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  1. So I just upgraded to a 4K setup, and as a result I need to play with V-sync on in order to not get screen tearing. The issue is that, if I turn V-sync on, the game will sometimes treat the V-sync as a 30 fps cap. Then I have to turn it off and back on, and it will still cap the fps to 30 fps at random times. When I have it turned off, I always get an even 60 fps, but I get screen tearing. Is there any fix for this?
  2. They actually tweeted about this (I think), but they increased the damage of all of the mosin rounds by 10 I believe. LPS ammo used to do 74 damage and now it does 84 damage. IMO, it was a good change. You shouldn't survive a mosin shot to the chest if it pens your armor or you have no armor. It's ridiculous to think that you used to be able to. The update was a well-deserved update that needed to be done. Ammo Table: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1l_8zSZg-viVTZ2bavMEIIKhix6mFTXuVHWcNKZgBrjQ/htmlview?sle=true Tweet about buffed damage:
  3. Sir_Mossy

    How does this look like in 3 years?

    This game isn't really going to have a story mode, but more of discoverable lore as you progress. There is plenty of lore in the quests, but you have to bother to read the quest descriptions. They have plenty of interest in giving the game a story to follow of some sort, as they said they want to add quests that will add to the story of Tarkov, such as the cultists and what not. As for people with armor, Nikita said on Reddit they don't intent on making helmets realistic. If they were to make them realistic, they would be dead content because the best helmet could only protect from really bad rifle rounds at the best. If that were the case, nobody would play helmets because they would be useless. Armor is intended to be made realistic with armor zones and the like, so you can kill someone wearing fort with HP 5.45 ammo or something like that.
  4. Sir_Mossy

    Any ideas for Flea Market changes?

    I've seen plenty of barter offers that are a blatant joke, as in barter 1 item for 2 of the same item. It's not an armor barter either. For example, I saw an offer where you would give the seller 2 Clin wiper bottles and the seller would give you one bottle. I also recall offers that were trying to sell something worth 100k for 1m roubles. These are the kind of offers I mean. It's not a reasonable inflation of the price. It's either designed for people to farm reputation, give money/items to friends, or scam people. If they made reputation based on player feedback, removed priority offers, and made your listing location based on your reputation, it would give more incentive to get your reputation up. Priority offers are inherently broken and will always be overpriced, since you have to pay extra to make one. They could also allow for higher reputation to lower the listing price.
  5. Sir_Mossy


    From what I'd guess, you died because taking damage due to dehydration and losing your head hit that low percentage chance of dying when receiving a blacked out limb. I don't know if that's supposed to be like that, but I guess that's just how it is for now.
  6. Sir_Mossy


    It's a game with accelerated time, so of course it's going to be faster than usual. It'll probably get tweaked once they have your character's status effects carry over into the stash. Also, I've only ever died of dehydration one time across the three wipes I played, and it was my first wipe when I didn't know any better. Bring a golden star in your container or something. Better yet, don't casually meander around the map when you have a blacked out stomach. Anybody with sense would start cutting things short to get out of the raid faster. It's what me and my friends do whenever one of us gets a blacked out stomach.
  7. Sir_Mossy

    Any ideas for Flea Market changes?

    The market is working, but there is so much useless clutter that you simply can't filter out. For example, having to go through 5 pages of priority scam offers to get to the normal offers that are reasonable is quite annoying. Not only that, but priority offers are inherently going to be a scam because of the extra cash you have to put out in order to make the same amount of money. For example, lets say you are selling an item worth 10k with a 1k listing fee. The priority offer costs an extra 5k roubles, so you take it. In order to make the same amount of money you would make selling non-priority, you would have to sell it for about 16k in order to equal a non-priority offer. Offers on the list should be determined on reputation and not paying extra money. There also has to be some sort of benefit for having high rep on the flea market other than only being allowed more offers. Higher rep should ensure that your offer appears higher up on the list, as well as potentially decreasing the listing fee for setting an offer. If this was to be done, the way rep would be gained has to change. I've seen someone with over 1500 flea market rep. I only have about 3 rep and I've sold millions of roubles worth of items on the flea market. The rep system is currently extremely farmable and should be changed if they are to add more benefits for having higher rep.
  8. Sir_Mossy

    Take out Scav aimbot

    If you're talking about raiders, then they're supposed to be difficult. If you're talking about normal SCAVs, then you're just not good. I've never had an issue with normal SCAVs not dying or destroying me, since I always sneak up on them and take them out quickly. The only way you could be having this much trouble is if you're trying to run and gun them or trying to get too close to them.
  9. These storage items, as they currently stand, need to be buffed big time in order to actually be useful. Here's what I mean. It's common knowledge at this point that 3 document cases hold more than a money case, yet take up the same space. Money cases should have a size increase to make them hold more than 3 document cases to make them more viable. As for THICC weapon cases, they also need a buff. A THICC weapon case has an effective storage capacity of 9 tiles per space (it has 90 slots and takes up 10. 90 divided by 10 is the effective storage capacity). On the other hand, 5 weapon cases inside of an item case have an effective storage capacity of about 15 and a half spaces per tile (5 weapons cases at 50 storage spaces per case divided by the 16 slots an item case takes up). What I suggest for the THICC weapon case is either make them able to be put inside of item and THICC item cases or increase the storage space. You are better off buying 2 weapon cases and having a few bitcoins to spare than buying a THICC weapon case. A THICC weapon case is 23 bitcoins, while 2 weapon cases are 18 bitcoins. 2 weapon cases have 100 storage space and the THICC only has 90.
  10. Sir_Mossy

    Labs map bug or Nerf?!?

    Honestly, I think it's very RNG-based. My friends and I just did a Labs raid yesterday and they killed a grand total of 8 raiders in less than 5 minutes, while other raids we only ran into 2-3 raiders. We also found out that apparently the gates don't need to be activated for raiders to spawn, as we were in a raid and we never heard the gates being opened, yet we saw a stray raider here and there walking around.
  11. Sir_Mossy

    How will lockpiking be implemented?

    I just actually was talking about this on another post. In order for lockpicking to not be a dead skill, they would have to make it so that loot spawns more dynamically and can spawn in other rooms that a key may not be available for. Otherwise, what's the point of wasting your time lockpicking when you can just find/buy a key to the door anyways? Removal of most static key spawns can also be a very good way to encourage lockpicking. No more hatchet rushing the same map over and over again (Shoreline) to farm keys.
  12. Sir_Mossy

    Next Wipe? do you keep traders ranks?

    As the wipes have been, trader reputation and weapon mastery have rolled over due to several reasons. For the trader rep, people didn't like constantly grinding the quests over and over again (even though they are a great source of experience and are required to unlock a lot of things). For the weapon masteries, this is something that can take quite a while to level up. Since quests don't rely on weapon mastery levels (so far), they decided to let those stats roll over to the next wipe. As for the future, I have no idea. They may choose to wipe trader reputation again (they did in the past .11 wipe I believe).
  13. Sir_Mossy

    SCAVs getting guns with no sights

    Ok, I understand the fact that SCAV guns are supposed to suck, one way or another. That's fine. The issue is that your character seems to be so stupid that they hold the gun at a ridiculous angle instead of just aiming straight down the barrel (even without sights, you can still get pretty close to being accurate). What I mean is, when you ADS, it appears that your character is holding the gun as a rather steep angle and it forces you to have to heavily estimate where you are aiming at. Why can't the guy just aim straight down, parallel with the barrel? The lack of a sight should hinder your precision, not your ability to even effectively use the gun at further than point blank range.
  14. I'm sure that everybody in the game ha noticed how EVERY SINGLE PRIORITY OFFER is a massive scam, one way or another. A prime example is people trying to sell something for dollars in order to trick people that it's roubles. Another example, which I just saw, was several offers for 2 Tetrizs for a single bitcoin (as opposed to the Mechanic barter of one Tetriz for a bitcoin). To top it off, most, if not all, barter offers are ripoffs. Does anybody have any good ideas for how the flea market can be changed to drastically reduce blatant scam offers? I personally think that priority offers should be removed and your reputation should determine where you stand on the list (you can still filter by price, but the higher rep offers will default at the top of the list), you shouldn't be able to farm rep with your friends (buy and sell back to each other an extremely cheap item for an insane price), and allow player feedback to determine player rep.
  15. Sir_Mossy

    LABS *sigh

    There have been a few other posts relating to this. I think it is a server-sided issue, since it only just suddenly started happening at this frequency.