this game
  2. If i was in tarkov I would sit on the toilet somewhere because of 2 obvious reasons. one for camping and one for just in case...u know what...

    Things r getting serious in Tarkov and I believe now its the time to start building the DREAM team. If u guys wanna join the DREAM TEAM please send me ur Discord username in private. it doesnt matter if u r on Edge of Darkness or whatever coz there is a learning curve for everyone. I will need ur help to build the TEAM DREAM and I do consider building a dedicated website also - witch I cant do without u guys. all sorts of details need to placed on both Discord and website and if someone is into twitching we can do that also. Furthermore, I do wanna communicate with players from other clans on Discord. so, if u wanna have a chat on Discord and still stay independent of DREAM then send me ur username and we can talk to one another please sms me ur username cheers
  4. Yeah the game has been kind of unplayable for me with all of the glitches. though still waiting to see what we can make of it as a team!

  5. yo wanna play some raids fam

    1. da_capo


      tomorrow man

      toooooo tired now

      in the evening if thats all rite with u


    I dont know what u mean by having the game but Ive got EoDE if this is what u mean Im just a bit to disappointed because of past experiences thats why I said lets wait and see. Like I said, if it turns out to be good, Ill put my soul into it cheers
  7. BABY you left for so much time


    we still have to wait guys till open beta. @desijatt when I get confirmation of open beta, Ill give u all the details. I was honestly so disappointed before about one specific game, that even now I have doubts about any similar projects. once I see this game in open beta, Ill put my soul into it. Im already a bit upset with EFT being delayed by so much. lets wait and see

    ok finally got my laptop back from service. I wanna assemble a team. help me guys, we need to do it together. write down here if u wanna be part of the team and add each other as a friend. Clans r not yet available but at least we can do that cheers

    ok guys it seems we need to wait a bit more to play as a group. those waves of players needed to try alpha set as apart. so to play together u have to wait to beta I suppose...Ill ask some admin anyway till then, @SeriousCh welcome man. @S4R1N good to see u man here. its a shame will be divided by servers but at least I know the DREAM TEAM is still here and STILL we can help each other through trade, experience and communication. Later on, Ill add TS3 server for all of us @IH23 if u wanna join just tel me man
  11. Last wave...

    we need to know if the expected players in the first wave actually played the alpha. if not, then maybe is better to increase number of invitations. and I believe devs have a certain number of owners of EOD. if we divide that number but the maxim number of players supported by maps, we get the number of all waves needed to covers all owners of EOD. this way, players would at least know when to expect invitations based on how late they got the EOD it might sound stupid but some ppl actually took a day or two off at work just to play the alpha
  12. Should I?....

    just invite a girl for dinner somewhere grandma would love that much more then spending money for a game and real life is much more beautiful. dinner with a girl is something to remember
  13. macro

    @CloneWarrior85 thanks man for all additional info players need to be aware of macro and how it can affect game play. this is how we build a responsible community

    @Kaiza at least if we can get Kube to join us... and Oden and owcen :))))))))))